Singaporean slangs – a guide to Singlish

Hearing Singaporean slangs like, “WAH, so FAT already AH!” or “AH BOY, MAMA miss YOU LEI,” is so heart-warming particularly when you step into Changi Airport after being away from residence for a lengthy time.

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Something around hearing Singlish always hits house after an eternity of make the efforts to to convince the human being that Singapore isn’t part of China. This short article of 26 Singaporean slangs is specialized to every you true blue Singaporeans the end there.

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1. Atas

What the means: A Malay native that way “above” or “upstairs”, offered to to express to world who have high SES or locations that room expensive.

The everyday Singaporean:

A: *going come 7-11* Eh you want water?B: Ya yet only Evian or Fiji, thanks.A: you so atas because that what i only gained $2!B: *drinking from their overpriced tumbler and also can’t be bothered*


2. Rabak

What it means: used to describe a human being or instance that’s out of control, usually an interpretation something negative.

Variations: Rabz, Rabz kebabz

The daily Singaporean:

A: *trips and also falls while walking normally*

B: Aiyo you cursed rabak leh.

3. Eye power

What it means: No, Singaporeans don’t have actually super-powered eyes. It’s a term offered for civilization who are just watching rather do manual labour rather of helping.

The day-to-day Singaporean:

Recruit A: much faster sweep leh the sergeant coming.Recruit B: then you help la!Recruit A: I assist with eye power.Recruit B:


4. Pokkai

What it means: once you’ve provided up all her pocket money or salary before the end of the month and you’re broke AF.

The daily Singaporean:

A: males let’s go Haidilao for dinner.B: i m really sorry bro, i pokkai, salary haven’t come in.A: Come bro i lend girlfriend firstB: Bro…


5. Suay

What it means: provided to define a human being who’s unlucky or a situation that’s no favourable.

The everyday Singaporean:

A: OMG I just stepped in part dog poop.B: Haha you cursed suay

6. Yaya papaya

What it means: A term meant for arrogant world who simply love to show off.

The day-to-day Singaporean:

A: Eh long time no see!B: Ya bro have actually you heard native *insert your affluent friend’s name here*A: No leh however you watch his Instagram story anot he acquired a brand-new car sia.B: Aiya, the yaya papaya only.Rich girlfriend who’s most likely in part hotel in Switzerland:


7. Bo jio

What it means: maybe the many overused indigenous in Singapore, “bo jio” is amazingly applicable to virtually every situation in life. A Hokkien expression which means never invite, your friends will most likely say it come you if girlfriend fail to share this awesome short article with them.

The everyday Singaporean:

A: *Posts photo on Instagram having actually an awesome time somewhere*B: Bo jio

Example of one irrelevant usage of bo jio:

A: *Takes a photograph of him and also girlfriend*

B: Bo jio


My personal favourite comeback: Bo jio? Jio also you never ever come!

8. Whatever / anything lor

What the means: Anything lor, every little thing lor. The typical response when you have actually no idea what you want, but you are simply too awkward or lazy to imply something. You’re most likely to disapprove the first couple of suggestions too, shame on you!

To do it #SoSingaporean, we add the Singlish word “lor” for the emphasis.

The everyday Singaporean:

Boy: Wat u wanna eat?Girl: noþeles lorBoy: yes sir lor, we go Japanese?Girl: i don’t want*gets in a fight*


*but functions it out anyway*

9. Guai lan

What it means: Literally meaning strange prick in Hokkien, “guai lan” commonly refers to world who are an overwhelming to attend to or are simply plain annoying.

The everyday Singaporean:A: Eh aid me leh, you re welcome please you re welcome pleaseB: Wah this guy damn guai lan.

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10. Wah lau eh

What that means: A Hokkien phase which when translated stands for “my father eh“, “wah lau eh” is one expression commonly used to portray surprise or disappointment.