Do you remember Darth Vader saying "Luke, I am your father"? Well supposedly it never happened. Have we shifted to a new dimension where things like movie quotes are slightly various or are we all just going insane? See how many type of of these Mandela Effects you remember...

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This was the "significant incident" that actually began the entirety "Mandela Effect" phenomenon. A whole slew of world specifically remember that Nelson Mandela passed away in prison back in the 1980's. What actually occurred was that he was released from prichild, came to be president of South Africa and then passed away in 2013. Well...that's what taken place in "this dimension" at least.

Possibly the the majority of well-known example of the "Mandela Effect" in action. Millions of millennials remember the title of the book being spelled "The Berenstein Bears" with an "e". Is it feasible that our kid-memories are just wishing it was "e" bereason of "Frankenstein" and also "Einstein"? Or is it really a glitch in the matrix?

What would you say if I told you that the line from the original Disney movie "Snow White and also the Salso Dwarfs" was not "mirror, mirror on the wall" but "magic mirror on the wall"? If you watch the movie ago, the evil queen will certainly plainly say "magic mirror" instead of "mirror mirror". The truth that practically eextremely parody of Snow White says "mirror mirror" kind of provides me think in this one.

So many kind of civilization remember that iconic line from Star Wars as "Luke, I am your father", but it's actually...gain this..."No, I am your father". What!? I can accept "mirror, mirror", however I can't accept this. Someone posted on Reddit that a co-worker called his child "Luke" just so he can say the famed line to him. The just feasible explanation for this mind-bfinishing Mandela Effect is that a giant Darth Vader made of clouds sassist "Luke, I am your father" on the Simpsons once. But why would the Simpsons mess up such an iconic line? So many kind of concerns...

Similar to the "Berenstain/Berenstein Bear" thing. Some civilization swear on their life that it supplied to be "Looney Toons" however once you view the spelling now, it's "Looney Tunes". Creepy...

Many kind of movie buffs remember this timeless flick as being titled "Intersee With A Vampire", yet these days it's actually phrased "intercheck out With THE Vampire". Movie geeks frequently understand what they're talking around and this Mandela Effect has been safeguarded to the death.

Apparently we've been singing "Deck the Halls" wrong this totality time. It's actually "Deck the Hall", not "Deck the Halls". Never mind that nearly eincredibly person on this earth sings it "Deck the Halls", there's a movie referred to as "Deck the Halls" so...

You know that song by Queen, "We Are The Champions"? Remember just how it ends? "We are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers cause we are the champions. Of the world!". End! WRONG. It actually just ends via "we are the champions", then nopoint. This one is a tiny "grey" bereason there is an earlier verse in the song that ends with "of the world", so it could just be our brains wanting that consistency. But...I don't understand...

Lots of you more than likely think of C3PO as a totally gold robot. What would you say if I told you that he had a silver leg all this time. In Episode IV (the original movie), you have the right to see that he's gained a silver leg...however was it always favor this? Fans say no. There are also action figures that function a fully-gold C3PO because that's exactly how world remember him.

So many type of Pokemon fans firmly insist that Pikachu had a black spilgrimage on his tail, however when you look at images this particular day, you'll watch that his tail is completely yellow. This could simply be a result of our brains wanting a constant look to Pikachu,'s a legitimate Mandela Effect.

Many kind of older folks swear that Martin Luther King was assassinated by a hand gun in a motel in Memphis, Tennessee yet the main documents state that he was killed by a sniper from a distance. What carry out we trust? Our own memories? Or the main documents?

Everyone knows "Sex In The City", or is it "Sex And The City"? If you look at posters and DVDs of the well-known present you'll watch that the title of the series is "Sex And The City" which contradicts the majority of die-difficult fans' memories that the title was "Sex In The City". Both kinda make sense, so this is a hard one to judge.

One of the most renowned movie quotes of all time is: "Life is favor a box of chocolates", right? WRONG. If you watch the iconic scene from Forrest Gump earlier he actually claims "Life WAS like a box of chocolates". So weird...and so wrong.

Many kind of people remember the Monopoly man having a monocle type of favor Mr. Peanut however when you look at a modern Monopoly game box, you'll view that he doesn't have a monocle nor did he ever before have a monocle.

He's apparently said "begin 'splaining" and also "splain" yet never before in the 180 episodes did he ever say that iconic phrase. How!? And what!?

Many type of human being remember her "smirk" being more subtle than it presently is. More like a horizontal line which explained why everyone was so curious and captivated as to exactly how this "Mona" was feeling at the time. If you look at the painting nowadays, she's incredibly plainly smiling via her eyes "lit up".

Many type of world remember tright here being just 4 civilization in the auto when JFK was assassinated, yet as soon as you look ago at the footage, there are clearly 6.

Do you remember "Jiffy" peanut butter as a kid? never before existed, or at doesn't exist anyeven more. If you look at photos from the 80's, the jars all say "Jif". Is this simply our brains combining Skippy and also Jif into the ultimate peanut butter? Or is there some fact to this Mandela effect?

Most human being remember the classical bubblegum pop group's song "Barbie Girl" as going "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world", however it's actually "I'm a Barbie girl, in THE Barbie world". Very subtle readjust, yet it's entirely jarring to those that thrived up singing this in the shower.

People on Reddit swear that Gene Wilder died previously than he did. His death was actually quite current, August 2016. Everyone believed he was dead means prior to that, but possibly it's bereason he reexhausted from acting? Might too be dead I guess...

Tright here are a whole team of 80's kids out tbelow who remember the well-known candy being referred to as "Mike 'n Ike" yet once you look at photos of old boxes, it plainly reads "Mike and Ike".

For all the world that remember Judge Judy slamming down a gavel at the finish of her situations, you're wrong. No wbelow in the history of her present did she ever before execute that. That doesn't seem best...

Remember that iconic scene from "Risky Business" once Tom cruise dances around in a white dress shirt, underwear and sunglasses? None of that actually happened! He's wearing a pink dress shirt ONLY. What?! Confused!

Older folks remember Hitler as having brvery own eyes which at the time totally contradicted his preference for the "aryan" blue-eyed, blonde-haired race. It was a big topic of conversation. But currently...if you look at colored photographs of the tyrant you will check out that his eyes are blue.

I kinda half believe this one...however why did we pronounce it Schultz? Maybe bereason our brains wished it was comparable to the classical jewish last name "Schultz".

Everyone remembers that renowned paint of King Henry holding a turkey leg from history class. Tright here have actually been countless parodies of the paint, also on the Simpsons, but when you look at the painting currently, there's no turvital leg. Maybe he ate it?

Remember that song from "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" that goes "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor", yet when you look earlier at footage of the classic kid's tv show he states "it's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood". That simply sounds awkward.

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Most world remember the lyrics of the popular song "Hard Knock Life" as "it's THE Hard Knock Life" yet as soon as you look at the music this particular day, it goes "It's a Hard Knock Life". Very stselection...

When I say the word "chartreuse" what color do you think of? Many world will think of a purplish-red color, yet reportedly chartreusage is a bappropriate green. That's so wrong it damages.

Many type of people remember the fire-safety and security bear as being referred to as "Smocrucial the Bear" however once you look ago at footage from the public business announcements his name is actually "Smokey Bear".When you form in Smocrucial Bear in google, "Smocrucial the Bear" tops the list. Either we subconsciously put a "the" in between his name or we're living in a totally different measurement now.