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Cloud battles Vegas on 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

My girlfriend and I purchase a bong from y’all a little while earlier and had the finest service imaginable.We took a when to choose it out reason my girlfriend loved them all but having Marley there to phone call us about them was so helpful!She do our first time experience with y’all an exceptional one.Thank you!

Review through Corey Riendeau

Cloud battles Vegas on 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

Bought a "UV" rig indigenous cloud wars. As soon as i visited clean it, I uncovered it it is its no actually UV Borosilicate as the employee stated to me as i especially asked if it to be painted or not. The painted on UV cloak is almost fully gone now. Horrible practice. I will never ever go here again, go to a actual shop prefer guerilla radio.EDIT: the doesnt matter the price of the piece. If ns was told that painted on, i would have never purchase it and purchased miscellaneous else. Now im out my money and also a piece due to the fact that im not smoking cigarettes out of that toxic thing. Who recognize what chemicals are in that paint. Great way come treat her customers. Offering them harmful smoking cigarettes devices. "Lemme provide you a discount top top your next piece" what a joke

Review by Stephen Urbanski
Cloud battles Vegas on 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

Amazing glass shop! Huge selection of smoking accessories! additionally did ns forget to point out amazing service? Medicated Marley really put my experience over the top...she is so sweet and knowledgeable. Certainly recommend!!!!

Review through bjshaffr1
Cloud battles Vegas ~ above 4130 S Sandhill Rd #A9

Always have what ns need and service is efficient and also satisfactory. If a bit of friendliness was an ext apparent the would significantly improve the vibe of the place and also likely take it it to the following level that service.

Review by Peter Marquez
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