More 보다 2,000 people are intended to attend this year"s summit, which featured several new members, a couple of new distros, and also many story of big, successful deployments.

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The Foundation’s growth

The keynote room was collection for 1,500 as Day 1 of the Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 opened at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

Several hundreds attendees took advantage of three rigorous cultivate sessions throughout the morning and also early afternoon, then Cloud Foundry foundation CEO Sam Ramji ceded the opening keynote come a full room. An ext than 2,000 human being are intended to attend the Summit this week.


Sam detailed the Foundation’s recent growth, consisting of the addition of six new members: Allstate, Dynatrace, Evoila, Gemalto, Hazelcast, and Volkswagen. Bolstered by having actually TIBCO join up in February, the foundation now boasts that 63 members. Furthermore, the Cloud Foundry ar now includes 173 user groups with 33,400+ individual members throughout 105 urban in 48 countries! other Cloud Foundry statistics mentioned by Sam:

2,400+ patches2,100+ contributors130+ main point commiters25+ releases


Of equal definition was the announcement that GE Predix and also the French consultant Atos currently offer certified distribution of Cloud Foundry, authorized HPE Helion Cloud Foundry, Huawei FusionStage, IBM Bluemix, pivotal Cloud Foundry, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and also Swisscom application Cloud.

Three special-interest teams (SIGs) also started to take shape throughout special sessions in ~ the Summit, led through Abby Kearns, that is “on loan” from pivotal to the structure as Vice president of market Strategy. The groups are in the area of financial services, the commercial Internet, and also Service Providers.

Dynatrace and also Pivotal announced a partnership to permit monitoring performance of pivotal CF and also microservices during/after cloud migration. This will be excellent via an application monitoring organization broker tile and buildpack extensions.

Furthermore, announced its brand-new Cloud Foundry cultivate platform, when Stark & Wayne mutual their training videos.

Success and security

Other keynotes covered success through Kaiser Permanente v IBM Bluemix, through Comcast through Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and by void Inc. V Gurobi and also Cloud Foundry. All three situation studies outlined substantial technical challenges and also tangible results in locations such together customer service, contents management, and also vastly reduced advance and deployment times.


“Cloud Foundry permitted us to compress mainly of work into minutes.” —Phil Glebow, space Inc.

There was likewise a fascinating presentation from Justin blacksmith of key on defense threats and also how companies must take a holistic watch of the whole landscape, quite than just identifying and pulling weeds. He finished with the mantra the “Repair, Repave, Rotate” as the method to view protection in period of exfiltration and other evils.


“CC (Continuous Change) is a principle that we require to take on on the companies security.” —Justin Smith, Pivotal

The cultivate sessions spanned Cloud Foundry because that Beginners, readily available up by distinguishable & Wayne; Microservices, offered up through Pivotal; and BOSH, taught by a group from

#BOSH cultivate w JP Genovese the empowering attendees & your enterprises. #CloudFoundry

— roger Strukhoff (
IoT2040) may 23, 2016

Later in the day, numerous 5-minute sessions spanned APIs, UDP and also VoIP, and a four-point setup from CEO Renat Khasanshyn to keep Cloud Foundry on course for additional growth:

Incentivize industry-specific contributionsWiden workload assistance (UDO, metering, and embedded)Standardize the organization broker user interface for the top five to ten solutions in major industriesBecome the de facto market standard for smart Cities, industry 4.0, and other huge trends

The 4 point appeal from
renatco to ar to make #CloudFoundry the premier cloud app platform. #CFSummit

— Daniel Krook (
DanielKrook) might 24, 2016

Opening that the expo floor break up the day, with an emphasis on distros and also services featured in the assorted exhibits. Deploying Cloud Foundry in a multi-cloud environment, in ~ scale, is not something that is quickly explained, quickly taught, or quickly done.

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“Being a software agency doesn’t average you room immune indigenous disruption.” —Renat Khasanshyn, CEO in ~

However, as more and more companies report quantum to reduce in the lot of time they should design, deploy, and manage your apps and also services—and additionally report the require for distribution to myriad mobile devices and also things, the vibe in ~ this Summit appears to suggest that the Cloud Foundry platform has actually turned a corner and is ~ above its method to coming to be integral to modern enterprise IT.