Do you know how to leaving a voice channel in Discord? If not, then don’t worry, friend will uncover your price in this post.

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Discord is among the most famous instant messaging and also VoIP communication in the world. Primarily, most gamers usage discord while streaming or playing multiplayer games. Discord is full of features. Among those renowned features is the ‘Voice Channel’.

It is an extremely easy to join a voice channel. Similarly, that is pretty straightforward to leave one. However, if you space having issues leaving a voice channel in Discord, us have obtained your back. In this post, we will be share the indict on exactly how to leave a voice channel in Discord and also more.

So, stop dive best in…

A guide on just how To leaving A Voice Channel In Discord

Method #1 leaving a Voice Channel on Discord ~ above the mobile Discord App

As you can have already guessed, this is the ar where you will discover the method of leave a voice channel top top Discord native the mobile app. So, if you space using the Discord application on your smartphone or tablet, you can follow the steps listed below to accomplish your goal. Let’s see just how to execute that…


Steps to Follow

Launch the Discord app on her phone if you haven’t already.Next, go to the voice channel from where you desire to leave.Interestingly, girlfriend will see a green shade icon in ~ the height of the screen. That means you are associated to a voice channel at that moment.Now, madness on the green-colored button from the top, and also it will carry up the channel settings. There will certainly be a few options ~ above the channel settings.At the bottom, you will uncover a red-colored phone icon (red disconnect button) and also tap ~ above it.Instantly, you will certainly hear a brief notification alert or beep sound. That is there to educate you that you have left that said voice channel for the time being.

Wasn’t the easy? If you have followed the steps above, friend are currently disconnected native the claimed voice channel top top Discord.

Method #2 how to leave A Discord Server from the Discord mobile App

In Discord, a voice channel and also a server space different. Still, we believed we would teach you exactly how to leave a Discord server in this section. Happy for you, that is also really easy to leaving from a Discord server.

Let’s see just how to carry out this if you room using the Discord cell phone app...


Steps to Follow

First, open up the Discord application on your phone if friend haven’t alreadyNow, navigate come the server you want to leave.Next, swipe in the direction of the right of the screen from the left leaf to carry out the food selection bar.Then tap top top the ‘3 vertical dots’ icon next to the name of the server.In law so, a few options will appear on the screen.From there, you will need to scroll down and also tap ~ above the ‘Lave Server’ option.

That is it. You will certainly be gotten rid of from the server best away.

Method #3 exactly how to leave a Voice Channel in Discord desktop App

Yes, if you are using Discord ~ above your desktop PC app, this part of the post is because that you. Right here we will describe the process of leaving a voice channel in the Discord desktop app in a step-by-step manner. So, right here we go…


Steps to Follow

Launch the Discord app top top your desktop PC.Then, look in ~ the bottom left edge of the screen and also locate a button named ‘Voice Connected’ when you room in a voice channel.Disconnect indigenous this voice channel, click on the ‘Disconnect’ icon beside the message ‘Voice Connected’ at the bottom left edge of the screen. To it is in noted, the ‘Disconnect’ switch will look favor a ‘phone v an X’ icon.At the very same time, you will hear a tiny beep or one alert notification from your computer.This is one indication the you were gotten rid of from that voice channel.

Congratulations, you are no longer component of the voice networks on Discord.

Method #4 just how to leave A Discord Server native the Discord desktop App

In this section, we will let girlfriend know just how you can leave a Discord server native its desktop app. As usual, it is likewise very basic to do. Let’s watch how…


Steps come Follow

As always, open up the Discord application on your pc if you haven’t already.Then, go to the server from which you want to leaving by clicking on the server’s name. The server name are located at the left sidebar.Now, you have to click on the name of the server, which will certainly be on the peak left edge of the screen.Then, one overlay food selection will show up on the screen.From there, click on the ‘Leave Server’ option, and you will certainly hear a tiny beep alarm that will certainly confirm the you are not anymore on that Discord server.

Some Tips concerning Discord Servers

If you room the owner that a server, you will certainly not have the ability to leave that details server prior to transferring the property to an additional user. Therefore first, hand over the ownership of the server to any other member of the severe and then usage the above-mentioned methods to leave her server.When you have actually left a server, you will certainly no much longer receive any kind of notifications or messages from the server.As usual, you will not be able to send any kind of message to that server together well.

Method #5 exactly how to Mute any Voice Channel User in Discord

Did you recognize that you have the right to mute a Voice channel user in Discord if you don’t desire to leave it however don’t want to acquire notified native them? the is additionally effortless come do. Here’s the way…


Steps to Follow

As usual, first, you have to be top top the voice channel where that user is now.Then, look in ~ the left sidebar or channel menu where every the names of the members of that channel space appearing.So right-click on the surname of the user that you want to mute.Then one overlay menu will show up on the screen. From there, click on the ‘Mute’ alternative from the overlay menu.

That will certainly mute that certain person because that you. So, you will continue to be on the voice channel but still not get anything from the user. You have the right to mute multiple individuals in this way without any problem.

Final Lines

Discord has a many of attributes and choices that occasionally could become overwhelming for brand-new users. So, if you are not acquainted with Discord’s Voice Channel feature, climate you might be having actually a tough time leaving this. Due to the fact that of that, we have shared some easy-to-follow step-by-step travel guide on just how to leave a Discord voice channel.

In the process, we have shared this technique for both mobile and PC Discord users. In addition, we have actually shared some other tutorials pertained to the Discord voice channel as well. Us hope this short article will be valuable to friend to use Discord more confidently from currently on.

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