With so lot tragedy connected with the fatality of Kobe and also Gigi Bryant as well as 7 rather in an unfortunate helicopter accident, the world has to be put into shock. For some civilization it has them rethinking several of the things they have said around the basketball legend he’s deleting castle as rapid as he can pic.twitter.com/tMFVJfJQAK

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Family Lawyer Says human Remains found in Reserve most likely Brian Laundrie

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Medical Examiner release Gabby Petito's cause of Death

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Chuck Liddell issues Statement ~ Monday Morning Arrest

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Logs check Brian Laundrie's family members Went Camping in at an early stage September

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FBI Asks For aid in Locating Brian Laundrie After stays of Gabby Petito room Positively Identified

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FBI Swarm the residence of Brian Laundrie, after Remains found in Wyoming

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State room Tells more Than 10,000 americans in Afghanistan to make Their means to Airport, Alone