Running right into a troll while play a video clip game virtual is a nightmare. Over there is a subsection of gamers that play just to grief others. There also a cottage market of YouTubers and also Twitch streamers who carry out nothing however log in to renowned multiplayer gamings such together Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, kill their teammates, and scream like children over voice comms.

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They contact themselves pranksters, however they're not. They're just obnoxious trolls that exist to damage other people's fun. There's naught funny or clever around what castle do. DanielFromSL is different. According to his YouTube page, DanielFromSL " on world in video clip games whilst doing short brow comedy."


Pull up any kind of one of DanielFromSL's videos and also the difference in between his pranks and the mass of what the online griefers space doing is clear. His usual scheme entails logging into a video game where civilization roleplay—such as Second Life, DayZ, or some details Grand Theft Auto V servers—and acting favor he doesn't quite understand what's going on.

His many recent upload—Gmod Wonderworld—is a masterpiece. Garry's Mod is a Half-Life 2 alteration that permits users to produce elaborate sandboxes. Servers operation the gamut. Some space an excuse come mess with physics and also others space semi-serious duty playing experiences.

DanielFromSL offered Gary's Mod to handmade a spooky layout park and also invited players to join. Those that dared enter uncovered a dark nightmare human being of busted roller coasters, haunted hallways, and also horrifying NPCs dressed as furries cavorting throughout the landscape. That's if they could even acquire into the park.

The video opens with players navigating a an easy maze v lame pop-out skeletons and spooky noises in pitch dark. Those that clear the maze pertained to a skeleton sit in former of a desk. This is Mr. Bones, and he desires them to fix his riddle come gain accessibility to the park. In the video, players try in vain to happen Mr. Bones, spouting insane answers to the riddle, begging for entry, and contacting the administrator to tell them the server is broken due to the fact that Mr. Skeleton won't permit them through.

During every this, the video displays a to run account of just how long the player spends sit in the hallway desperately trying to settle the puzzle. More than one user spent well over 20 minute fighting disappointed while DanielFromSL calmly tried to talk them v their problems using cryptic lies and bad


A ferris wheel looms top top the edge of the park and also as players approach it to capture a ride, the entirety wheel collapses and also squashes lock flat. "What is this shit, here?" The upset player says.

"I'm sorry. Ns was top top the phone," Daniel replies. "What happened?"

"Like, that went under on mine head."

"So, how would you rate that attraction?"

"Do friend not see this shit?"

"Yeah, ns think this cart is broken," Daniel states while he suggests one of the ferris wheel's carts.

"Are girlfriend blind? The entirety thing is broken."

"Which component is damaged in the ferris wheel?

The 2 go back and forth for a minute together Daniel continues to earnestly ask for aid identifying the broken part of the ferris wheel. The user gets angrier and angrier till he division down, speak Daniel to death himself and also delete the server. That's just the begin of the fun.

In various other videos, DanielFromSL runs an obnoxious presidential project on a GTA V roleplaying server, tortures the negative players the Rust through fake NPCs, and drives the populace of Second Life mad through his innocent pranks, such as play dumb throughout a actual estate deal. Examine him out.

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