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Cloud Wars Vegas on 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

My girlfriend and I bought a bong from y’all a small while earlier and had the ideal business imaginable.We took a while to pick it out reason my girlfriend loved them all however having actually Marley tbelow to tell us around them was so helpful!She made our first time experience through y’all an remarkable one.Thank you!

Rewatch by Corey Riendeau

Cloud Wars Vegas on 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

Bought a "UV" rig from cloud battles. When i saw clean it, I found it thats its not actually UV Borosilicate as the employee proclaimed to me as i specifically asked if it was painted or not. That painted on UV coat is virtually completely gone currently. Horrible practice. I will never go below aacquire, go to a actual shop choose guerilla radio.EDIT: It doesnt issue the price of the piece. If i was told it painted on, i would have actually never bought it and also purchased something else. Now im out my money and a item because im not cigarette smoking out of that toxic thing. Who understand what chemicals are in that paint. Good way to treat your customers. Selling them harmful cigarette smoking tools. "Lemme give you a discount on your next piece" what a joke

Rewatch by Stephen Urbanski
Cloud Wars Vegas on 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

Amazing glass shop! Huge range of smoking accessories! Also did I forgain to cite impressive service? Medicated Marley really put my endure over the peak...she is so sweet and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend!!!!

Recheck out by bjshaffr1
Cloud Wars Vegas on 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

Almethods have actually what I require and organization is effective and also satisfactory. If a little of friendliness was even more apparent it would certainly substantially enhance the vibe of the location and also likely take it to the following level of organization.

Review by Peter Marquez
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