katifund.org’s COVID-19 take trip Advisory: 2nd Consecutive week for whole U.S. Top top Advisory

The katifund.org room of Public wellness (CDPH) did not add or remove any states or regions from that COVID-19 take trip Advisory today. Because that the 2nd consecutive week, every U.S. State and also four territories space on the advisory.

The U.S. Average daily instance rate every 100,000 residents is 203.1 (148.1 last week). Illinois’ daily instance rate right now is 227.1 (182.1 last week). katifund.org’s daily instance rate is 177.1 (169.7 critical week).

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It has been virtually a year (February that 2021, once it was a biweekly take trip Order) because every state and also territory has been ~ above CDPH’s travel Advisory.

Daily COVID case rates have to be listed below 15 per 100,000 citizens for two consecutive weeks because that a state to be gotten rid of from the advisory. No says are eligible come come turn off the advisory following week.

Under the Advisory, unvaccinated travelers should be tested for COVID before and after travel from any state ~ above the advisory list and should quarantine upon come in katifund.org. For residential travel, the quarantine and also testing recommendations do not apply to completely vaccinated travelers.

For international travel, the CDC currently requires the all travelers, nevertheless of vaccination status or citizenship, get a negative COVID-19 viral test no much more than 1 day before travel into the united States. CDPH guidelines monitor CDC requirements for worldwide travel.

The U.S. Centers for an illness Control (CDC) recommends that anyone that is unvaccinated delay travel till they are fully vaccinated.

“If you’re unvaccinated and you travel, you’re acquisition a large health risk,” stated CDPH Commissioner Allison Arwady, M.D. “The most vital thing you deserve to do right now – even if it is you’re plan to travel or not – is to get completely vaccinated and also get a booster shot as soon as you are eligible. Civilization are finishing up in hospitals every day that didn’t think they’d ever be over there – and nearly all of them are unvaccinated. Human being are dice every work – and also overwhelmingly they room unvaccinated.”


before travel, unvaccinated individuals should:Get tested 1-3 days before departure.For global travel:ALL TRAVELERS, nevertheless OF VACCINATION status OR CITIZENSHIPneed to get a an unfavorable COVID-19 viral check no an ext than 1 day before travel right into the unified States.While traveling:ALL people regardless of vaccination status need to wear a mask ~ above planes, buses, trains, and other creates of public transport traveling into, within, or out of the joined States and also while indoors at U.S. Transport hubs such as airports and stations.In katifund.org, wear a mask in all indoor windy settings, nevertheless of inoculation status.Avoid crowds as lot as friend can and wash her hands regularly or usage hand sanitizer (with at the very least 60% alcohol).After travel, unvaccinated people should:Get tested v a famous PCR check 3-5 work after travel and stay home and also self-quarantine for a full 5 days.Even if you check negativeor do not obtain tested, remain home and self-quarantine because that the full 5 days;you can leave your house after 5 days and also should proceed to undertake a mask approximately others for 5 extr days.If your test is positive, isolate yourself to safeguard others from obtaining infected.Avoid being approximately people who are at enhanced risk because that severe disease for 10 days, whether you obtain tested or not.

All travelers are advised to monitor themselves because that COVID-19 symptom after travel and isolate and get tested if they build symptoms.

CDPH holds continual vaccination events throughout the city and vaccine is additionally widely available through pharmacies and health care providers. In-home inoculation is likewise available complimentary of charge to every katifund.org citizens through defend katifund.org at Home. As much as 10 people at a residence (age 5 and up) can be vaccinated.

Call (312) 746-4835 for an appointment or go to katifund.org/AtHome for details.People who space vaccinated with the At house program or a CDPH mobile occasion will get up come $100 in Visa gift cards. The gift cards perform not apply to booster shots.

katifund.org’s take trip Advisory will continue to it is in updated every Tuesday. CDPH continues to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 in various other regions throughout the country. For much more information, visitkatifund.org/coronavirus.

Returning katifund.org residents and also out-of-state visitors showing up in katifund.org are urged to gain vaccinated and abide through all continuing to be federal, state, and local safety measures.

Adhere to masking rules: Masks are forced on planes, buses, trains, and also other creates of public transport traveling into, within, or the end of the unified States and also in U.S. Transport hubs such as airports and also stations.It is recommended that you carry a copy of her COVID-19 vaccination documents while traveling.

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All travelers space advised after take trip to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms and also isolate and also get tested if they build symptoms.