Do you ever wonder around the digital heavyweights of previous years that are still there, however nobody appears to talk around ’em anymore?

E-bay involves mind. It’s end up being as typical as Puffs and also Pennzoil. Everyone needs it, yet no one yes, really mentions it choose the large product game-changer it when was.

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Craigslist is prefer that. The totally free online classifieds almost single-handedly ruined newspapers’ cash flow. Craig is quiet there, yet is component of the welcomed marketplace. As usual as credit cards.

Lately, I’ve seen a LOT of action on Craigslist for, by, and also from voice actors. 

From the countless keywords I’ve configured ~ above Google Alerts, I see em ‘all: Voice gibbs seeking work, clients seeking voice actors, coaches seeking VO students, producers hoping to perform VO demos, world seeking voices because that every imaginable project, typically for free or pennies. International voices, bi-lingual voices, old voices, character voices…you watch it all on Craigslist.

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When girlfriend think about it, all this action makes sense. Especially from the standpoint that the voice-seeker. Voice actors room an enigma come most. Because that the uninitiated, where DOES one uncover a voice-actor? Uninitiated means you have actually never heard the V123 or the other guys…you aren’t conscious of the company system, and you don’t desire to, or space too lazy to carry out research on Google. You just turn to the same place where you find used bicycles and home repairmen: Craigslist. 

So concern for you: have you ever posted your services on Craigslist and also found a decent-paying client, or have you ever uncovered a DECENT-PAYING VO job from an ad on Cragislist?

That’s it. Simply comment below, and let us understand your story.

I’m skeptical around all this action, but I’m open up to hearing about a Craigslist VO success story. Please, let me hear a Craigslist VO success story…I guess: v I want to believe all that web traffic I’m see is in reality benefiting someone!



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