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In this video clip coaching newsletter, i interview Dr. Dominick D’Anna, who is one of the finest NSA chiropractors in the world. We talk about how Network Chiropractic treatment can radically change your physiology and body language from among fear and uncertainty come alpha masculine body language, therefore you can win in all areas of your personal and experienced life.

We also discuss the human body language the attraction and also confidence and also how an unbalanced and also out of alignment framework affects her posture, confidence, inner peace, self-esteem, openness to change, willingness to try brand-new things, and also how Network treatment helps friend to acquire unstuck, so you have the right to make the alters you must make to attain your dreams.

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You’ve probably heard me talk around Network treatment for years. Ns talk about it in mine books, and also I wanted to lug Dr. Dominick D’Anna in today so we might talk around body language and also how Network care can help you gain over your fears, improve your level that confidence, and also what it can actually execute for you.

In my suffer with Network Care, it’s just like working out. Every time you acquire work done, your body’s walking to loosen up a small bit. In mine article and video, “Body Language that Attracts Women,” i talk about how her chest being out, your head being back, and your shoulders being back affects her physiology and also what you’re actually communicating.



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If girlfriend observe most people, you’re going to notification their shoulders room going come be rolling forward, their head’s forward, your chest is forward, or if they’re in a bar, they’re sitting v their drink covering their emotionally center, and also that way they don’t feeling comfortable. Whereas, men who room relaxed have actually their arms and also their drink down to the side. It’s a really relaxed, nonthreatening, open type of physiology.

If you’re having a hard time implementing points that space in the book, it’s much more than likely because your physiology is sort of jacked up. You could be doing and saying every one of the appropriate things, but if your physiology is communicating fear, anxiety, nervousness, wherein you have actually a threatening kind of human body language, women aren’t walking to feeling safe and also comfortable roughly you. Even though they may be laughing with you, they’re tho going to shoot you down.

Dr. D’Anna: “Or also worse, you’re walking to tempt your ex-girlfriend. The bitch, the reactive person. You will do it think, why is it I save attracting these emotionally volatile women? they’re beautiful and they seem nice increase front, but come to be emotionally hijacked. You get in the very same verbally abusive connection you had actually before, and the reality is, like attracts like. If her physiology is in a certain place, you’re walking to attract the same.

It’s interesting, in our office sometimes we perform muscle stress and anxiety scans that lay out the muscle tension pattern the person has. The tells us a lot about behavior. It provides sense the if you view it a particular way, her behavior’s likely to be a particular way. Couples always have the exact same physiological patterns. And the reason why that affects actions is due to the fact that your physiology and also your human body is your reality filter, so her story about life, how you perceive life, is not consistent with the circumstance, it’s constant with whereby you’re at.



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Like attractive like, for this reason if you desire to carry out all the an excellent stuff the Corey simply said, yet attract a different type of person, like you attach on one more level of consciousness personally, someone who is kinder, gentler, much more chill, an ext successful, climate you literally require to have your physiology in ~ that ar in order because that that human being to connect with you.”

Each time girlfriend get worked on, you ease up a little bit. My referral is that if friend don’t have actually a an excellent Network Chiropractic physician in her city or country, it’s definitely worth her time to get on a aircraft and concerned Orlando, Florida and also let Dominick work-related on you over the course of a week. After seven entrainments end the food of a week, that will really assist you ease up. By the moment you hop top top a plane to go back, you’re going to feeling different. You’re walking to an alert it in her physiology. That going come feel far better to have your head back and your shoulders rolling back.

Dr. D’Anna: “It will certainly be more natural. It i will not ~ be forced.”

As I talk about in mine video, “Body Language the Attracts Women,” if friend haven’t had Network Care, you forcing your body into those states, and also as girlfriend go through life, particularly as you gain older, your physiology bends you into that position. She literally grounding there. Your muscles hold you in that physiology, and also that is your reality. That’s how you suffer life.


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When Dominick works on you, her muscle tension drops in your spine, and you’re simply naturally going to relax and open up, feel more chilled out, feel more peaceful. Everybody will feel safer approximately you, consisting of women. Children will tend to come up and hang roughly you more. Strangers will certainly hang around you more. Even pets will in reality feel more comfortable being about you, since you’re providing off a vibe that peace, of gift relaxed, of being calm and of being safe. That draws human being to you like moths come a flame.

Dr. D’Anna: “When there’s more peace inside, there’s an ext peace outside. Girlfriend know, muscle stress and anxiety is a short term strategy. Your body is actually really, really bad at storing tension at all. It’s supposed to it is in a quick term pattern. Speak you have a traumatic event or your have a confrontation. Your body it s okay tight. That literally stores the stress that is regular with the quantity of emotional fee that you had actually at the time. And also it’s practically as if the stress and anxiety is claimed to be a short term holding pattern until you can acquire out of that stressful situation, therefore you can go home and take a breath and say, it s okay let’s recoup now. Let’s let all the stuff go and also move forward.

The difficulty is the most people don’t recover, and also I’m certain there was a an excellent reason because that it. They had actually a really tough childhood, or they have a stormy job, your ex-wife is busting their balls or your ex-girlfriend is offering them a difficult time, therefore they’re all tight and also they wonder why they’re having actually a tough time. Well, if muscle anxiety is an alleged to it is in a quick term strategy, (not relocating forward and being stuck in the previous is consistent with all that tension, again one more short hatchet strategy), then how are you supposed to move forward?

The treatment we administer in our office is draft to aid you re-check in, re-experience the energy, the emotion, the you didn’t totally deal with, (because if friend did, it wouldn’t still be there), and also then help the human resolve it. For this reason what ends up happening is, together we work with human being progressively, getting the body more and much more cleaned up of her past, the person is more in the present and they’re much more in your nature, rather than your wounds, if you connect with that statement.

How countless times have actually you been in a scenario that’s yes, really stressful, and also you changed to the same old behavior? That’s due to the fact that your physiology is in an intense state, and also as we clean up the tension, our clients that come in say, “You know, I have actually the exact same job, the exact same kids, the very same stress and the very same relationship, and stuff happens, and also people are like, you manage it completely different. Rather of obtaining sucked up into the drama, it’s choose I’m responding and also I’m gift cool. And also I notification that people around me are responding totally different. It’s nearly as if ns wasn’t aware of it, but how human being respond come me has much more to execute with exactly how I display up. It’s virtually as if the an ext I get me cleaned up, people actually view me differently and respond differently.” What is the worth?

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When you technique a woman, they’ll fish and they’ll push buttons. They troll you. And the more they like you, the much more they test you. If you pass those tests, she good, but if they discover a button, she screwed, since they go after it. What’s happening is, at that point, the mrs is energetically in manage over the man. The man gets uncomfortable, his voice changes, that starts talking faster, he it s okay defensive. Any kind of time a person has actually an emotionally charge, what that method is you have actually an unresolved wound, and that human being just uncovered the switch to activate it. You’re toast.

So what perform you do? anything you have actually an emotional charge on, that unresolved wound is a doorway right into your ingredient to help clean the up, so us can assist you to it is in a clear vessel. To gain a mrs to desire you, you have actually to get your emotional shit together. Acquiring your emotions squared away, and also getting your physiology in a location where you have the right to talk to counselors and therapists, there’s certainly benefits to be had there, yet what castle don’t regulate is exactly how you show up. Once you’re cool, you don’t need someone telling you what come say. You’re just cool. You offer off the vibe. Once your body is tense and you’re reactive, you deserve to say every the best things, however its coming the end the dorn way. The job-related we do at ours office cleans up all the unresolved emotional buttons, for this reason you display up cool and also handle it cool.”

You’ll get trolled, however you don’t reaction to it. You often tend to respond, you find humor in ~ it, girlfriend laugh, you hoax around and you don’t gain butt-hurt. Since as quickly as a females sees you acquiring butt-hurt or you have actually an emotional charge with something, you’re out. She deserve to sense the something is off, she doesn’t feeling safe about you, and also you deserve to literally check out the body language and also the physiology of her readjust to among kind of transforming sideways, like she’s trying to escape.

Dr. D’Anna: “Behavior is an outflow of just how you watch it. It’s an end product. It’s not something friend can readjust in itself. For example, human being that authorize up to different businesses to lose weight, i have talked to people that very own those form of businesses and asked them, “What’s your success rate after a year?” and also they said 98% failure rate. Just 2% are able to lose the weight and also keep the off. It’s due to the fact that they’re trying behavior without clean up whatever motivated the dysfunctional behavior. They didn’t clean up the wound that motivated the entirety thing.

The actions is cool, yet if we deserve to work v a human being in a way that cleans up their issues they’re save in your tissues, currently the human is cool. Then as soon as they integrate habits that work, they can actually use them effectively because they’re maybe to be that human that would normally say those things.

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Awareness is everything. You have to have self-awareness prior to you have the right to be emotionally intelligent, be mindful of that it is you’re talk to. Who is the person being, and how deserve to I display up in a way to connect with this person? yes a difference talking through someone and also you’re just trying to obtain somewhere, versus simply being cool or indifferent, i m sorry is huge. Truly being indifferent method you’re just arriving to see just how this flows, and also you’re cool through it but it pans out. And women choose up ~ above that.

If friend can present up in a means and be emotionally intelligent, you can steer, guide, control the conversation, virtually like the women have tendency to execute intentionally the we’re not always aware of, but you deserve to do the same. You deserve to do it in a means that you deserve to recruit that human to simply be so influenced by who you are and also how you present up. Talk to that person. What seems to be vital to them? begin conversations they’re really passionate about and comfortable with. The following thing you know, you have this amazing rapport v the person that friend developed, since you’re mindful of yourself and the other person enough that friend knew the right concerns to ask. The person will tell friend what they desire to talk about, however you have to be present, you have to be peaceful, you need to be cool to choose up those subtle cues.”

That’s why I talk a lot about being in the existing moment together opposed to being in her head, because women deserve to sense that. If you’re talking to somebody and you’re focused on, What am ns going to say? walk she prefer me? Is this going well?, she have the right to tell you’re what else. She will certainly pick up on that, and also she’s no going to feeling comfortable. If you have actually self-awareness and also are in the current moment, where every little thing else disappear away, you’re enjoy it the conversation and also sensing what happens next.

Dr. D’Anna: “Every human being that involves my office mirrors up through a simple fear pattern. As we work with that are afraid pattern and also work to release it, the human being is like, “I didn’t even know ns was fearful. And once you functioned with me over a couple of visits, i was conscious my head was forward. Mine shoulders room forward. Ns wasn’t even aware of that.” It’s impressive to check out that in a short amount that time, their service dealings are different, people are responding come them differently, how they feel different, their focus is different, your self-talk is different. When fear is resolved or reduced significantly, you strategy whomever girlfriend want. You speak to them and also you’re just cool. Climate you have the right to really it is in in the place that Corey tells human being to be, that location of indifference.”

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If you somebody who is fear to speak to various other people and worried around what other people think, you really just haven’t spent a many time in her life connecting with other humans being total strangers, obtaining Network treatment will in reality make the feel natural. You’ll feel comfortable and look ago and think, why was ns so afraid of it? her physiology is going come be every little thing your suffer is, therefore if you locked into a depression state or a fearful state, whatever you do and also every means you experience the world, it’s going to be with that filter the fear.

Dr. D’Anna: “It’s practically as if the people gives girlfriend an excuse to play out wherever you are anyway. Anxious civilization are always anxious. Nervous human being are always nervous. World that obtain pissed off, it seems like whatever is an opportunity to get pissed off. As we occupational through those patterns, it’s exceptional to hear civilization say, “I’m not angry anymore.” The body is the resource of every emotion. If you want to readjust your emotions, you want to readjust how you present up, you have actually to readjust the body. As we show the client their tension patterns and how to control that better, I find that therefore rewarding, because I’ve common with that human things they can do on their own, therefore they can present up on their A-game. You’re not a poor person. You’re just a person whose physiology is incongruent through what the psychic knows.”

It makes you much more intuitive as far as human body language and reading various other people. You have the right to look at other people and size them up instantly. You deserve to see the alpha male that generally you would be intimidated by, you can look at him and see his head gift cranked forward, his chest gift cranked forward, and also picking up on few of the points he says. You can tell he doesn’t have the confidence that you may have assumed that had.

It’s the very same if you’re talk to a woman. If you check out she has actually a fearful physiology, the lessens the fear that you have yourself. It virtually makes you feel favor you have actually an unfair advantage. And also if you in a sales or service negotiation, you can see the body language and also fear that other human being have around you. You have the right to sense it. You deserve to size everybody up and tell whereby they space emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. That in and of itself renders you feel a little an ext confident. And the an ext confident friend feel, the an ext expressive you going come feel. The an ext you’re going come be ready to speak things and also not organize back. And that’s what really makes you attractive. Being who you are, not holding ago and no really providing a paris fuck about what people think around you.

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If you’d like to go view Dominick D’Anna, you have the right to go to his website, or contact his office in ~ (407) 599–9182.

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