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About This Location

This take trip plaza is situated in Oldmans Township, brand-new Jersey.

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Which take trip directions are offered here?

This travel plaza, serves world traveling southbound top top the brand-new Jersey Turnpike.What Amenities go This take trip plaza Have?View accessible services at this take trip plaza in the amenity details section below.

What exits room close come this take trip plaza?

The next exit northbound is Swedesboro, about 7.5 mile away.

The next leave southbound is man Fenwick company Plaza, about 0.0 mile away.

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NOTE: because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, travel plaza services might be restricted at part facilities. Hrs may also be limited.

You may contact 856-299-6051 to gain info about this plaza. More contact details may be presented below.

Dining & fast Food

NOTE: as result of COVID-19, numerous dine-in services stay limited. Carry-out and pick-up windows remain accessible at many locations.

You may contact 856-299-6051 for more information about this plaza"s easily accessible food services.

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Dynamic Map Of new Jersey Turnpike and also Clara Barton organization Plaza

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