Welcome to YouTube Millionaires, wherein we profile channels that have recently overcome the one million subscriber mark. Over there are channels crossing this threshold every week, and also each has a story to tell around YouTube success. Check out previous installments of YouTube Millionaires here.

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The latest member of YouTube’s gaming neighborhood to with the important plateau of one million subscribers is one exuberant Brit called Oliver Ryan. Ryan, who renders videos ~ above YouTube top top his MasterOv channel, has completed a significant following by playing YouTube standards like Clash the Clans. at the very same time, Ryan–who is partnered with BroadbandTV often ventures toward lesser-known titles. Here are his think on his video-making process:

katifund.org: exactly how does it feel to have 1 million subscribers? What perform you want to to speak to your fans?


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MasterOv: It’s crazy, something ns would have actually never assumed I’d achieve. For some reason, 1,000,000 people have decided to sit there and watch me in mine room play games! and I can’t thank each and also every single one of castle enough. They room the genuine Master.

TF: Why walk you decide to begin a YouTube channel around gaming?

MO: I only really began as sooner or later I to be bored, and also the day before I’d to be to a gaming convention and met Tom (Syndicate). I had actually no idea that he was, or what he did, yet my friend explained he to be a ‘YouTuber’ and also he plays gamings to countless viewers and also that inspired me to start my own channel.

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TF: how do you think you managed to collection yourself personally in a saturated video game content market?

MO: I began on smaller games that weren’t an extremely widely covered like PvZ Garden Warfare. I then moved right into a sector I assumed was very little with substantial potential, mobile Gaming. Ns then pushed major mobile titles and as the mobile gaming sector grew, for this reason did the channel!

TF: her top 5 most-viewed videos are around Clash of Clans. Why execute you think YouTube viewers love that game and also related contents so much?

MO: I think it just did whatever right. Supercell make a cracked game, good strategy v a cheeky side that human being just dropped for. Include this to a F2P version (Or a P2W some human being say) and also then you’ve obtained a video game where you can make contents that civilization want to check out that maybe can’t bought ‘Gems’ or perform crazy raids.

TF: What’s it choose being able to movie content through your fiancé Charlotte?

MO: It’s….interesting. We are really different top top camera, she walk shy and also I go loud. Yet that works. It offers great contrast and also makes our difficulties / duel commentaries really interesting and also different! we are additionally both supervisor competitive… for this reason things gain serious!

TF: perform you ever have days wherein you didn’t feel prefer making a video? What carry out you carry out to gain past that?

MO: Definitely. I try to produce two videos a day and it does get tough. I usually like to go out for a journey and fully vanish native the social side because that a few hours, i then uncover ideas, write them down and film later that day!

TF: If you might spend a day with any video clip game character, that would the be and also why?

MO: Conker. Because, it’s Conker! XD

TF: Where carry out you see yourself in five, ten years? will certainly making YouTube videos still be a component of your life?

MO: Five years, it is a long means away! I’d hope that video clip games and also YouTube would certainly be mine priority! i can’t watch YouTube or other comparable platforms walk away, there is simply such a need and also love for them. So I’d to speak still do videos, but maybe top top the iPad air 50 or something

TF: What’s following for your channel? any type of fun plans?

MO: More content, much better quality, and vlogs! I’m striving to produce higher quality content after my break, but I’ve currently started vlogging and also I love it! So day-to-day vlogs and more gaming is ~ above deck!

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