Running right into a troll while playing a video clip game virtual is a nightmare. There is a subarea of gamers that play simply to grief others. Tbelow also a cottage industry of YouTubers and also Twitch streamers that do nothing yet log in to well-known multiplayer games such as Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, kill their teammates, and also scream choose kids over voice comms.

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They speak to themselves pranksters, however they're not. They're simply obnoxious trolls who exist to ruin other people's fun. There's nothing funny or clever around what they perform. DanielFromSL is various. According to his YouTube page, DanielFromSL " on world in video games whilst doing low brow comedy."


Pull up any kind of one of DanielFromSL's videos and the distinction in between his pranks and also the mass of what the digital griefers are doing is clear. His typical system entails logging right into a game wright here people roleplay—such as 2nd Life, DayZ, or some particular Grand also Theft Auto V servers—and acting prefer he doesn't fairly understand what's going on.

His many current upload—Gmod Wonderworld—is a masteritem. Garry's Mod is a Half-Life 2 modification that permits users to create elaborate sandboxes. Servers run the gamut. Some are an excusage to mess with physics and others are semi-severe function playing experiences.

DanielFromSL supplied Gary's Mod to craft a spooky layout park and also invited players to join. Those who dared enter discovered a dark nightmare people of busted roller coasters, haunted hallways, and also horrifying NPCs dressed as furries cavorting across the landscape. That's if they could even obtain right into the park.

The video opens via players navigating a straightforward maze with lame pop-out skeletons and spooky noises in pitch dark. Those that clear the maze involved a skeleton sitting in front of a desk. This is Mr. Bones, and he wants them to fix his riddle to get access to the park. In the video, players try in vain to pass Mr. Bones, spouting insane answers to the riddle, begging for enattempt, and contacting the administrator to tell them the server is damaged bereason Mr. Bones won't let them with.

During all this, the video display screens a running account of how long the player spends sitting in the hallway desperately trying to solve the puzzle. More than one user spent well over 20 minutes fighting frustration while DanielFromSL calmly tried to talk them through their problems utilizing cryptic lies and also poor


A ferris wheel looms on the edge of the park and also as players approach it to catch a ride, the entirety wheel collapses and squashes them level. "What is this shit, here?" The angry player says.

"I'm sorry. I was on the phone," Daniel replies. "What happened?"

"Like, it went dvery own on my head."

"So, how would certainly you price that attraction?"

"Do you not check out this shit?"

"Yeah, I think this cart is damaged," Daniel states while he suggests one of the ferris wheel's carts.

"Are you blind? The totality thing is damaged."

"Which part is damaged in the ferris wheel?

The 2 go ago and also forth for a minute as Daniel proceeds to earnestly ask for help identifying the broken part of the ferris wheel. The user gets angrier and also angrier till he breaks down, tells Daniel to kill himself and delete the server. That's just the start of the fun.

In other videos, DanielFromSL runs an obnoxious presidential project on a GTA V roleplaying server, tortures the bad players of Rust via fake NComputers, and drives the populace of 2nd Life mad via his innocent pranks, such as playing dumb in the time of a genuine estate deal. Check him out.

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