10 Hilarious God Of War Memes The 2018 God of War game was critically acclaimed in big component for exactly how intense and major it was, however it has also prrange to be great meme fodder.

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The 2018 soft reboot/sequel to the PlayStation God of War franchise gave fans of the long-running hack "n slash series everything that they could ask for and also even more in regards to lore, gameplay, graphics, new characters, and also even more on a long list of desires coming true. However before, this addition to the series presented somepoint past games omitted.

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That enhancement was some of the ideal comedy in the God of War series and many likely the only intentional pieces of comedy as well— the older games in the series definitely had plenty of hilarious moments, none on objective. A lot of these lighthearted moments were adored by fans and in classical fashion, caused some excellent memes that have joined the ranks of classic God of War jokes.

dad of war meme
The newest God of War honestly could be the perfect Father"s Day gift for any type of dad, as fans observed Kratos morphing from a basic force of nature that wanted nopoint however the death of Olympus and also all the Gods present, into as substantial a dad as any kind of. It certainly offered to make him a sympathetic character for more than likely the first time in the series, at leastern given that the original.

This meme takes that transdevelopment to the following level. Gone is all the battle tools fans are offered to seeing Kratos in. It"s all been reinserted via the finest devices a stereotypical dad deserve to buy.

god of battle headache meme
Of course, having actually a kid isn"t all sunshine and rainbows. In the situation of Kratos, it"s actually the hardest job he"s had actually, joining the storied ranks of video game dads. In reality, the project of being a father and also raising a young boy alone is more than likely more troublesome than facing militaries of superpowered beings.

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This is joked about in this meme which showcases the causes of various kinds of headaches. Kratos is apparently in continuous pain because of his child being a constant headache.

kratos thor
Apparently Loki wanted to obtain points over within this meme throwing Kratos inside of the MCU film, Thor Ragnarok. With everything Kratos has faced as much as his old age displayed in the new God of War this can simply be a cakewalk for him.

Coincidentally, one crossover that fans have actually constantly wanted to view is Kratos clashing tools through the God of Thunder, Thor. Not one from his universe in the God of War games, yet Marvel"s very own. This meme is probably the closest they"ll gain to it, though.

7 Four Shades of Kratos

kratos cosplay
One meme kind that everyone is a fan of is one wright here they pick fun at different potential adaptations a series could get. This one attributes God of War.

The ideal thing around these kinds of memes is constantly the interpretation of potential anime and also television mirrors as a result of exactly how far removed they tfinish to look in the eyes of the meme creators from the resource product.

Just about everyone from the era of God of War and Percy Jackson being all the rage deserve to relate to this meme. As quickly as the teacher brings up Greece and the mythology bordering it, these three groups are always the first to sheight up from sheer excitement of finally being able to unveil their fandom power level.

To be fair, they each do rather teach a little bit about the actual lore of Greek mythology. Not certain Kratos really was a part of that mythos in the means he remained in the games though.

5 Thank You BOY

Needmuch less to say, a lot of God of War jokes and memes revolve around both Kratos" boy and, even more particularly, Kratos constantly calling out "Boy" to his son.

Maybe following game he"ll actually begin using his son"s name rather however fans both doubt it and also hope that it"s not the case.

The excellent point around Kratos"s connection through his boy is that he overreacts about so a lot.

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This results in him yelling "BOY!" appropriate at him, occasionally over the smallest points. Whether his son is in risk, he"s made him proud, or also if he"s just standing tbelow one have the right to be certain that Kratos is around to yell that signature word.

3 EA Is Wrong Again

EA is conveniently among the most hated game providers out there due to their service techniques and also the controversial statements their employees sometimes make on social media. This meme not only showcases among those controversial statements, but one game that completely disshowed the sentiment behind it.

This meme is certainly one that perfectly sums up Kratos and his partnership with his boy. It"s absolutely hilarious how tough he tries to be in front of him and also just how evident it is that he calls him "BOY!" because of this. While it may seem a little cold of him, it"s incredibly fitting and made their relationship all the more fun and charming to fans.

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1 Everyone"s Favorite God of War meme

Again, the "Boy" memes are everyone"s favorite jokes that came from this new God of War and also many likely from the whole series. This take on this joke is a lot of most likely the a lot of well-known simply as a result of it being the perfect clash of a pre-existing meme through a brand-new joke.