March might be the month well-known for march Madness, yet it"s additionally the time of year for the annual ritual known as spring break! Time to profession the cold and snowy winter days for a mainly filled through sun, sand and relaxation.

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For college students, StudentCity has actually put togethera resource pageto let you understand when your school"s spring break will certainly be. Some breaks begin as early on as this week while others run the week of in march 14 or 21.

Spring rest isn"t just for college kids, though. Younger children get a mainly of institution off approximately now, and also their family members often usage it as perfect time to take it a family vacation come warmer climes.

Our 10 Favorite spring Break Cruise Vacations

There space two methods to perform spring break together a cruiser: uncover a cruise geared to the younger crowd throughout a spring break week. Or invest some time in ~ a spring break destination before, throughout or after your cruise — many are near a cruise port. Amongst the most well-known hot spots: Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, vital West and also Miami Beachin Florida; Santa Monica, Venice Beach and also San Diego in California;Cabo san Lucas, Cancunand Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,and the Bahamas, Jamaica and lots of other islands in the Caribbean.

If it"stoo late because that you to setup a spring break getaway because that this year, it’s the ideal time to begin planning one for 2017. In our opinion,a spring break cruise is far preferable to a “traditional” island resort. That"s why we"ve put together this perform of ours 10 Favorite spring Break Cruise Vacations.


Courtesy of royal Caribbean InternationalHop on among Oasis that the Seas" jetskis and get an adrenaline rush of sights and also sounds if zipping along the shoreline.

Sail come the Caribbeanon Oasis that the Seas

Enjoy a City top top the Sea on plank this sweet royal Caribbean ship


Back once I was a young university student, i took a weeklong feather break cruise ~ above Carnival Triumph with 3 friends. It to be a fun-filled mainly spent experimenting the west Caribbean, and I’ve to be hooked ever since.

For those cynical travelers that aren’t sure whether a spring break cruise is ideal for them, we indicate Royal Caribbean’s Oasis the the Seas (or she sister pearls Allure the the Seas or Harmony the the Seas, because of debut in May). Officially the world’s largest course of cruise ships, these floating cities offer seven different themed neighborhoods. Stroll the out Boardwalk complete with a carousel and also Aqua theatre or reap a quiet lunch in central Park, a secluded green space in the center of the ship with boutique shops and also restaurants. (See? There"s much more to feather break thanJägermeister and also jello shots!)

Oasis and her sister shipsoffer a selection of dining options and Broadway entertainment. University kids, young adults and families will discover something to gain on this ship, whether it"s dancing, enjoying the nightlife at an ext than a dozen bars or hanging out with the DreamWorks characters. V the ship"s itineraries topopular Caribbean ports in both the Eastern and also Western Caribbean, travelers will additionally have many of onshore options. You deserve to climb the dramatic Dunn’s River falls in Jamaica, explore ancient Mayan ruins while docked in Cozumel, or shop till you drop in the duty-free St. Thomas.


Mike McHolm / creative Commons BY-NDGetting prepared to parasail in the Caribbean.

Get your party on v Norwegian Sky

Mingle v singles ~ above 3- and 4-day escapes come the Bahamas


For those who room looking to let loose, the three- and four-day Bahamas cruises ~ above Norwegian sky offer one of the finest values in cruising. Perfect for any young adult in search of a party scene, the basic fare for every Norwegian sky cruises incorporate Norwegian Cruise Line’s ultimate Beverage Package. Yup, because that as little as $150 a day, you have an open bar to enjoy while cruising the waters turn off the coastline of Florida. This ship additionally features Norwegian’s signature Freestyle dining, definition no collection dining times or table assignments at one of seven restaurants.

When traveling to the Bahamas, you have the right to spend a day in ~ the deluxe resort Atlantis or swim through the dolphin at the Blue Lagoon. Four-day cruises on Norwegian Sky additionally stop at Norwegian Cruise Line’s main private island, good Stirrup Cay. Below you have the right to snorkel, parasail or simply relax with a drink in your hand together the open up bar additionally includes this personal island. Other Norwegian shipshit Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Ricoand destinations throughout the Caribbean.


Photo courtesy that Norwegian Cruise LineEnjoy a swift drop slide experience at Norwegian Breakaway"s Aqua Park, house to several multi-story slides and also pools.

Break away to the Bahamas

Plenty of activities on a 7-day voyage on Norwegian Breakaway


If you walk to college or live top top the East coast of the U.S. And don’t want to fly everywhere for feather break, climate how about making your method to brand-new York for a seven-day Bahamas pilgrimage on Norwegian Breakaway? featuring a ropes course, a water park and an adult’s just Spice H20 area, this ship offers plenty of fun for cruisers of all ages. With 24-hour dining, 2 Broadway shows, a dueling piano bar and also an ice Bar in ~ sea, friend don’t require to even leave the delivery to have actually a good time — and you"ll have actually plenty of snaps for your on facebook feed, Snapchat or Instagram.

If you execute decide to undertaking off the delivery in Nassau, you deserve to relax at some of the ideal beaches, including the windy Junkanoo Beach, in ~ walking distance from the pier. Family members can check out the amazing Ardastra Gardens and also Zoo, where your kids will acquire to connect with the pets or take it an island tourism to see historic forts and the well known Queen’s Staircase.


JD Lasica / unique to katifund.orgSome the the water activities along the coastline in Cabo san Lucas, shot earlier this year throughout a mexican Riviera cruise aboard Ruby Princess.

Cruise the mexico Riviera

Visit Cabo, Puerto Vallarta & Mazatlan plank Ruby Princess


Do something different and shot the mexico Riviera because that your following Spring rest cruise. Princess Cruises’sRuby Princess take away cruisers come three ideal stops. Nothing says spring break prefer Cabo san Lucas, filled through miles ofbeautiful beaches and plenty of out adventures favor snorkeling and also ziplines. Couples will liketaking a relaxing stroll follow me the picturesqueMalecón waterfront in Puerto Vallarta. And also the children are sure to love a sea lion encounter at Vallarta Adventures. While in Mazatlán, you can enjoy world-class sporting activities fishing or shop shop shopin the gold Zone.

Back onboard the Ruby Princess, gain a variety of dining options including the new Share restaurant, native Chef Curtis Stone. The nightly movies under the Stars, finish with popcorn, space a cruiser favorite, therefore snuggle up with your loved ones and watch a movie ~ above the huge outdoor screen. Back inside, over there are also numerous bars and nightly Broadway-style reflects to acquire everyone in your take trip party entertained.


Courtesy of St. Lucia tourist BoardKitesurfing, or kiteboarding, top top St. Lucia.

Prepare because that a Latin adventure

Visit beaches, UNESCO world Heritage sites & lush rainforests


Instead of security a mainly on the usual-suspectsbeaches of Florida, head directly to san Juanfor some Latin American flare ~ above board royal Caribbean’s Adventure the the Seas. Through four various itineraries start in Puerto Rico, you have actually the opportunity to visit up to eight different islands, consisting of St. Lucia, whereby you can gaze in ~ the Pitons or walk kitesurfing, or St. Kitts, wherein you have the right to zipline v the jungle. Various other stops include Barbados, Antiguaand more. Reserve some time to discover Puerto Rico together well, consisting of the historical El Morro and also La Fortaleza. Nature lovers deserve to hike El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest overseen by the U.S. Woodland Service.

In in between these port-intensive stops v UNESCO civilization Heritage sites, beautiful beaches and lush rainforests, take in one ice show at the indoor skating rink or gain a parade down the Promenade, lined v shops, restaurants and also bars. Mountain the rock climbing wall surface or difficulty the household to a round of mini-golf. Throughout your cruise, don’t miss out on the adult game present the Quest and also the to dance Under the Stars pool deck party, complete with dancing, music and also a midnight buffet.

JD Lasica / special to katifund.orgViking Star sit dockside, best in the heart of historical Kotor, Montenegro.

Enjoysome social immersion

Voyage on Viking Star come Barcelona, Kotor or Monte Carlo


If youprefercultural enrichment over tequila shots, climate you should take into consideration crossing the Atlantic. See few of the most historical European cities on a Mediterranean cruise on one of Viking Ocean’s brand-new ships: Viking Star, which debuted last May, or Viking Sea, debuting following month, or Viking Sky, early out next year. This premiumcruise ships provide all-balcony accommodations featuring few of the biggest cabins in ~ sea. Dine at among 11 restaurants without a fee for specialty dining, consisting of beer and also wine at every meal. It is in advised, these room not party ships, and they"re not suited come kids, however they"re great for couples of all ages. These elegant mid-size vesselsoffer enrichment lectures, port guides and totally free shore excursions at each port too as cost-free ship-wide wi-fi, which will collection you earlier on most other cruise lines.

While sailing the Mediterranean, you"ll visit some of the many iconic and also picturesque urban in the world. Check out the Colosseum and the Vatican throughout your prevent in Rome. Tourism wine country and also sample few of the good local fare in Tuscany. Rise the ancient steps that Kotor, Montenegro. Gaze at the architectural beauty the the Basilica of the Holy family members in Barcelona or tryyour luck as you explore Monte Carlo and also its famed casino.

Christine Loomis / distinct to katifund.orgA floor iguana, yellowish in color, grow to an ext than a meter in length in the Galápagos.

Venture to one more world: the Galapagos

Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip aboard Celebrity Xpedition


Thousands the peoplediscover the remarkable Galapagos Islands yearly aboard a cruise ship. While pricey, Celebrity Xpedition’s weekly cruises come the Galapagos Islands are an all-inclusive trip, including pre-cruise accommodations, all meals and drinks top top board, and expert guided shore excursions in ~ the ports of call. A nature professional holds seminars on the shp to further enhance your suffer -- this can just be the best classroom in ~ sea.

Enrichment is the goal of this spring break cruise. Learn about the region"s diverse wildlife throughout the day and also enjoy premium dining ~ above this intimate megayacht at night. With just 100 guests, you"ll do friends with virtually everyone on the expedition. If the amenities top top board room limited, you"ll receive five-star business from the award-winning Celebrity Cruises crew. You can unwind in ~ the spa or enjoy some sun and also panoramic see on the sunlight deck for a true spring break cruise feeling.

Other cruise lines that call on the Galapagos, part for lower prices, include Lindblad Expeditions, G Adventures and Silversea and also its silver Galapagos.

Radu Ursu / Courtesy the Carnival Cruise LineCarnival Vista, the newest delivery in the Carnival fleet, sails the Caribbean in winter and also spring.

Head come Aruba & the southerly Caribbean

Take part in Carnival Vista"s an initial spring break following year


For spring break2017, the soon-to-debut Carnival Vista will sell cruisers eight-night cruises come the southern Caribbean. Featuring some firsts at sea favor an IMAX theater, the Skyride (a bike journey suspended over the swimming pool deck) and also the first brewery in ~ sea because that a modern-day cruise ship, Carnival Vista itself is a worthy destination. V Serenity, the adults-only retreat area, and its multifaceted children programs, this ship caters come young and also old, couples, singles and families. V Carnival’s recently upgraded Cheers program, cruisers can now salary one flat fee for endless alcoholic beverages, making the delivery a good choice because that those 21+.

Carnival Vista provides Caribbean itineraries that room as distinctive as the delivery herself. Take trip to the beautiful beaches that Aruba or take benefit ofsome of the world"s ideal scuba diving turn off the shore of Bonaire. Swim with the stingrays or discover the historic downtown of cool Turk and become engulfed in the local culture in La Romana, Dominican Republic, as you tour the countryside. Don"t forget to send united state photos!

KC and the Sunshine tape performs a feather break cruise this month via Carnival Live.

Catch a feather break music cruise

Rock, jazz, blues, techno & oldies groups perform in 2016-17


What might be much better than listening come live performances by your favorite music artist throughout spring break? How about rocking out v them top top a cruise ship? during the month that March, several musical acts take to the high seas.Music festivals in ~ sea function meet and also greets, trivia, unique dining events and also other pan exclusives. Vault festivals incorporate this year’s Lebrewski Micro Brew and also Music Cruise featuring OAR and Kid Rock’s Chillin the many Cruise, both on board Norwegian Pearl. Special 12 bars, including the Bliss Ultra Lounge with a bowling alley, and also 20 dining options, this delivery is the perfect house to these intense spring break cruises.

This year, Carnival Liveis special a feather break cruise withKC and Sunshine tape on march 21 come the west Caribbean, followed by journey (sailings come the Bahamas on may 1 and 5). Alreadyannounced for spring break of 2017 is a cruise through Mr. Miami himself, Pitbull.

Popular artists appear on other cruise lines throughout the year, such as Herbie Hancock performing on Cunard"s Queen mar 2. And don"t forget the techno-laced Groove Cruise, happening double a year.

Stay educated of every the recent musical happenings in ~ sea through the template cruises ar of Magazine and also our still-in-development template cruises feed.

Courtesy the Disney Cruise LineHead to Castaway Cay top top the family-friendly Disney Magic.

Let Disney game the family

Head to the Bahamas & Disney"s exclusive resort top top Disney Magic


If you"re no keen on safety the whole week at Walt Disney human being parks, climate a land and also sea vacation package could be the best compromise. Invest three or four days in ~ the park and then head to harbor Canaveral near Orlando for a Bahamas feather break cruise on the Disney Magic. Repetitively rated as one of the best cruise lines, Disney Cruise line caters to families. Revolve throughout her cruise with three unique dining rooms that incorporate Disney magic with superb multi-course dinners. The children will love the children’s programs, and also parents will love the alone time for this reason they deserve to relax and also enjoy their spring break, too!

The Disney theme proceeds when you avoid at their exclusive island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay. Be safe in the adults-only Serenity just Beach and enjoy a beachfront massage if the kids engage in water sports, table top games and tasks all combination by the cruise staff. Another option: Charter a boat to acquire a tourism of the bordering island through the kids.

Pack her bags

Whether it"s a feather break cruise to the Caribbean, Europe or mexican Rivera, you"re bound to find somethingthat"s in tune with what because that you"re feather for. Why be landlocked on her vacation? There room spring rest cruises aligned tocollege friends, household members or also couples (like us) spring to have actually a an excellent time.

Want to take a spring break cruise?

Whether you"ve uncovered the perfect feather break cruise already or require some take trip planning advice, among"s travel expertswill be happy to aid you species the trip! call a travel advocate.

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Have friend taken a spring break cruise? allow us understand where friend went and also how much fun you had actually by posting a comment below.


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