My internet disconnects everyday at 11:30 and also I need to reset it pair of times prior to I deserve to get earlier a reliable link again.

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Comcast set up internet ~ above June 10th through their modem. I swapped in mine modem top top June 11th. Whatever worked fine till June 18th. On June 19th in ~ 11:30 to be PST modem disconnected completely.

When I called customer care, they claimed my modem is no listed. For this reason I gave them the MAC address and it got added back.

Ever because June 19th my modem disconnects at 11:30 AM and also doesnt work for great 30-40 mins and requires lot of resets.

Modem design number is Arris SB6183

Event log when this happens

Modem Log

Modem power levels right now

power log

yes, same problem, around the very same time PST. Likewise the xfi is loaded v issues- the speed on two gadgets checked at the very same time upper and lower reversal flops in between 230 top top one and 30 on the other then switches. Sounds choose the outages in ~ the very same time are as result of upstream issues and the wildly fluctuating speeds may be second to the comcast router. We have actually a back-up centurylink link which is an extremely consistent.
katifund.orgCan you aid me with this issue.Customer treatment is useless, all they say is reset the modem. Can you assist me in obtaining a genuine solution?
My WIFI/Internet fails most evenings approximately 7PM. I must reboot the modem climate wait 15 minutes. Frustrating! We do not have actually the FIOS alternative in our town so Comcast doesn"t need to fix your system. Likewise I pay nearly $100. A month for simply the internet, the following town over wherein they have actually the FIOS option, the same business is only $40. A month. Getting fleeced X 2! Paying dual for lousy service.

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Mine has actually been failing everyday lately roughly 11:30am EST...I had actually techs come out and replace the modem ago in March, it worked perfectly because that 3 months and also now earlier to this again. Below is what i am thinking the source of the problem is after ~ researching numerous threads. It has to be outside, v the heat going increase the side of mine house and over to the pole. This lines deserve to break or wear over time and are exposed through temperature changes. I have noticed as soon as it gets as well cold or too hot I begin getting disturbances in service and also the line need to start expanding or something. Last tech I had I confirmed this too but he didn"t want to mess with the line...doesn"t seem favor their support wants to mess with the ns am payment 92 bucks a month to have 3 months of great service in the spring, 3 months of negative in the summer time, 3 month of great in the fall, and also then 3 much more months of bad in the provides no sense. Lock would save a many time and money on support if they just come check the lines if over there are obvious interruptions from temperature changes. Ns will short article again if I have to get them to come the end again once and also for all and fix the probable broken/worn line.