Players can confront Avarice ~ they have actually received the Flame hole in Darksiders 3. Avarice supplies a many projectiles and is really mobile during the fight because that someone transporting so lot junk top top them. We’ll walk over what you should do to loss Avarice in Darksiders 3 so that you can continue hunting the other sins and obtain another Hollow Form.

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How to loss Avarice

Avarice is located inside a museum in the Atrium of Greed, which is just past the room v the large T-Rex skeleton. To get to this area, you have to make your way through the Catacombs and also then navigate past the bomb kids until you reach the floor floor the the museum. Swing across the bars over the stairs come hop ~ above the T-Rex bones, then jump end to the scaffolding to reach the walkway that lines the room resulting in the Atrium that Greed.


Once the boss battle with Avarice begins, there space several assaults you have to look out for. First, Avarice will jump in the air and also leap towards you, landing on the ground with a an effective (and painful) thud. Dodge out of the means as quickly as you see him jump.

Avarice will also swipe in ~ you v his grubby hands, typically in patterns of three. You have the right to interrupt this series of strikes with a well-timed dodge into an Arcane respond to attack. The volcano Charge respond to with her Flame Hollow works well, together the residual fire damages will assist gradually whittle under Avarice’s health.


At part point, Avarice will leap up and also hop throughout several pillars the junk surrounding the center of the room. Avarice will certainly throw objects at you if atop this pillars, so be all set to dodge out of the way. Friend can’t yes, really fight that while he’s on height of the pillars, so just keep dodging and also wait because that him to jump back to the ground.

After you’ve depleted some of his health and wellness bar, Avarice will certainly pick up huge objects favor a bath tub or clock and will try to quit you through them. He’ll then usage the objects together a weapon, swinging them indigenous left to best to shot to fight you prior to lobbing it at you. As always, be all set to dodge together he moves for each attack.


The fight is almost over as soon as Avarice picks up a refrigerator. He’ll totter it around and shot to jump-smash you with it as he did v the other objects, just this time Avarice will also sprint right toward you with the fridge to shot mowing girlfriend down. Once the refrigerator glows and Avarice move it in prior of his body, be all set for him come slam forward into you.

Keep dodging, making sure to acquire in some swings or counterattacks anytime possible. As soon as Avarice leaps ~ above the pillars, you have actually just enough time come heal you yourself or consume a Fortification Shard or another consumable if need be. Usage your Wrath strike to chunk down Avarice’s health during battle and also save her Havoc type for once you’ve nearly finished the off.

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Once friend have beat Avarice in Darksiders 3, make certain you go roughly the room and pick up any Artifacts or Adamantine collectibles strewn about the room so that you have the right to make a trip earlier to Ulthane and also upgrade her weaponry.