The Detective case Files are special side searches in autumn 4 carried alongside Nick Valentine. This quests have you resolving a couple of investigations together our advantageous companion.

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Fallout 4 The Detective situation Files next Quest

When in Diamond City, head into the Valentine Detective agency and chat with Ellie the assistant (this must be done after girlfriend have discovered Nick). She come across some unsolved situation files the you could be interested in solving.

You’ll get the Earl Sterling Case document and the Marty Bullfinch’s Holotape. Picking up the previous will begin the side quest ‘The Disappearing Act’, when listening come the last will begin ‘The Gilded Grasshopper.’

We’re walking to start off with The Disappearing plot first.

Detective instance Files: The Disappearing Act

Earl Sterling to be a bartender at the Dugout Inn. You require to gain into Earl’s house and search for some clues.

You deserve to pick the Novice lock on Sterling’s house in Diamond City, or you deserve to talk come Vadim Bobrov in the Dougout Inn as ask because that the key. You can likewise talk to Yefim in the inn and also inquire about Earl Sterling.

Once she done, enter Sterling’s house. If you’ve lugged Nick along with you, he’ll assist in learning some clues.

Check under the couch right here to discover something the interest. These ideas will lead you come the facial restoration specialist in the Diamond City market. Head end there and also speak to doctor Sun around him.

Inspect the marks resulting in the surgery cellar, and about them. If you have high Charisma, yes a chance you might be able to successfully demand an explanation about the marks.

You’ll have to either pick the advanced lock to the surgical procedure cellar, or persuade medical professional Sun into opening that by one of two people threatening or stating your investigation. Friend can likewise bribe him for 100 caps if you wish.

Eventually, you’ll make a case-solving discovery in the cellar. Speak to your suspect. You can either arrest him, end the standoff peacefully, or merely kill him. After the conversation with medical professional Sun, go back to Ellie and also collect your reward of 200 Bottlecaps.

Detective case Files: The Gilded Grasshopper

Listen to the holotape Ellie gave you. According to the tape, Nick’s previous partner Marty believes there’s a endowment map covert in the Gilded Grasshopper on optimal of the Faneuil Hall. Head to hall and go v the adversaries you find.

You’ll should ascend all the method to the rooftop. Look for a ladder come the roof as you go through the structure’s interior. Be certain to grab the Live & Love newspaper in this building, along with a combination Core.

Once you’re on the roof, locate the Guilded Grasshopper and read the keep in mind inside. The keep in mind seems to point towards Shem Drowne’s grave. It’s situated in a cemetery in between Cabot House and also Pickman Galley in North finish Neighborhood.

Take the end the Feral Ghouls here and also inspect the grave. You’ll discover a note, some copper, silver, and also gold bars, and also Shem Drowne’s unique Sword.

Enjoy the spoils!

Detective situation Files: lengthy Time Coming

Once the two previous cases are closed, you’ll gain affinity with Nick. Speak to him and also he’ll speak to you around a cold case. Talk to both Nick and Ellie to initiate this quest.

Nick requests for your assist in recovering 10 Holotapes belonging come Eddie Winter. The believes the Commonwealth’s police evidence terminals should give a clue come the location of this tapes. Nick will provide you the first, however you’ll have actually to find the rest.

Read the Eddie Winter situation Notes, climate look in ~ the world map for the areas of the tapes.

You’ll require to satisfy the chore-like task of visiting each location. At each one, yes sir a police proof terminal ~ above which you can accessibility the record on Eddie Winter. As soon as you do, you can search the building for the holotape.

BADTFL local Office – There room raiders here. The ice is on a submit cabinet. You’ll likewise find a copy that Guns and also Bullets newspaper while you’re here.Malden center Police terminal – The unmarked ar near the Malden center has a workdesk inside with the tape on it. You’ll likewise find a Fatman and Tumblers now magazine here.Quincy Police station – Beware of the Gunners right here – specifically Tessa, their leader that is in a power Armor. The ice is surrounding a locker.Natick Police room – there’s a tape inside the evidence locker, but this ar is guarded through a Deathclaw. Better get your strength Armor all set for this one.Nahant Sheriff’s room – The ice is ~ above a filing cabinet here.East Boston Police terminal – The wrecked police station has a tape on a desk.South Boston Police Department. There are some pretty median Mongrels here, and also a Police Protectron. Take them out, then uncover the tape on an office desk.Police Precinct 8 – This place is west of Boston public Library. You’ll discover the ice cream in a surrounding cell.Coast security Pier – There are plenty of super Mutants (and Mutant Hounds) here, so it is in careful. The ice is top top a safe. You’ll also find the unbelievable Awesome story 2 newspaper here, in addition to a Mini Nuke.

Once you’ve uncovered all these holotapes, turn them end to Nick. Hell decipher the tapes to find the code to Eddie Winter’s bunker. Now, the time to go to Andrew Station and put an finish to Eddie.

There room plenty the raiders here. Descend into the subway tunnels and sewers. Look because that a metal door v a keypad. Merely input the code Nick deciphered to acquire inside.

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Once inside, it’s time come take treatment of Eddie Winter. As soon as you’ve taken treatment of him, be certain to choose up his distinctive revolver. Afterward, Nick has actually one more matter to transaction with. Exit via the ladder and also head come Joe’s Spuckies Coffee Shop. Talk to Nick right here when he find the ar he’s looking for.