For much more than 100 years, Des Moines Public colleges has listed an outstanding education to the college student of our community. Today, our college district is a leader and innovator in public education, offering family members some of the ideal educational choices in Iowa together we end up being the nation’s design for urban education.

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Home to an ext than 60 schools located in every ar of the community, Des Moines Public colleges provides households with selections to satisfy the educational demands of students indigenous preschool through college-level courses.

With much more than 31,000 college student and nearly 5,000 employees, there are a the majority of stories to tell around the job-related and success that take location each day in ~ Des Moines publicly Schools. From news releases and also articles to our mobile app and social media, store in touch v Iowa"s largest provider of public education.

From teachers and also principals to bus drivers and also food organization workers come financial analysts and technology specialists, Des Moines Public colleges is house to a dedicated team of professionals who all - directly and indirectly - add to the education and learning of ours students.

What set DMPS apart? We carry out families with an ext educational selections than any type of place in Iowa, educate peak student scholars who go on to to visit leading colleges and universities about the world, and are house to teachers well-known throughout the state and throughout the nation as the finest in your field.

The human being of Des Moines elect 7 members to serve as their representatives on the college Board. In turn, the plank is responsible for the governance of Iowa’s largest provider of publicly education. Learn more about your elected School board members, and accessibility information about past and upcoming meetings.

Special COVID-19 Notice: Des Moines windy Schools calls for students, staff, and also visitors to wear masks at all times while inside DMPS buildings start Wednesday, Sept. 15.

DMPS 2021-22 institution Year Calendar

July5 Fourth the July observance; workplaces closed6 institution Board meeting

August3 institution Board meeting25 an initial day of school (full day)

September6 job Day Holiday7 college Board meeting9 an initial day that Preschool21 school Board meeting24 No school – Professional advance day

October5 school Board meeting19 institution Board meeting22 No Classes at Downtown college ONLY25-29 No Classes in ~ Downtown institution ONLY28 No school; Conferences29 No school; PD day

November1 No school2 No school; choice day2 School board meeting16 school Board meeting22-26 No Classes in ~ Downtown institution ONLY24‐26 holiday break; No school25-26 Schools and also offices closed

December7 institution Board meeting10 No school; Professional breakthrough day22-31 Winter Break; No school23-24 Schools and offices closed30-31 Schools and also offices closed

January4 institution Board meeting17 young name Luther King, Jr. Work – No school18-19 No school; Professional breakthrough days18 institution Board meeting20 very first day of second semester

February1 school Board meeting14 No school; Conferences15 institution Board meeting

March1 institution Board meeting8 Juniors take ACTs: no school qualities PreK-10 and 12 (Downtown school is in session this day)11 No Classes at Downtown school ONLY14‐18 spring Break – No school21-22 No school; Professional breakthrough days

April5 college Board meeting18-22 No Classes in ~ Downtown college ONLY19 institution Board meeting22 No school25 No school; Professional advance day

May3 institution Board meeting17 college Board meeting26 critical day that Preschool27 No Classes at Downtown school ONLY30 Memorial Day; No school

June1 critical day of college (early release)7 college Board meeting10 No Classes at Downtown school ONLY15 Downtown School only – critical day of school; early release21 school Board meeting

Commencement Schedule for class of 2022

APA and also FocusCentral CampusSaturday, may 2111:00 a.m.
Ruby van MeterRuby valve Meter GymnasiumFriday, might 276:00 p.m.
East High SchoolDrake college Knapp CenterSaturday, may 289:00 a.m.
Lincoln High SchoolDrake university Knapp CenterSaturday, might 2812:30 p.m.
Roosevelt High SchoolDrake university Knapp CenterSaturday, may 284:00 p.m.
Virtual CampusCentral Campus AuditoriumSaturday, might 286:30 p.m.
Hoover High SchoolDrake university Knapp CenterSunday, might 2910:00 a.m.

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North High SchoolDrake college Knapp CenterSunday, may 291:00 p.m.
Summer GraduationTBDTBDTBD

District Calendars because that Download

DMPS student Calendar 2021-22Downtown college Student Calendar 2021-22