My Net disconnects everyday at 11:30 and also I have to recollection it couple of times prior to I deserve to get back a trustworthy connection again.

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Comactors installed internet on June 10th via their modem. I swapped in my modem on June 11th. Everything operated fine till June 18th. On June 19th at 11:30 AM PST modem dislinked totally.

When I referred to as customer treatment, they said my modem is not provided. So I provided them the MAC resolve and it got included earlier.

Ever given that June 1nine my modem disconnects at 11:30 AM and also doesnt occupational for great 30-40 mins and also needs multiple resets.

Modem Model number is Arris SB6183

Event log when this happens

Modem Log

Modem power levels ideal now

power log

yes, same trouble, around the very same time PST. Also the xfi is loaded with issues- the rate on two devices checked at the very same time flip flops between 230 on one and also 30 on the other then switches. Sounds choose the outperiods at the very same time are because of upstream problems and the wildly fluctuating speeds may be additional to the comcast router. we have a backup centurylink link which is exceptionally continual.
katifund.orgCan you assist me through this problem.Customer care is useless, all they say is recollection the modem. Can you aid me in acquiring a actual solution?
My WIFI/Internet stops working the majority of evenings around 7PM. I must reboot the modem then wait 15 minutes. Frustrating! We carry out not have the FIOS choice in our tvery own so Comcast doesn"t have to solve their device. Also I pay nearly $100. a month for just the internet, the following tvery own over wbelow they have actually the FIOS alternative, the very same organization is only $40. a month. Getting fleeced X 2! Paying double for lousy organization.

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Mine has been failing day-to-day lately roughly 11:30am EST...I had actually techs come out and also rearea the modem earlier in March, it functioned perfectly for 3 months and now ago to this aget. Here is what I am reasoning the root of the trouble is after relooking many threads. It has to be outside, through the line going up the side of my house and also over to the pole. These lines deserve to break or wear over time and are exposed by temperature changes. I have actually noticed as soon as it gets too cold or too hot I begin acquiring disturbances in business and the line need to start widening or somepoint. Last tech I had I showed this as well yet he didn"t want to mess with the line...does not seem favor their support desires to mess via the I am paying 92 bucks a month to have 3 months of great business in the spring, 3 months of bad in the summer time, 3 months of good in the fall, and also then 3 more months of bad in the makes no sense. They would save the majority of time and money on assistance if they simply come check the lines if tbelow are evident disruptions from temperature transforms. I will certainly short article aacquire if I need to acquire them to come out aobtain when and also for all and also settle the probable broken/worn line.