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With Cayde-6 unable to do for an excellent in Last Call, vengeance is high top top the agenda for her grieving Guardian.Speak come Ikora at The Tower to start the 2nd quest in Forsaken"s campaign, High levels Blues.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: High plains Blues

Journey to the Tangled Shore, and also you"ll uncover yourself ~ above its open up plains, tasked v finding either Uldren or his Barons. Head towards Four-Horn Gulch ~ above the eastern side the the map and hack the terminal in the campsite just external of its descent. This will provide you entry to the smuggler"s tunnel the leads into the Gulch.

Follow her marker come the battlefield, in the center of i m sorry lies a corrupted servitor. After killing the Scorn defending it, scan the servitor, and also defend it from the attacking Screebs, Raiders, and also Abominations. Petra will certainly then contact you because that a rendezvous, for this reason follow her marker into the Scorn stronghold nearby.

Before obtaining there, you"ll it is in met by an ext Scorn, consisting of a mini boss, the Corrupted Chieftain, who will typically shield both himself and the adds approximately him with immunity. Focus your firepower ~ above the Chieftan and also the adds will at some point follow suit.

You"ll have to clear out Thieves" Landing that Scorn, but don"t worry: Petra will carry out you v Spider Fallen backup to aid out. Loss all adversaries (which has Abominations, Raiders, Ravagers, and also more) in the four specified areas, while being wary of the Fanatic"s preferred bosses in the final section.

These guys are heavy brutes with numerous firepower, so shot to remove them through your power Weapon as conveniently as possible. There will certainly be a many mobs in this battle in general, so make use of any AoE attacks and supers if or when you have them. V the area free of Scorn, get in the Spider"s Lair on her waypoint to satisfy Petra, which will certainly activate a cutscene.

And that"s it because that High plains Blues! Be certain to talk to Petra to pick up her reward: A legend Combat Bow called No turning Back. Now you"re free to move on the third chapter in Forsaken"s campaign, Scorned.

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