Discord is an application that gives countless customers via message and speech chat services. It connects both gamers and non-gamers aprefer with personalized discussion servers to share their opinions.

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Do note that if your custom message is as well long, it won’t be checked out by world unless they float their computer mouse tip over it. You have the right to display up to nine personalities before the remainder of it is concealed.

On the Taskbar

A red dot on the Discord symbol once it’s on the taskbar is a different story. Simply put, the dot is a notice that you have actually uncheck out messages. If you’re currently not on the Discord application window and someone messages you, this will certainly alert you that you have actually a message. This also uses to any type of pinned messeras to any server you’ve joined.


To disable notifications completely, open up your User settings. This have the right to be done by clicking on the equipment icon beside your username.

Clicking this will open up the User Setups menus. Under the App Setups menu click Notifications.

Once you’re tright here, click the switch alongside the Enable Uncheck out Message Badge menu. This will certainly disable notifications, meaning you’ll never have to see that dreaded red dot ever before aobtain.


You have the right to additionally mute individual categories or networks within the server itself. Just click on the category or channel name and also select just how long you want it muted for.


Doing this will currently proccasion these certain channels from sfinishing you notifications. Any channel that’s unmuted will certainly still have the ability to alert you of unreview messeras.

I Want the Dot yet It’s Not There

The oppowebsite trouble have the right to occasionally occur. People desire to obtain educated of unreview messperiods yet Discord doesn’t give them warns. Surprisingly, this is even more a Windows Taskbar difficulty than a Discord app problem. If you check to view if your Notifications Settings on Discord are enabled but still get no red dot, it might be disabled on the taskbar. To carry out this on Windows 10, you have the right to follow these instructions:

Click on the Start Icon on your Taskbar.Click on Setups.Click on Personalization.Click on Taskbar.Make sure that the switch for Sjust how badges on taskbar buttons are on.

If Discord still stops working to screen a red dot, even after permitting badges in the Windows taskbar, attempt refounding your PC. If this still fails to resolve the trouble, then you might have actually a software error. Software errors can become serious, and also you’d be well advised to visit either the Discord or Windows customer organization pages.

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A Useful Reminder

Discord’s red dot notification might be annoying to some, but it does serve a objective. It’s a quick and advantageous reminder that messages have continued to be unread. Discord has alternatives to turn this off for world that want to do so, and we have actually provided you through the easiest techniques obtainable.

Do you discover the Discord red dot useful? Would you quite not have it on your taskbar? Do you have actually other methods of disabling the notification settings that you think are better? Share your thoughts and also experiences through the community in the comments section listed below.