Close increase Pics Answers, solutions and cheats all Levels for iPhone, Android, Kindle, iPod and. IPad. If you space stuck and need help with a puzzle word, then use the video game walkthrough overview below. This post features a complete list of addressed puzzles because that Close increase Pics – Guess the word from the creators the Zoomed In photograph Quiz for iPhone and also Android. The game application is occurred by Mediaflex Games.

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Look in ~ the puzzle and find the end what the near up picture contains. Bored of Flappy Bird and also Candy Crush, Join more than 2 million close Ups individuals in the many addictive and difficult game yet. If girlfriend have any questions for this quiz trivia game, then leaving a comment below.The answer are separation into 3 pages!Go to Close increase Pics answers Level 1-20Go come Close up Pics answer Level 21-40Go come Close up Pics answers Level 41-60Updated 21 march 2014Thanks for helping us v answers!

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Close increase Pics Answers, Solutions and Cheats levels 1-20

Close up Pics answers Level 11-1: Apple1-2: Burger1-3: Cat1-4: Banana1-5: Kite1-6: Boots1-7: Scissors1-8: Pizza1-9: Snail1-10: light BulbClose increase Pics answers Level 22-1: Strawberry2-2: Broccoli2-3: Pencils2-4: Chocolate2-5: Dominoes2-6: Toothbrush2-7: Caterpillar2-8: Basketball2-9: Elephant2-10: MushroomClose increase Pics answers Level 33-1: Sunglasses3-2: Cheese3-3: small Beans3-4: Leaves3-5: Tiger3-6: bike Wheel3-7: Pearl Necklace3-8: Butterfly3-9: Potato3-10: WalletClose up Pics answers Level 44-1: Jeans4-2: Dandelion4-3: Goldfish4-4: Kiwi Fruit4-5: Hedgehog4-6: Rice4-7: Salmon4-8: Red Roses4-9: Kitten4-10: ice MeasureClose increase Pics answers Level 55-1: loaf Of Bread5-2: Water Melon5-3: Daffodils5-4: Monkey5-5: Cellphone5-6: Iron5-7: Giraffe5-8: Red Pepper5-9: Bumblebee5-10: automobile KeysClose up Pics answer Level 66-1: Cookies6-2: Handbag6-3: ice cream Cube6-4: Soap6-5: Garlic6-6: Watch6-7: wine Glasses6-8: Candy6-9: Tea Bags6-10: Baseball BatClose increase Pics answers Level 77-1: Pineapple7-2: Frog7-3: Candle7-4: Notebook7-5: ice cream Cream7-6: Sweetcorn7-7: Puppy7-8: warm Air Balloon7-9: repaint Brush7-10: video clip CameraClose increase Pics answer Level 88-1: Red Onion8-2: Sand Castle8-3: Earrings8-4: Brick Wall8-5: Grapes8-6: Tennis Ball8-7: Cress8-8: Pigeon8-9: Door Handle8-10: SpaghettiClose up Pics answers Level 99-1: Calculator9-2: Steak9-3: Coffe Beans9-4: Teddy Bear9-5: Sushi9-6: Rope9-7: Sheep9-8: Fried Egg9-9: Beer9-10: SpeakerClose up Pics answer Level 1010-1: Clemtine10-2: Tyre10-3: Pestle &Amp; Mortar10-4: Egg10-5: Microphone10-6: Turtle10-7: Razor10-8: Barn Owl10-9: Marbles10-10: The MoonClose increase Pics answers Level 1111-1: Zip11-2: Locust11-3: Amber11-4: Abacus11-5: Lawnmower11-6: Dentures11-7: Golf Ball11-8: Guitar11-9: Zucchini11-10: HelicopterClose up Pics answers Level 1212-1: Grub12-2: cotton Buds12-3: Seahorse12-4: Dragon Fruit12-5: Fish Hook12-6: Gear12-7: Lipstick12-8: Monkey Wrench12-9: Chickpeaks12-10: cool CanyonClose increase Pics answer Level 1313-1: Waterfall13-2: beauty Mask13-3: Muskrat13-4: Grater13-5: Towel13-6: Bacon13-7: Torch13-8: Cufflinks13-9: Chopping Board13-10: test TubesClose up Pics answers Level 1414-1: Mascara14-2: Warthog14-3: Mouse14-4: Rubber Duck14-5: crystal Ball14-6: Oyster14-7: Headphones14-8: Lightning14-9: Komodo Dragon14-10: nail ClippersClose increase Pics answers Level 1515-1: Oil Lamp15-2: Pomegranate15-3: Spider15-4: Fireworks15-5: Spark Plug15-6: Bauble15-7: Processor15-8: warm Dog15-9: Toaster15-10: SyringeClose increase Pics answers Level 1616-1: Tulips16-2: Cockscrew16-3: Ring Binder16-4: Perfume16-5: Tie16-6: Bubblegum16-7: Cactus16-8: Hair Dryer16-9: Thermometer16-10: SausageClose increase Pics answers Level 1717-1: Dung Beetle17-2: Scales17-3: Scrunchies17-4: Bulldozer17-5: Umbrella17-6: Jelly Fish17-7: Rabbit17-8: Plastic Cup17-9: Seashell17-10: WhistleClose up Pics answer Level 1818-1: feet Punch18-2: Asparagus18-3: Slippers18-4: steam Train18-5: Piglet18-6: Matchsticks18-7: Daisy18-8: Sponge18-9: Weevil18-10: gold BowClose increase Pics answers Level 1919-1: Chain19-2: Blueberry19-3: Honeycomb19-4: Dragonfly19-5: Dice19-6: Beer Bottle19-7: center Card19-8: Lighter19-9: Shavings19-10: ObeliskClose increase Pics answer Level 2020-1: Starfish20-2: Porpoise20-3: Piano Keys20-4: Feather20-5: Kudu20-6: Windmill20-7: Soda Can20-8: tough Disk20-9: Dinghy20-10: EyeballGo to following Page because that Answers level 21-40