I"m trying to maximize XP earning, and also I recognize there room some goals that at the very least one of these bonuses are not available. For this reason on i m sorry missions can I actually earn these bonuses? Or to put it in another way, how numerous times is it possible to earn one, or both of this bonuses?

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Credit to Darth Bieber top top Trueachievement.com. (Gh) = Ghost, (SO) = Smooth Operator.

Sarif production Plant (Milwaukee junction):

Entering the plant (Gh)Reaching the server room with the Typhoon (Gh)After having dealt with Zeke (Gh)

Detroit 1:

Retrieve the Dead Terrorist"s Neural Hub (will periodically work by convincing Wayne Haas come let girlfriend in. If girlfriend don"t and need come infiltrate I imply going by the sewers that is much less complicated than the other two accessibility points) (Gh)Locate and shut under the antennae in Derelict row (Gh)

FEMA Camp:

Infiltrate the mercenary link (Gh) (SO)Locate the mercenary leader (Gh) (SO)

Hengsha 1

Investigate the Penthouse Apartment (Gh)Find and speak v Tong Si Hung (Gh)Escape the Alice Gardens pods ambush (Gh)

Tai Yong Medical

Enter TYM"s tower through passing with the Pangu (Gh) (SO)Find and also view van Bruggen"s record (Gh) (SO)Confront Zhao in the Penthouse (Gh) (SO)Escape and get to the hangar (Gh) (SO)Open the hangar door (Gh) (SO)


Escape the ambush by reaching a reduced floor (Gh) (SO)Get come the funicular (Gh) (SO)Summon the funicular (Gh) (SO)Get within room 802-11 (Gh) (SO)

Detroit 2

Go to the convention center and also obtain Sandoval"s ar from Taggert (can be done v conversation or sneaking into his backstage room) (Gh) (SO)Find and also confront Sandoval (Gh) (SO)

Hengsha 2

Escape the building site (Gh) (If you are trying to conserve Faridah Malik then by all way go best on ahead. It will certainly not affect Foxiest in anyway shape or form. However, if you do decide come take out the soldiers , climate you cannot acquire Ghost as someone will view the robot exploding)Find Vasili Sevchenko"s GPL maker (No ghost no one smooth operator)Rescue Tong"s boy (This is a pre-order DLC indigenous Gamestop. If you have it you can obtain ghost and also smooth operator. If friend don"t have it, it obviously doesn"t impact you.)Meet Tong in the Harvester Hideout (No ghost or smooth operator)


Retrieve Tong"s package from the melted (Gh) (SO)Place the C4 top top the administrator"s desk (Gh) (SO) (you will not watch these bonuses popular music up because it cuts right to a cutscene. If you"re unsure, the means to confirm that the bonuses were awarded is to make a keep in mind of your XP prior to you place the explosive. After ~ the cut-scene ends, you should be 1000XP much better off. 500 (Gh) + 250 (SO) + 250 (Getting points Done))

Omega Ranch

Disable the signal jammer (the only way I discovered to get this smooth operator bonus was to perform it in the an initial building friend see when you leave the storage shed you wake up up in. If you try and disable the from the tower you will certainly most likely not gain it. Ns didn"t receive it the two times ns tried on the tower, but I gained it the an initial time i disabled that in the building. This will allow this SO and the find for indicators of Megan"s team). (Gh) (SO)Search for indicators of Megan"s team (Gh) (SO) (see above)Find and speak v Nia Colvin (no ghost and no SO)Find and also speak v Eric Koss (no Gh and no SO)Find and also speak with Declan Faherty (no Gh and also no SO)Upload the virus come the protection computer and also enter the restricted area (Gh) (SO)Use the Leo spaceship to with Panchea (Whether you save Malik or not there is no bonuses right here so feel free do handle this ar as you like)


Get inside the tower and also disengage the lockdown (Gh) (SO)Reach the broadcast facility (Gh) (SO)