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Tip: Manufactories improve strategic resources, yet so do holy sites, citadels, academies, and also customs housesCiv 5


"Come forth and drink the waters the the Glow, because that this old weapon of battle is our salvation, the is the very symbol the Atom's glory!"

"Those seeking penance must undertaking into the mine and also harvest the glowing rocks! just then will the magnificent judgement it is in passed."

It's not going to it is in a great religion if you have the right to see uranium as soon as you uncovered it.

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Unless starting in modern-day era.

Religion has a lot of period specific bonuses and also the simply disable it fairly than rebalance the for later on starts

Note to everyone: I've play Civ 5 for an ext than 850 hours, and I never ever knew that divine sites might still administer the resources they're developed on. The exact same goes because that other good person tile renovations (in BNW).

It's true for all good person improvements, GPI, for this reason that as soon as you discover a new resource through technology you won't need to remove your GPI.

Thanks for sharing, but additionally everyone else that did. I assumed that world would to speak "Duh, we all know this," so I'm happy to share. I just figured it the end by accident: I put a divine site on a tile that at some point revealed coal, and also noticed I already had the coal.

Some time ago, I believed it was possible to gain a luxury source by put a custom-mades house end it. Now it makes a lot much more sense. And all those times ns kicked myself because that having constructed a custom-mades house ~ above a tile that would eventually come to be a strategic source now provides me cringe.


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1800, exact same thing. That's quite the obscure feature.


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It's really nice cuz periodically you'll gain lucky and also have currently built one on charcoal so girlfriend can obtain factories ideal after researching industrialization


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100 hours, ns figured it out yesterday XD


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That's what ns love about this game. You're constantly learning about tiny things like this.

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400 hrs later and also I i found it the unique trade route icons. I feel fucking slow.


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Not at all, friend. You're right, though. There is constantly something new!


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This reminder was one of my primary late game defensive strategies in multiplayer.

The meta that our team was blitzing through paratroopers, bombers, and also helicopters come target strategic and luxury sources at the start of large wars. (Makes adversary units at sight weak with an adverse happiness -2% per -1 happy add to -20% or an ext from an adverse resources)

So plopping citadels down on aluminum & oil would be clinch in maintaining the remainder of my systems from massive penalties through fortifying the position with a unit.


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There space a lot of neat quirks the come together with this feature:

If you ar a great person innovation (GPI) ~ above a strategy resource, the video game treats it like there is a source improved when considering buildings. Because that example, if you place an academy top top iron, you gain access to building a forge.

This is opposite to how it works with non-strategic resources. Because that example, if you location a GPI top top a lamb tile, you carry out not gain access to a stable. If you ar a GPI top top an cream color tile (which you must never do because GPIs carry out not affix luxury resources to the profession network), you perform not gain access to a circus. However, if you ar a GPI ~ above a horse tile, friend gain access to both a stable and also a circus.

Furthermore, resource-improved structure requirements only need the source to be enhanced when built, yet if the innovation is shed you still store the building. Because that example, if you construct a quarry top top stone, girlfriend gain accessibility to a stone works. When you build stone works, if you then change the quarry with a GPI girlfriend still store the rock works. Due to the fact that you still store the stone works, you still keep +1 manufacturing on the stone tile, even though there is no quarry!

Keeping about a great person is a nice method to easily improve strategy resources. For example, if you are approaching commercial era and you knife a prophet, it may be finest to organize off on utilizing the prophet until industrialization. This way, if you find that you have actually coal however it is unimproved, it might be worthwhile to produce a divine site top top the coal to instantly get the strategic resources. Even though that is not optimal to place GPIs top top Coal/Aluminum/Oil, getting the sources much faster is often worth it.