A place for liberty-loving patriots in Silicon Valley and beyond to gather, re-superstructure ideas, and be empowered.

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We encourage the principles of American liberty and also freedom through timely, object education. We organize a monthly forum of prominent speakers who comment on our starting principles and also how they are being used today. Our shared cause: to maintain America together the greatest beacon that freedom, individual rights, and responsible free-market entrepreneurship.


JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: Acclaimed judge and also outspoken flexibility fighter. In addition to she tireless work as a judge, prosecutor, and also FOX News Channel present host, judge Jeanine Pirro is additionally a new York times bestselling author. We room pleased come announce our an initial partnership v the values Advocacy council to bring this special speaker to mountain Jose where she will comment on her latest work, Don"t Lie come Me: and also Stop Trying come Steal our Freedom,in which she exposes the Left"s lies and distortions around all liberty-loving patriots from chairman Trump down.

Judge Jeanine has actually spent she life fighting for the "underdog" and likewise for our country"s freedom. We invite you come hear her outlook on the current freedom crises created by our government and also bureaucracies, and also how to recognize the lies being told to us by the media, politicians, and others will on exacerbating the stealthy encroachment on —and erosion of— our many precious liberties.

ABOUT ours SPEAKER:Jeanine Pirro at this time hostsJustice through Judge JeanineSaturdays, 6PM/PT ~ above FOX News Channel (FNC). She additionally serves as a legit analyst because that FNC, offering legal insight throughout the network’s programming. She joined the network in 2006 and also is based out of brand-new York.

Prior to joining FNC, referee Pirro to be the organize of a syndicated weekday court show dispersed by Warner Brothers, for which she winner an Emmy Award. Her notable legal job spans end 30 years. In 1975, she ended up being an assistant ar attorney because that Westchester County, NY and also was the first female come prosecute murder situations there. In 1990, Pirro was elected as the first woman to serve as a Westchester county Court judge.

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In addition, Pirro began the an initial domestic violence unit in a prosecutor’s office in the country. In 1997, she was appointed by then-Governor George Pataki come chair the brand-new York State board of directors on residential Violence Fatality evaluation Board, whose research helped pass increased protection for domestic violence victims.The Republican Party decided her as its candidate for new York State Attorney basic in 2006.

Pirro earned a BA native the college of Buffalo, magna cum laude, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and also received her Juris medical professional (JD) law degree from Albany regulation School, where she to be a member that the regulation Review.