In our post around the ideal Pandemic games and also expansions us rank Pandemic Legacy over Pandemic. In this write-up we explain why.

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Whether you a an initial time buyer who never ever played Pandemic prior to or a Pandemic veteran: we’re here to help you decision whether to get Pandemic or Pandemic Legacy.

Pandemic tradition is still a Pandemic game, because you’re tho fighting illness in specifically the same way. But, you also get a great story come play through, including brand-new and amazing characters,abilities, goals and challenges.

And the story the Pandemic tradition really is fantastic. Us won’t incorporate spoilers here, but it’s got great development and plot twists. Regardless of which Season girlfriend get, the rigid is really well done.

There’s really no question about it in our minds: Pandemic legacy is an also greater video game than the original Pandemic.

In fact, Pandemic legacy is strictly far better than Pandemic (in a mathematical sense), since you have the right to play normal Pandemic gamings on the Pandemic heritage board. So with Pandemic heritage you have the right to do anything the you can do with Pandemic, add to more.

So that’s our verdict. Us hope we convinced you to obtain what’s among the best modern board games, and also even one of the best board gamings of every time. Have fun!

First time buyers often wonder if they can start with Pandemic Legacy, and also the answer is yes.

If you’ve never ever played Pandemic before, you deserve to play 2 or 3 ‘normal’ Pandemic gamings to acquire a hang of it prior to you start the heritage campaign. You can do this through the Pandemic tradition kit so girlfriend don’t need to separately buy the initial Pandemic game.

The one situation in which the original Pandemic is much better than Pandemic Legacy, is once you desire to play the video game with different groups all the time. In the case, Pandemic tradition is less good because nobody will be adhering to the story.

Season 1 and also Season 2 are both wonderful games and also they’re greatly similar, yet there’s a few key differences. You deserve to read around them in our ranking of every the Pandemic games.

In short: Season 1 is no a prelude to Season 2, they’re different games. For this reason you have the right to play lock in any kind of order you like.

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In fact, Season 2 is a tiny better designed due to the fact that the creators got far better on their second try. But realistically you’re walking to gain both, in which case you should obtain both ideal away and start v Season 1. That way you won’t be uncomfortable by little design flaws in Season 1 after having actually played Season 2.