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Heh, like the season 1 final episode, this is more than likely one of mine longest articles as well. My last impression that this collection is detailed at the end. =)

Episode 12: “The Ark that Stars” (series finale)


SUMMARY: Suou find Shion knocked down on the soil in a room within the Gate. Shion claims it’s due to the fact that he paid the amount vital for his remuneration, then asks Suou to take it him outside since he wants to see the moon. Yin, who’s clad in black, is humming a creepy track while sit on a absent in a flowery field, surrounded by a bunch of observation spectres (and contractor spirits?).


July leads Kirihara, Mao, mam Oreille and also her dolls inside the room where Shion and also Suou to be earlier. He states that Suou was there a while ago but go out through Shion. Madame Oreille says Shion went to accomplish with Izanami/Yin. Kirihara asks Oreille why she didn’t prevent that native happening if she knew the something catastrophic would occur if Izanami and Izanagi would meet. Oreille responds the there space times when human being are supposed to satisfy each other. She says she’ll explain what she means, yet they have to leave the room because the adversary has uncovered that place as well. Meanwhile, Hazuki and a tho powerless Hei are having actually a fight. Hazuki gets the upper hand, kisses Hei (for her remuneration) then punches him. She’s about to death Hei, but she can’t it seems ~ to perform it. Hei, still calm and also expressionless, then claims that that heard native Youko the Hazuki’s (and section 3’s) true target is in fact to stop the prophecy from happening. However, he states he doesn’t care about that since his aim is to kill Izanami. Kobayashi climate appears and also stops them indigenous fighting any more, telling Hazuki the Hei wasn’t the one who eliminated Youko ~ all. They leaving the room v Hei in ~ gunpoint. It turns out that Shizume to be the one who killed Youko. He supplied the ME versus Youko and got the data about Izanami’s place from her memories. That betrayed section 3 and also teamed up through the CIA and also John Smith. Kobayashi adds that the agencies that make up PANDORA are now under the CIA’s control, consisting of MIAC. Hazuki lets Kobayashi and Hei walk ahead, saying she will take treatment of Shizume. She speak Hei the Izanami is wait for him.

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Oreille and firm escape via a futuristic getaway car. Mao realizes that July isn’t with them anymore. Goldilocks twins say that July go after Suou. In the manage room (the same one wherein Nishijima observed the events in season 1, ep 25), john Smith instructs his team come extract Dr. Pavlichenko’s memory via the ME to discover out whereby the human being they’re pursuing are going. Meanwhile, Kobayashi takes Hei come the real ar of Izanami’s box. Kobayashi informs Hei that Izanami/Yin’s inner being has already awakened and went within the main point of the Gate and also that the one in the box is now just an empty shell as lock were too late. We learn that Dr. Pavlichenko and also Oreille has a super upstream doll network at your disposal located inside the Gate. She take away Kirihara and also Mao there. She reveals the they set the events up so that the MI6 and CIA would take Shion and also the Doc out of Russia. V Shion’s contract, that copied one more moon (and earth?). Suou and also Shion have actually a talk while on their means further inside the Gate. Shion notes that although that happy memory in the aquarium that he provided Suou to be Suou’s dream, that’s not his dream. The notes the she’s quiet an emotional person even though she’s come to be a contractor. Suou says possibly it’s because she has actually been influenced by her friends. They come throughout one of the contractor’s that was compelled to commit self-destruction by Izanami/Yin. Suou remembers the time once Horio’s mom died, and also realizes that it was Izanami that was responsible for it.


Back in the room, Kobayashi tells Hei the at the time they obtained hold that Izanami, they were planning to kill her automatically but she reactions as Izanami all of sudden stopped and they decided to contain she in that an enig room. It seems that she was able to prevent the awakening that Izanami herself. However, she awakened when that occurrence with Hei and Suouhappened (see illustration 6). Kobayashi admits the there to be nothing else they might do ever since that gate appeared. A sad Hei whispers come Yin, “Let’s finish it all.” July manages to discover Suou and also instructs she to come to him (he’s wait atthe same place Amber had actually a conversation through Yin and also Hei ago in season 1). However, respectable 7 then shows up in former of a suprised July. He says that your mission had been canceled due to the fact that their higher-ups make an commitment with America that they won’t interfere. July claims he isn’t going with August 7 because he likes being through Suou. August 7 comments that July’s one evolving doll and also leaves the be. July offers Suou a large hug when she arrives, then leads her away v the help of another spectre. A huge flash of irradiate is climate threatening to engulf the Gate. Earlier in the doll room, Oreille notes the Izanagi and Izanami has met and also it has begun. Meanwhile, Hazuki is wait for Shizume and also they fight.


Back in the regulate center, blacksmith is educated that Hell’s gate is opening. Smith orders his troops to go to the core of the Gate. July take away Suou come Shion, who’s currently in the flowery field at the main point of the Gate. Suou operation to a dice Shion and also holds that in her arms. Shion informs Suou the he’s make a resolve Izanami. Before he dies, he claims that the transaction was his present for Suou and also asks her to look after it and also to send his love to their parents, calling she his too ~ sister. An upset Suou yells at Izanami/Yin, asking what she did to Shion. Yin states she granted his wish. At that moment, July collapses and also dies too. A pissed turn off Suou summons she gun and aims at Yin. She claims that Hei must have actually known this would take place that’s why he stated he’d take care of his problems and also that castle promised each other that they’d end up this. If Suou is pulling the trigger, Yin retaliates by breaking the necklace the Suou is wearing. Apparently, it does save on computer a meteor main point fragment. According to Oreille, it’s the fragment the made Suou retain she memories, so now that it’s broken, she’ll lose all she memories. Suou realizes this together well and tries to hang on to she memories and her life, but to no avail.


Mustering her staying strength, Suou is about to fire at Yin, but Hei arrives and also stops her, speak she won’t be needing the gun where she’s going, and also he holds her in his arms trying to lull a crying Suou together she slowly loses she memories and fades away. He lays Suou down alongside July. There all of sudden appears an additional Izanami/Yin (but pull in white). She speak Hei through a smile that it’s not also late and also asks that to death her. Hei understands and also smiles back. Kirihara do the efforts her best to run towards where Suou and also everyone is at. She claims she doesn’t understand if she’d do it yet she thinks she wish to uncover them will come true due to the fact that they’re inside the Gate. Mao reminds her that she’ll lose something in return. She climate stops in her tracks together she notices BK-201’s star shining therefore brightly. She all of sudden sees whatever from above, through Hei reaching in toward Yin’s love (just prefer what Amber did come Hei in the season 1 finale) and they room both engulfed through a bright light.


EPILOGUE… In the results of the incident, we view Suou life a normal life through her mom and dad. In her voiceover, Suou notes that she constantly felt the something appears to be missing even though she’s currently with she family and also friends. She access time the aquarium v her parents. She says she doesn’t feel lonely yet rather she feels like someone’s always watching over her and that renders her feeling relieved. Us then see a smiling July pass by Suou in ~ the aquarium and waves in ~ her. As she look at up in ~ the stars through her telescope, Suou says she feels favor she has actually previously met many world who are necessary to her, also though she can’t psychic them. She believes the she’ll accomplish them again someday. Together the finishing credits space being shown, Oreille notes that the earth seems to be relocating away, but she’s certain that Suou is there, just as Shion had wished. Goldilocks twins confirm this and says that July is there too. Kirihara and Mao stand gazing at the ruins inside the Gate. Kobayashi appears, commenting that it’s finally over. Kirihara disagrees, saying that this is just the beginning. Kobayashi smiles, speak she’s right, and also that’s why they chose her to sign up with their team. Oreille then appears and also gives lock a ride the end of the Gate.


Kirihara does her usual voiceover… She says that America gained regulate over Tokyo in their pursuit to become the advanced country they once were. The period of the Syndicate is now over. We view the old Oji-san dead from episode 7 dead, and also Shizume (yeah, Hazuki eliminated that traitor! offer him right after what he did to poor Youko). Goldilocks twins note that one more Gate has actually opened. Smith and his team study the flowery ar inside the Gate. They discover a young (who looks prefer Yin) lying within a box. He unexpectedly awakens and also kills them. Kirihara wonders what can be brand-new that’s being written in the pages the the prophecy now, and how that will adjust the world. Kirihara (in an all new much more girly and also stylish outfit) is choose up by Oreille, Kobayashi, and also Mao utilizing the futuristic (flying!) car. Kirihara notes the in the not-so-distant future, they chose the same course for what would happen, and ironically, they are currently being referred to by civilization as “the Syndicate.” Kirihara adds the she hasn’t heard any kind of news of Hei due to the fact that the 2nd Hell’s gate incident, but even so, she believes that he is quiet alive. Us then check out Hei delivering an unconscious Yin, walking under the starry sky.


IMPRESSION: Whaaat? that was the end?! *ahem* Anyway, the fight between Hei and Hazuki was yes, really awesome! (albeit short) ns knew that wasn’t Hei who eliminated Youko… and although ns suspected Shizume because that Youko’s death, ns didn’t *seriously* doubt him. Exhilaration all chummy with Kirihara and Youko and also Hazuki, he turned out to be the sneaky and also sadistic sort of contractor. Ns don’t really understand just how Hazuki’s tiny backstory that we obtained a glimpse of (see illustration 9) is connected to the key plot, yet maybe the was claimed to it is in a hint the she isn’t as emotionless and totally devoid that conscience prefer other much more ruthless builders are. Ns think Hazuki and also the rest of ar 3 thought that Hei’s goal to be to take Izanami/Yin native them. Hei saying that his goal is to death Izanami laid down that doubt and also Hazuki was able to trust him sufficient to let the go and entrust to him what she was claimed to do while she avenged Youko’s tragic fatality by encountering off with the traitorous Shizume.

Whoa, august 7 turned the end to it is in alive. The didn’t surprise me that much, yet I don’t quite obtain how the happened. I don’t think he was a hallucination or anything prefer that. Maybe he was able to escape Shizume’s deadly hand stomp earlier in episode 3… Yeah, that’s probably it. Ns mean, he won’t be be in the very same ranks as November 11 (he has actually a number following his month name, i assumed lock both rank greater than July or April) if the didn’t have the skills. Besides, the was known as “The Magician” therefore yeah, ns guess he was able to fake his death earlier then. And it’s pretty apparent that July didn’t know about it because he appeared to it is in genuinely surprised to see August 7 appear in former of him.

Speaking that July, the is so adorable. Ns really preferred his character much more as the got an ext screentime and also character advance this season. Like Yin in season 1, we saw July’s development from a mere emotionless doll come a doll qualified of expressing his emotions and also making his very own decisions. I appreciate that august 7 told that to execute as the wishes as soon as July said he liked being through Suou fairly than going earlier to wherever respectable 7 to be going. July hugging Suou was pretty cute. And also I favor that the was additionally sent over to the cloned planet that Shion wished and created because that Suou.

I expect the location “Gemini that the Meteor” described Suou and also Shion, in that every little thing happened v the aid of the meteor main point fragment within Suou’s necklace. Suou’s clone showed up right after the meteor shower incident where Shion virtually died after gift in the area that had actually been struggle by the falling debris. It allowed Shion to get rid of the glitch in his power, permitting Suou to critical as long as she did regardless of being a clone. The pair were linked to the prophecy due to the fact that of Shion’s wish, and also Shion wanted to satisfy with Izanami due to the fact that of his because that the future that his lovely sister never had actually as she passed away at together a young age.

And together for Shion, I evaluate that he loved his sister an extremely much. That’s why he controlled to do an virtually perfect copy that her as soon as he was dying throughout that meteor shower incident and that’s why he checked out all the trouble of meeting with Izanami. Ns think it’s additionally quite selfish that him to go the far because there to be a number of people that passed away in the process, however I think I’ll offer him sufficient props because that doing so due to the fact that he love his dear sister who he shed in that laboratory explosion. It’s likewise no wonder that he died because he copy the earth and cloned numerous civilization for Suou to interact with as well. That must have drained a the majority of his power and also it have to be the price because that his wish. Your parents and even July to be there… ns wonder if there’s additionally a cloned Tanya, Nika, Hei, Mao, and also Kirihara somewhere there? Hmm.

Moving on, Kirihara wasn’t maybe to pass on Amber’s article to Hei, to be she? Bah, she wasn’t also able to meet with Hei again at all. Simply a mere glimpse of that from over when he was supposedly “killing” Yin. Ns wonder what Amber’s post was about. What go she desire Kirihara to pass on to Hei? Well, back in episode 9, Amber wants Kirihara to happen on come Hei and company whatever Kirihara finds the end from the Mitaka Documents, so the no one will make a failure in what was around to take place... Based upon that, ns wonder if what was an alleged to take place was the one that took ar in the ending. Ns think Oreille mentioned before that over there are numerous versions that the prophecy, and I think what happened was simply one version. Now, together Kirihara pondered at the end of the episode, I likewise wonder what’s being created anew currently that one variation of the prophecy come true together all the characters involved in the event have made their own decisions. I doubt that Kirihara and also Kobayashi stayed with ar 3. It seems they’ve created a new group in addition to Oreille and Mao… i think probably Hazuki is more than likely with castle too, although we didn’t see her (just the she had the ability to kill Shizume in the end).

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Like Kirihara, I likewise believe the Hei is still lively somewhere. Ns still think she desires to meet Hei again someday, however it additionally seems to me the she isn’t together hung up together she was around Hei anymore. Ns think it’s because, initially, her main an inspiration to fulfill him was to ask him part questions concerning the first Hell’s gate incident and the route that he has actually chosen afterward… It appears to me the she has now found some answers to her concerns as well, even though it’s not readily apparent to us viewers. Ns think she has a much better understanding the the course that Hei has chosen now that she seems to be taking the same course as well, at least that’s exactly how I taken it as she did she voiceover towards the finish of this episode, adding that they have been ironically been referred to as “the Syndicate” because then. Oh, and also I’m tho hanging on come a wee bit of positive thread regarding my Hei x Kirihara shipping (stubborn fangirl in me will never ever abandon this ship! Haha ;P) and also also, Kirihara’s makeover at the last few moments of the last episode is complete of win. D(^_^)b

Attempting a much more objective perspective on Kirihara, ns think she’s one of the essential characters in the series. I mentioned this before, however I’ll to speak it again. I think she kind of, rather represents the audience’s suggest of check out in the series, so i think that’s among her character’s purpose. She cares around people and also contractors and wants both camps to just gain along and also live harmoniously, she tries to see points from both perspectives. I think many of her questions are the same ones we have, and also from her own dilemmas and also worries, we can see both sides from her POV as well. Hmm, ns can’t it seems ~ to uncover the ideal words come properly define what ns mean… for instance, she was as confused around Oreille, as desperate to uncover out more about Hei, and also concerned about Suou and July together I was. Hmm. Does the make sense? Gah, maybe that’s a bad comparison, but I suck at explaining stuff, so sorry if I confused you even more. ^^;

With regard come Hei and also Yin… Is Yin really dead? Or possibly she was just unconscious? Mao turned the end to be alive and also August 7 likewise turned out to be alive in the end, so possibly Yin isn’t really dead too, but what carry out I know? Heh. Ns still think Hei is still lively too, but where has actually he gone turn off to? once will he ever get a great ending in which he can move on correctly with his life. I don’t really obtain the entirety cloned earth thing, but well, Shion’s wish was granted due to the fact that he was inside the Gate, therefore I’ll leave the epilogue around Suou and also July in the “supernaturally solved” section in my head because that now. Possibly I’ll recognize it someday after I’ve watched this finale because that the nth time. I wonder if Hei make a great too. Ns wonder that that boy that looked favor Yin was. Is that the one the would carry catastrophe to the world? where did Oreille come from? how did she know Mao and also why walk she have gadgets that were from Dr. Schroeder as well as a paris car? Who could Kirihara, Oreille, Kobayashi and also Mao be working for now? room they walking rogue currently too due to the fact that America has actually gained regulate over Tokyo and PANDORA ? What space they going to do currently that they’ve been referred to as as the new “Syndicate”? does Oreille’s vehicle go Back to the Future too? Ow, mine head. >.

The finishing was quite open-ended, raising the possibility of a follow-up movie or an after-the-season-2-events OVA (since the upcoming season 2 DVD OVAs’ timeline is collection between seasons 1 and also 2), or possibly maybe also a third season… i really wouldn’t mind another season, however I hope they’d choose up with Hei together the key character as soon as again and shot to tie up the loosened ends native both periods 1 and 2. Oh, and if over there would ever before be a season 3, I’d choose to request November 11 to revolve out to be alive too ;P


FINAL IMPRESSION: As i expected, this finale calls for as lot thought as (if not much more than) the season 1 finale