To make an excellent drawings, you must be creative. And also itís not just with drawings, but also with other species of arts such as paintings and crafts. Majority of the world-famous artists come up v their finest works as soon as they are complimentary to be as an innovative as possible.

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As an artist, ns love it as soon as Iím working late in ~ night and creativity flows v me. If you are right into drawing, you may understand what ns mean. If friend would choose to check out 3D developments come live from her creativity, you require the CreoPop 3D pen.

Read this CreoPop 3D pen testimonial to recognize what to intend from the device.

CreoPop 3D Pen Review

The CreoPop 3D pen is the first 3D pen that comes with cool ink. Unlike other 3D pens on the market, this pen does no have any kind of hot parts. Therefore, you do not have to worry about melting plastic or unpleasant smell.

When you start using this pen, you will certainly immediately notice your creative thinking improving. The pen has actually a number of tools the put imagination at your disposal. You can come up through unique creative creations once using the pen.

The pen has been built roughly a number of unusual inks and hardware that is child-friendly. The pen complies with the footprints of other crowdfunding 3D pen tasks in the past, yet has a number of features that make it was standing out.

Overview that CreoPop 3D Printing Pen

Has no heating printing temperatureCharged through mini USBNo uncomfortable smellsNo melt plasticsSafe because that both adults and also children
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CreoPop 3D press Pen Features

CreoPop is the an initial 3D pen in the market that comes with cool ink. This pen walk not create unpleasant smells no one does it require melted plastic to create 3D objects. The pen is suitable for both adults and children because it does no have any type of hot parts. The pen has actually been specially developed with hardware that is child-friendly.

Here space the distinct features of the CreoPop 3D press Pen

Cool CreoPop 3D Pen Ink

The CreoPop 3D pen comes through a variety of cool inks. The pen works by solidifying resins as soon as they are exposed come LED light. This proprietary resin an innovation provides much more than simply a an easy range that colors. The technology produces a wide variety of octopus including:

CreoPop fragrant inkBody paints inkElastic inkMagnetic inkGlow-in-the-dark inkCreoPop glittering inkCreoPop temperature ink (those that change when exposed to heat)CreoPop conductive ink

You have the right to take your creativity to the next level with this selection of inks. Your imagination will just be restricted by your creativity with all these squid at your disposal. Every ink cartridge measures around 45ft (14 cm).

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No hot Parts

The CreoPop 3D pen press does not have any type of hot parts. Moreover, that does not use melted plastics. The pen provides resins or light-sensitive ink to develop 3D objects. This inks solidify as soon as they space exposed to LED light. An additional 3D pen that supplies light-sensitive squid is the Polyes Q1 3D pen.

In contrast, typical 3D pens normally use thermoplastics technology. The pens need to be heated in ~ the reminder which in turn melts the plastic that will be offered for drawing. Some 3D pens the use warm can acquire as hot as 270 ∞C.

With the CreoPop 3D to press pen, things room different. As you draw, the light-sensitive octopus solidifies when UV irradiate shines top top it. The solidification allows you to develop 3D objects almost instantly together you move the pen. Making use of the CreoPop 3D pen is like drawing with a normal pen but the objects come out in 3D.

The instant production of 3D objects renders the pen among the best 3D pen in the market. Moreover, its hardware that is thermoplastic-free method you deserve to concentrate on developing elegant designs rather of worrying around melting or hot plastics.

The CreoPop 3D pen is a good toy or device for anyone who would favor to discover their creativity, consisting of children. The security of the pen and elegant octopus colors give it an leaf over other 3D printing pens in the market.


The CreoPop 3D pen does not require a cord to work. The pen is operated making use of a battery. When you desire to start creating your 3D designs, just charge the pen utilizing a mini USB. You can affix the USB come your computer system or power adapter, just like you usually carry out with smartphones.

Since the 3D pen is cordless, you can emphasis on your style without having to worry about your hand gaining entangled in wires. This method you can check out your imagination to any level there is no distractions.

CreoPop vs 3Doodler 3D Pen

CreoPop and 3Doodler are among the best 3D pen on the market. However, how do the 2 compare? first off, the CreoPop offers ink if 3Doodler uses PLA filament. Apart from the differences in ink, just how do the two 3D pens compare?

Check this table compare the CreoPop vs 3Doolder to determine which one will be best for you:

Pros that CreoPop 3D Pen

The biggest advantages of the CreoPop 3D pen space that that is safe and convenient. Due to the fact that the pen walk not need heating nor melting plastics, it is for sure for everyone, consisting of children. Listed below are other benefits of the pen:

Scientific Experimentation

You deserve to use the pen to develop objects for scientific experimentation. Through an plain pen, you deserve to only lay out a diagram for an electric circuit. You will certainly not have the ability to come increase with an item that deserve to actually move electricity.

On the various other hand, a CreoPop 3D printer pen permits you to develop objects that in reality conduct electricity. This way you have the right to have a better understanding of your experiments. This attribute makes the pen an indispensable device for electricians that design and also plan circuits.

Scented Objects

You can use CreoPop pen with aromatic ink to produce scented objects. Because that instance, girlfriend can produce flowers that have an actual pleasant smell. Deserve to you imagine producing a tangible item that actually smells like itís supposed to? Amazing!

If friend love scented space, girlfriend can create different objects with CreoPop 3D to press pen and also aromatic ink to decorate your room.

Breakthrough Motivation

With the CreoPop 3D pen, you imagination at illustration 3D objects will circulation naturally. You only need to press the button and start moving the pen in any direction you want to develop an object. Whether you desire to see a doodle come to life or a scale design of your favorite phone, the an option is yours.

Durable Products

The 3D pen produces assets that last much longer than traditional products. This is important especially if friend would choose to display your objects in ~ exhibitions. As soon as you develop them v the 3D pen, you can be sure they will always remain fresh 보다 would have been the instance if youíd make them through conventional materials.

Check this video for a short review the CreoPop 3D pen:

CreoPop 3D Pen Price

You can buy the CreoPop 3D printer pen on at Amazon.(click below to see the pen).

Cons of the CreoPop 3D press Pen

There are a number of drawbacks you should be aware of prior to buying the CreoPop 3D pen. However, depending upon what girlfriend want, these might or may not be drawbacks at all. Below are some points you need to know:

Patience is Key

When you start illustration with the CreoPop 3D press pen, you may not get every little thing right the very first time. Her artwork might not be together elegant together you expect. However, with time, your skills will improve and your artwork will revolve out perfect. Therefore, you should be patient and also use the pen routinely to improve your skills.

Limited ink Cartridges

The pen only offers refills from the company behind it. This way you have the right to only buy ink refills from the company. The meltable plastic strands of most 3D pens and also printers are gaining cheaper by the day as these devices become more popular. However, CreoPop 3D pens use their own exclusive cartridges. The cartridges only expense a couple of dollars but you cannot obtain them quickly from all over else apart from the company.


Verdict: to buy the CreoPop 3D Pen

If you desire to take it your imagination in illustration 3D objects come the fullest, you should buy the CreoPop 3D pen. The pen is basic to use and will enable you to express your imagination the next level. With patients, your an abilities will improve and also you will come up with great artwork.

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Create genuine objects for scientific experimentationCreate fragrant objects v the fragrant inkCreoPop 3D commodities last longer than typical productAllows creativity at drawing 3D objects flow naturally


Requires patience and practice come create good 3D productsOnly uses refills indigenous the firm behind it

I expect you have took pleasure in reading the CreoPop 3D pen review. You deserve to check much more reviews the the pen by client on Amazon.