I watched oneyplays earlier around 2017 and also stopped for a while and also I come earlier to Zach being a common member. Zach involvement in make me feel really happy since I offered to hear to sleepy cabin however why room ding dong and Julian gone. I’ve heard that GG walk something to them choose raise rent, is this true.

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I’m unsure about that however I do know that ding dong stated he didn’t choose their dating center “dream daddy” and then a bunch of video game grumps pan doxxed that so i’m assuming that’s the straw that damaged the camels back

Digdag and also jules no like just how it was sorta making money off just how gay the game was. It was simply propaganda the game and also suzy gained mad at them for not liking it. Then ya the fans doxxed dingdong and also his family and told them that he was happy which fucked that up(to the suggest of suicide) reason he didnt desire to come out yet. Why the GG didnt say not harass or doxx anyone no ones idea. Yet now i think they are doing simply fine. If no better, ns go on there live streams to view them pat games, and dingdong is make an ACTUAL video game posting updates on twotter.

Wait the gamings grumps come out come ding dongs parents before ding dong could, that’s just fucking awful. Well, the nice come hear he is doing an excellent now though.

Digdag and jules didnt like exactly how it to be sorta do money turn off just exactly how gay the game was. It was simply propaganda the game

can you elaborate, isn't the a gay dating sim?

DD and also julian left being on the present full time since they want to focus on their video game company, wanwan games. But yes GG and also DD/julian have actually the fall out since they claimed that dream daddy was super pandering to the LGBTQ+ community, for this reason the "lovelies" doxxed them and also outed DD come his parents prior to he was able to himself.

Was it ever confirmed it was the Lovelies that doxxed DD and also not who in the Grumps staff, themselves?

This has actually been discussed to death.

In as few words as possible, DD and also Julian go not choose Dream Daddy; castle felt it was exploitive and lazy. Other devs ~ above the team expressed similar issues to them and also asked them to speak out. DD carried it up and was shunned by GG for it, the devs that approached him backed away and also pretended they had no worry with the game. Oney sided through DD and also J and the totality crew cut ties through GG.

Before anyone states "conspiracy grumps", this is straight from them.

EDIT: i dont know how an unemotional break down of occasions based totally on what we've been told is getting downvoted. This below is weird.

I think it's worth tacking on to this the the just two authors for Dream Daddy, a video game that's pretty squarely focused on male-on-male dating, were a straight man and also a lesbian woman. Ns imagine that many of the world who got pissed turn off at DD and also Julian for your comments top top the writing being cheesy and inauthentic did not realize this, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them additionally didn't establish the 2 of them were gay.

Ding Ding and Julian didn't choose being memes or known for punchlines and they really want to work on their indie game. Ding Ding quiet streams in ~ DingDongVG on twitch and he's law a 3D Movie machine contest. The doxxing point is hearsay, favor a pair of things posted top top Rantgrumps human being want to be true so they can be angry much more at Arin and also the pan base.

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We recognize that Ding Dong does have actually a legit stalker that doxxed him, however you're right that it is speculation regarding how much that has to do with the Grump fanbase/Dream daddy controversy.