New York Times bestmarketing leadsinger of Slipknot and also Stone Sour"s hilarious trawl with the endless backwaters of huguy stupidity Corey Taylor has actually had actually it. Had it with the vagaries of humale actions and also life in this postcontemporary digital blanked-out waiting room that passes for a civilization. Reality TV, awful music, damaging motorists, megamalls, airports, family members reunions, poor fashion choices, other people"s monstrous children, and also badly-behaved "adult" human beings are warping life in the twenty-initially century right into an often-unbearable endurance test of one"s patience, fortitude, and also faith. You"re Making Me Hate You is a blisteringly funny diapeople that skewers the worst aspects of human habits with a learning eye for every excruciating information, told in the vivid method that just Corey Taylor have the right to. Like his previous bestmarketing forays, You"re Making Me Hate You is an unflinching glimpse into the mind of Corey Taylor, who spares no one from his seething gaze. Make no mistake: this is not the Corey Taylor you run into at meet-and-greets or in line at the coffee shop. This is not the sort and also cuddly guy who kisses babies and also takes images through your mommy while leaving a voicemail for that remote cousin in college. This is not the loveable scamp who have the right to poke simply as a lot fun at himself as he does at the assorted rubes roughly him, though to be fair he does conserve one chapter for a brutal and also lacerating self-analysis. This is Corey Motherfucking Taylor. This is the Great Big Mouth. This is that bastard you wonder about when you listen to Slipknot and also Stone Sour. Funny, profane, blasphemous, and also above all best on tarobtain, You"re Making Me Hate You is pure Corey Taylor unleaburned, exposing the underbelly of huguy depravity in all its ragged glory.

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Corey Taylor is the New York Times bestoffering author of Salso Deadly Sins, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven, and also You"re Making Me Hate You. Lead singer of rock bands Slipknot and also Stone Sour, Taylor has actually earned 11 Platinum records, 43 Gold documents, and a Grammy. A aboriginal of Iowa, he spends his time between tright here, Las Vegas, and also his suitinstance.

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