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Blah blah blah complex feng shui mumbo jumbo

Ice cream

Yes Jet, ice cream. That's every I interpreted too.

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This illustration comes off together strange in ~ best. The show does Jet a disservice by giving him 2 episode that are plainly references to pre-WWII film, both the which comes off an ext as cliques than homages. In black color Dog Serenade we gained a taste of movie noir and also in this session we acquire a standard detective drama, many obviously feel via the poor voice over job-related by Jet.

What renders this session odd yet has naught to perform with the homage to standard cinema however is the fault Meifa and feng shui. Meifa is simply confusing. Is she a stunner fortune telling lady? Is she a potential romantic interest, the an initial since Gren and Faye? Is she a daughter looking for answers around her estranged father? fine the price is all three and also as a result none of lock work. Meifa isn't a flat character that Bebop walk a negative job that developing, but instead she's been given too numerous angles in a solitary episode because that the audience come make feeling out the her. Us don't even learn about the estranged nature of she father until hyperspace. This conference is jammed in a way most aren't letting a most the nuances that the characters and the instances they're in go rather unnoticed and also underdeveloped.

The worst offender that this is feng shui itself, the focal suggest of the episode. Perhaps I'm dumb yet only on rewatch did ns have any inkling in ~ all the this illustration is a critique the feng shui and also not a evaluation of that is merits, and also I didn't even notification that until the an extremely last line of the show. Those aer moments as soon as using feng shui space purposeful and not plot conveniences as they can appear to be at first glance. Was it Meifa utilizing feng shui or happy that allowed her and Jet to escape the syndicate in the graveyard? fine it help the goons couldn't shot the wide side the a barn, however it's unclear. To be those pets Meifa find on the roof that the skyscraper actual signs or simply a convenient extending of truth to right what she needed? well that definitely looks choose a snake and a tortoise. I typical as long as that train is blue it looks prefer a blue dragon. Ns guess I sort of view a red phoenix...maybe, yet no method in hell is that white tiger. Is Meifa wrong and also lying to herself or go the style team simply do a bad job ~ above the white tiger? Again it's unclear and that causes the scene, at the very least to me, to come off as bizarre. We only find the sunstone thanks to feng shui right? This is whereby things come to be a tiny bit clearer. Many thanks to Ed goofing around, we discover that the sunstone is together a strong magnet it can affect the compass even with the magnet removed. We have actually a clean explanation of how Meifa uncovered the sunstone regardless of fen shui. Even with this it's not clear what to make of feng shui. The present does nothing to present us feng shui is a hoax. Much like in actual life it’s too hard to phone call what is feng shui and also what is coincidence. It's just Jet's lines that tell united state what Bebop is trying to convey concerning feng shui:

You weren't in regulate of this operation. Meifa is right here now because...because she wanted to find you.

When I review the news, ns never check the horoscopes anymore.

This illustration is such a well-crafted critique of feng shui the it's exceptionally hard come tell what space plot conveniences and what space critiques. In spite of my criticisms on rewatch i actually enjoyed the episode much more than the an initial time. If you deserve to stand exactly how creepy Meifa and also Jet are, and also on rewatch it’s less creepy since you understand it concerns nothing, Spike and Faye's commentary is on point and humorous. Plus this conference is usually jammed pack with more action 보다 an median one-off Bebop episode. I appreciated it.

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As an added bonus Jet’s breaking of the neck of the syndicate goon is the calmest killing in all of Bebop. Seriously, go ago and clock that...I'm quiet not even sure he's dead. The children are so cursed happy. Way to it is in a gibberish Jet.