While speak to of Duty: black color Ops Cold War attributes a narrative full of original ideas, the ignores the many compelling question from black color Ops 1.

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Call of Duty: black color Ops Cold War brings v it a campaign that tells a facility Cold war narrative complete of talk concerning Nuclear War and also mind control. The project is surprisingly story-focused, with much less of an emphasis on action and an ext of a press toward fixing the numerous mysteries of Black Ops Cold War’s narrative. If this walk work, and also the project of the game introduces memorable brand-new characters like Adler and Park, that feels relatively disconnected from the original Call of Duty: black color Ops.

in spite of being a direct sequel come the very first Call of Duty: black Ops game, returning personalities take a back seat in Call the Duty: black Ops Cold War. While this permits Raven software application to focus on the new additions and also tell a story that its own, it provides the addition of candid Woods and also Alex Mason feeling forced. Players just fill the pair of shoes of original protagonist Alex Mason in a grasp of the game’s missions, two of which room optional. This immediately presents a significant problem, however, as Alex Mason’s small duty prevents crow from answering the greatest lingering inquiry of the Black Ops franchise: go Alex Mason assassinate JFK?

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The influence Of Mason’s little Black Ops Cold war Role

despite Activision releasing a short Alex Mason biography ahead of Call the Duty: black Ops Cold War’s release, small is done v the character throughout the events of the game’s story. The key reason behind Mason’s minor duty is because of the player-created personality of Bell, that is the core focus of the game’s mind-bending narrative. When this is all well and good, it pipeline the incredibly complicated and torture Mason as a next character. As such, any type of chance for the JFK plot subject to be explored more is instantly eliminated.

through Black Ops Cold War set in the 1980s, JFK’s assassination a decade prior is mostly ignored by the video game altogether. Only a couple of torn newspaper clippings have the right to be found about the game’s safe residence hub area, all of which are provided for a gate puzzle that permits players access to a collection of mini-games. None of the newspaper clippings say anything meaningful concerning the assassination, with the writing mirroring that of the genuine world and no evidence incriminating or absolving Alex Mason. No personalities discuss the assassination plot, either, leaving JFK’s death totally irrelevant to the Black Ops Cold War narrative.

Considering that early teasers and also theories made the seem most likely that JFK’s assassination would certainly be the focus of Call that Duty: black Ops Cold War, it is odd that the historical figure is borderline nonexistent in the yes, really game. With the an enig around JFK’s death in actual life still being disputed to this day and also a huge part of the initial Black Ops finishing being dedicated to the topic, seeing Raven skip end the assassination entirely is exceptionally odd. However, there might be a few big reasons (apart from an imaginative freedom) regarding why raven jumped to the 80s and also ignored the object in the recent Black Ops game.

Why did Raven no Pull The trigger On The JFK Assassination?

for many, the photo reveal from the end of the initial Black Ops video game is one iconic minute in the Call that Duty series. Seeing Mason in the crowd during JFK’s assassination, alongside dark music indigenous the Black Ops soundtrack, to be a damning piece of evidence that hints at the character succumbing come his brainwashing and also killing his very own president. Regardless of this, the topic has actually never to be explored in the many Black Ops sequels, and also Black Ops Cold War campaign developer crow has continued that unfortunately trend.

one of the possible explanations for this is the usage of a various voice actor because that Alex Mason in Call the Duty: black color Ops Cold War. Much like v the gibbs replacement because that Frank Woods, Alex Mason is no much longer played through Sam Worthington, his original actor. Rather played by kris Payne Gilbert, Mason sound quite various this time around. While it is unsure if Sam Worthington go not desire to beat Mason again, or just was not asked earlier for the role, probably Raven wanted to avoid giving the personality a larger function to play because of this significant voice change. Pan would most likely be more bothered through the voice adjust if Mason to be the focus, calling out the developers and connecting less with the "new" Mason.

The other, far likelier opportunity is the some human being could take serious offense come players filling the role of a presidential assassin in a video clip game, and the tendency nature that the Call that Duty franchise having actually such a level can lead to concerns for Activision. After all, a story centered roughly players managing Alex Mason as he kills JFK is hardly "appropriate." that is interesting, however, and also it is a story that must be told.

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Raven can (And Should) Still check out JFK’s Death

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mason aiming gun at jfk in black color ops 1
In among the couple of Call of Duty: black color Ops Cold War missions where players take regulate of Alex Mason, over there is a short moment where the numbers appear. The iconic authorize of Mason’s mind manage taking effect, the appearance of the numbers is a brief reminder that no all is well in the character’s mind. Similar to in Call of Duty: black color Ops 2, the brainwashing still lingers, much like a type of PTSD because that the tortured Mason. As displayed by this brief flash that numbers, Raven plainly knows its Black Ops history.

while a JFL project could be offensive to some and also would it is in a bit of a danger for Activision, it is a story that should be told. With an unanswered cliffhanger native a te prior, and also a prolonged in-universe time gap that have the right to still be filled, Raven deserve to finally administer fans through the closure the Treyarch never did. Not only would tracking under a rogue Mason make for an interesting game, but it might also enable players to play as Frank Woods as soon as again. Through Black Ops Cold War emotional on the bond between Woods and Mason, a game concentrated on the previous hunting down the latter can be exceptionally intense and emotional.

much better yet, through incorporating plenty of choices and also different endings prefer Black Ops Cold War, distinctive story branches might be created. Maybe one version of the story sees Mason in the group attempting to avoid JFK’s assassination, while another sees him offering into his mind control and carrying the end the dastardly deed. Non-canon endings, favor Perseus’ win in Black Ops Cold War, can additionally occur. Possibly Woods is required to death Mason in one “what if?” scenario, where an additional sees JFK make it through the assassination attempt. When this is all just fun speculation, the topic is ripe for exploration and also perfect for the espionage layout of a Call of Duty: black color Ops game.

if a game focused on Alex Mason death (or trying to save) JFK would be predictable, together Mason ultimately needs to make it through the events of the story and also be rehabilitated, the trip players walk on can be thrilling. Sure, there"s things like justifying his assassination then and his role in Cold War come consider, no to cite propelling the story forward and also not backward, but that"s not really a game-stopper.

playing off real-life conspiracy theories and also building off of the relationship in between Woods and Mason, the story might go in countless directions and make usage of all the brand-new systems Raven introduced in Black Ops Cold War. While the is no a topic because that the pass out of heart, an initial Call of Duty story concentrated on the infamous occasion needs to happen. If the Black Ops storyline is going come continue, pan deserve closure regarding this 10-year-old cliffhanger.

Call that Duty: black Ops Cold War is accessible now top top PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X.

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