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Craigslist southern Carolina searches every one of the following locations.

craigslist cities: Charleston - Columbia - Florence - Greenville - Upstate - Hilton Head - Myrtle beach

South Carolina Craigslist find looks at the whole state of south carolina and covers a total of 32,020 sq mi. South Carolina has an area ranking that 40th in the country, with a population of 4,961,119 people, offering south carolina a population ranking of 23rd highest in the U.S. Through an average populace density of 155 people per square miles.

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South Carolina has the complying with nick names: The Palmetto State

South Carolina has the adhering to state moto: Dum spiro spero (Latin), While i Breathe ns Hope

The human being who live in south Carolina are well-known as: southern Carolinian

The resources of south Carolina is Columbia

South Carolina"s biggest metro area is Greenville

South Carolina was admitted into the United says on may 23, 1788, prior to it was admitted right into the union, that was known as the province of southern Carolina. South Carolina was the 8th state to join the joined States.

South Carolina has actually the complying with state emblems: State Amphibian: Salamander, State Bird: Carolina wren, State Butterfly: eastern tiger swallowtail, State Fish: striped bass, State Flower: Yellow jessamine, State Insect: Carolina Mantis, State Mammal: White-tailed deer, State Reptile: Loggerhead Sea Turtle, State Tree: Sabal palmetto, State Beverage: Milk, State Dance: Carolina shag, State Fossil: Columbian mammoth, State Mineral: Amethyst, State Rock: Blue granite, State Shell: Lettered olive, State Song: Carolina,,

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