This song is about trying continue to be away from the illusions in life the fool you into terrible behaviors. Over there are numerous things that lug instant momentary joy, yet only leave… read More 

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Don't talk to strangersDon't talk to strangersCause they're just thereTo carry out you harmDon't write in starlightCause the words may come out realDon't hide in doorwaysYou may discover the keyThat opens up up your soulDon't go to HeavenCause it's really just HellDon't odor the flowersThey're an evil drugTo do you lose your mindDon't dream that womenCause they'll only carry you downHey you, you understand meYou've touched me, I'm real, I'm foreverThe one that allows you look and also seeAnd feeling meI'm danger, I'm the strangerAnd I, I'm darkness, I'm anger, I'm painI, I'm masterThe evil song you sing inside your brainDrive friend insane, don't talkDon't permit them inside your mind, yeahRun away, run away, go
No, no, don't let them in your mindProtect your soulDon't dance in darknessYou might stumble and you're certain to fallDon't write in starlightCause the words may come out realDon't speak to strangers(Don't talk to strangers)Cause they're only thereTo make you sadDon't dream that womenCause they'll only carry you downRun, run, run, run away
This tune is around trying remain away from the illusions in life the fool girlfriend into damaging behaviors. There are plenty of things that lug instant momentary joy, however only leaving you to suffer.

In the liner note to the 2003 compilation stand Up and also And Shout: The Anthology, Ronnie James Dio had this come say:

“I was very angry in ~ this time, coming out of Sabbath, and also it to be reflected in the song on holy Diver. The way I saw the world, anyone who wasn’t family or a close girlfriend was poised to reduced me open with a knife. That’s how I felt. This was a negative statement of my very own disenchantment, and I to be projecting it the end to anyone who would listen.”


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