Hello Clashers! today Clash of Clans announced fair Play will certainly be applied on Clan battle Leagues. So far nothing really huge was found, such together mods and also ghosting that plaged continuous Wars because that a while. The big concern is win-trading.

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Any Clan that is determined as participating in win-trading will obtain a 2-season short-lived ban from every Wars.

To a complete list of usual violations that have the right to make you get banner girlfriend can discover on our same Play article.

Here is the complete statement from the Clash of Clans team about the Clan battle Leagues win-trading issues:

Enforcing same Play

Creating a fair platform because that players is in ~ the heart of Supercell’s same Play policy. With the arrival of the Clan war Leagues in Clash of Clans we have actually provided, and continue to provide, a competitive arena whereby Clashers from approximately the human being can check their an abilities and prove lock belong among the “best that the best.” Our recurring commitment come our fair Play policy is miscellaneous we are constantly assessing to identify where we deserve to make improvements and ensure the integrity of our game.

With the Clan war Leagues civilization Championships on the horizon, fairness and integrity are of the utmost importance to our players and to us. We want to do a statement about the Clan battle Leagues and how we space addressing this concern.


When Clans compete against one an additional in the Clan battle Leagues, agreeing come “fix” the outcomes through negotiation, removing defenses, Star trading, or any kind of other means other than playing legitimately is perceived as win-trading.

In our competitive ladder system, the Clan battle Leagues are intended to check a Clan’s skill in War. Therefore, we are putting extra scrutiny to ensure that win-trading is no tolerated and also actions are taken to preserve the same of Clash the Clans.

When a Clan has been identified as participating in win-trading, the offending Clan will receive a 2-season short-lived ban native all wars (Clan Wars and War Leagues). Any type of Clan receiving this short-lived ban will certainly be can not to sign up with the Clan war Leagues and also will be can not to take part in regular Clan Wars till the restriction has lifted.

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Furthermore, any kind of offenses in violation that our same Play policy can and may an outcome in extr actions such as permanent account closure.