On “I Dreamt us Spoke Again” Ben Gibbard revisits the idea the a ghost, a design template that has actually been a common thread transparent past death Cab albums. However, in this song the ghost… review More 

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I dreamt us spoke, ns dreamt us spoke againIt'd been so long, it'd to be so long my mental filled in the blanksI dreamt us spoke, i dreamt us spoke againIt'd to be so long, it'd to be so long, your voice was like a ghostIn mine headIn mine headOnly in, yes, just in a dreamIs anything, is something the way it provided to be?I dreamt we spoke, ns dreamt us spoke againBut once I awoke, once I awoke I can not rememberAnything girlfriend saidAnything you saidAnything girlfriend saidAnything girlfriend said
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On “I Dreamt we Spoke Again” Ben Gibbard revisits the idea that a ghost, a template that has actually been a typical thread transparent past death Cab albums. However, in this track the ghost is a an allegory for fond and bitter-sweet memories.

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The track is an upbeat ballad, storage of fatality Cab’s early works and also features the band’s signature sound. Ben defined the song’s sound as,

a death Cab-ism– upbeat song with sad lyrics. That the only thing we’re famous for.

“I Dreamt we Spoke Again” is the opening track and 2nd official single released from fatality Cab because that Cutie’s 9th studio album Thank You because that Today.

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The track was premiered ~ above Zane Lowe’s to win 1 Radio show:


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On repercussion of Sound, Ben Gibbard shared about the song,

I want to write without any context. Yes no indication of what the relationship is v the human being who is being sung to in the song. I wanted to existing it in that fashion so that it was left open up to listener interpretation. It could be someone who was as soon as a partner, or it might be a loved one who passed, or it might be a friend the you haven’t spoken to in years. It wasn’t necessarily associated to death specifically, however that can be inferred if one type of had actually somebody in their life that was no much longer with them.


Thank friend for this day (2018)
Death Cab because that Cutie
I Dreamt us Spoke Again
Written By
Benjamin Gibbard
Release Date
July 19, 2018
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