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-- October 2001 - Week 2 -- Aborym - Fire Walk With Us Blackmore"s Night - Fires At Midnight Death - Live In LA Evergrey - In Search Of Truth Kill The Thrill - 203 Barriers Pounhound - Pineappleskunk Six Feet Under - True Carnage Survivor - Fire In Your Eyes

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Chuck Schuldiner is the songwriter, guitarist and also singer of Death. Not only he is a precursor in his genre yet additionally he designed a style: Death Metal taken from the name of the band also. Chuck Schuldiner (Death, Control Denied) is a talented and respected man in the fatality scene.

As a issue of truth, Chuck Schuldiner has a cancer of the brain and demands a second intervention. How ironic and sad to recognize that Chuck is cshed to death and particularly that he hasn"t acquired sufficient money to spend for this painful cure. Tright here will certainly be a concert on the 14th of October in Tilburg in Holland as assistance to Chuck Schuldiner via bands prefer God Dethroned, Altar, Goddes Of Desire, Occult, Outburst, Severe Torture, Thanatos and many even more.

So this is likewise one of the factor this live album came out. Lets say its sounds extremely raw and with no overdubs in various other words prefer a bootleg. The performance of the band is great but I will not tell around the men in the studio...

Anymeans it is for sure a have to for every Death Metal fan, and also of course if it have the right to aid Chuck to cure, just go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!

At last but not at least it is funny to hear as intro from Pull The Plug the soundtrack of Charlie"s Angels.

This live album exists likewise in VHS and also DVD.

Killing Songs : If you forgive and forobtain around the raw mix sound the hole album is good !!!!! Paul quoted no quote Other albums by Death that we have actually reviewed:
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