The master is a major golf tournament, however it’s yes, really an experience that stretches beyond the 4 days the competition. The entire week at August nationwide Golf Club, indigenous Monday come this coming Sunday, is a golf spectacle. The week starts with practice on Monday, and also there’s lots going on from that moment until the eco-friendly jacket gets draped end the winner’s shoulders at some point in the night on Sunday.

By this point, the field’s set. Georgia aboriginal Russell Henley declared the critical spot in that by win the covering Houston open on Sunday. For this reason we’ve acquired the players, we’ve gained the course, and Masters week 2017 is officially and also finally here. This’ll be fun.

The betting favourite this main is people No. 1 Dustin Johnson. He’s followed by Jordan Spieth and also Rory McIlroy, who have both experienced humiliating Sunday collapses at Augusta in the last six years. (Spieth’s additionally got a win under his belt native 2015, of course.) Every large name other than Tiger Woods is here. The phase is set.

Here’s exactly how the week lines increase from Monday come Sunday:

Monday, April 3

We’re talking about practice.

This is the main practice day at the Masters. Everyone in the ar who desires to takes come the course and plays as countless holes as desired — commonly 18, yet to each his own. The a huge day in ~ the course for autograph hounds and other patrons who simply want to take in the atmosphere, maybe without paying hundreds of dollars for a Sunday pass. It’s a relaxing time, with competition still three days out.

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Practice runs every day. CBS sporting activities Network has live coverage from the driving range from 12 p.m. Come 2 p.m. ET. You have the right to stream range action from 12-2 and players top top the 16th hole from 2-3 at

Tuesday, April 4

There’s much more practice ~ above Tuesday, v CBSSN and also both broadcasting indigenous the driving selection from 9 a.m. To 11 a.m. ET. It’s an additional day for players to number out one of the many vexing golf courses in the world.

It’s worth noting that most players have already gotten to Augusta at some point in the weeks prior to the tournament to play exercise rounds. It’d it is in nonsense because that someone to enter a Masters there is no at the very least a couple of rounds under his belt.

The big event on Tuesday is also the many exclusive one: the master Champions Dinner, which you can only walk to if you happen to have actually won the Masters before or room a head honcho at Augusta National. (I don’t accomplish either of these criteria and, thus, cannot to visit the champions Dinner.)

Ben Hogan began the dinner in the 1950s. The legacy is the whoever won the masters the year prior hosts dinner and picks the food selection for his fellow Masters champions. That means Chef Danny Willett is top top the clock this year. assembled a helpful list of previous champs’ menus. Spieth’s selections critical year to be “authentic Texas barbecue (that contains brisket, chicken, and pork ribs), baked beans, corn muffins, and a warm chocolate chip cookie.”

Wednesday, April 5

There’s some much more practice in the early part of the day. There is lots and also lots and also lots of practice at any type of golf tournament, yet probably much more than usual at the Masters.

The large thing ~ above Wednesday is the tournament’s par-3 competition. That’s the televised event, unique to the Masters, that functions some golf legends, present players, and other important world playing ~ above Augusta’s little par-3 course. They’ll get friends or family or celebrities to caddie because that them. That cute.

ESPN consist of the dispute from 3 p.m. Come 5 p.m. ET. CBSSN and have live video from 9-11 in the morning.

photo by harry How/Getty images Thursday, April 6 till Sunday, April 9The tournament!

Play beginning on Thursday morning approximately 8 a.m. Yes sir an honorary starting ceremony, and then the players actually obtain on the food to begin golfing for real. The course is jam-packed top top Thursday and also Friday, and groups get a little bit more staggered after ~ the cut. However the master operates in different ways than golf’s other majors.

Every player at Augusta tees off from the an initial hole, and then the golfers wind roughly the course like a slowly uncoiling snake. The field is smaller sized than in ~ the various other majors, so friend don’t have actually players teeing off virtually simultaneously in ~ No. 1 and also No. 10. If you a patron on the grounds or the town hall on TV, that provides it less complicated to track. Complete television information for the competition is here.

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The master tries to end up on Sunday. There’s only a sudden-death playoff if the competition ends with a tie atop the leaderboard, for this reason there’s no require to setup for a full-day playoff the complying with day. Whoever wins the tournament generally spends Monday doing a totality lot of media events, since he’s just scored the greatest win of his life.