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Til" Tuesday
Band name Origins:There"s a really early Bowie song, "Love girlfriend Til Tuesday". Submittedby:PaulWhen they to be still trying to acquire their plot together, the tape members always rehearsed top top Tuesdays; in ~ the end of every session, by method of saying "see ya next time," they would invariably to speak ""Til Tuesday" (as in, "well, ns won"t watch ya till (the next) Tuesday"). When pressed for a band name, that"s the expression that stuck. Submittedby:Ulric
Stupid band Names:Oh, honestly. You"re putting an expiration date on her band? "If ya got any type of requests, provide "em now, cuz, like, we can only be a team "til Tuesday." Submittedby:Jonathan S.
"Love In A Vacuum,"A vacuum cleaner cannot host love.Isac"Love In A Vacuum,"By deffinition, a vacuum is there is no of everythingGarnet"Voices Carry,"What perform they carry?bottle of what
"Voices Carry""Horseless Carriage"Porfle Popnecker"Voices Carry""Dirty Harry"Porfle Popnecker"Voices Carry""Whiskey Sour"That Bastard"Voices Carry""Voices Kerry"Doug"Voices Carry"""Cause You"re Scary"Kyle B."Voices Carry""Versus Kerry"Floyd"s Garage"Voices Carry""They"re therefore Hairy"pkbites
Voices CarrySpotifyKerryLove In A VacuumHoover VacuumsnewaveDavid DeniesReport top top David Beckham"s alleged unfaithfulnesspickle*Voices CarryAT&Tkelli
StrangeloveDepeche ModeLove In A VacuumTil TuesdayStrange Love In A VacuumSex with a vacuum would certainly be strange indeecSaran RappVoices that CareVoices the CareVoices CarryTil TuesdayVoices that CarryBob OldhartVoices CarryTil TuesdayCarry OnCrosby, Stills, Nash, and YoungVoices bring OnCassandraVoices CarryTil TuesdayCarry On, Wayward SonKansasVoices bring A Wayward SonAnd they"re telling him something!PandaThere are added duets the haven"t to be done however available.

Story around this misheard lyric by: Cody Finke

Once again, why we confuse "science" through "silence", and vice versa.

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