Discord is an application that gives millions of users through text and also speech chat services. That connects both gamers and non-gamers alike with personalized conversation servers come share your opinions.

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Do note that if your custom article is as well long, it i will not ~ be viewed by people unless they hover their computer mouse pointer end it. You can present up to ripe characters prior to the rest of it is hidden.

On the Taskbar

A red dot on the Discord symbol when it’s on the taskbar is a various story. Just put, the period is a notice that you have actually unread messages. If you’re right now not ~ above the Discord application home window and someone messages you, this will alert you that you have a message. This additionally applies to any kind of pinned messages to any kind of server did you do it joined.


To disable notifications entirely, open your User settings. This have the right to be done by clicking the equipment icon beside your username.

Clicking this will open the User setups menus. Under the app Settings menu click Notifications.

Once you’re there, click on the switch alongside the allow Unread article Badge menu. This will disable notifications, an interpretation you’ll never have to see the dreaded red dot ever before again.


You can likewise mute individual categories or networks within the server itself. Just click the category or channel name and choose how long you desire it mute for.


Doing this will currently prevent these specific channels from sending you notifications. Any kind of channel it is unmuted will certainly still be able to alert friend of unread messages.

I want the Dot yet It’s no There

The opposite problem can occasionally happen. Human being want to get notified that unread messages yet Discord doesn’t provide them alerts. Surprisingly, this is much more a home windows Taskbar difficulty than a Discord app problem. If you examine to check out if her Notifications setups on Discord are allowed but still obtain no red dot, it may be disabled ~ above the taskbar. To execute this on windows 10, you deserve to follow these instructions:

Click top top the Start icon on your Taskbar.Click ~ above Settings.Click on Personalization.Click ~ above Taskbar.Make sure that the switch for show badges top top taskbar buttons space on.

If Discord still stops working to screen a red dot, also after allowing badges in the home windows taskbar, try restarting her PC. If this still fails to fix the problem, then you may have a software error. Software program errors can end up being serious, and also you’d be well advised to visit one of two people the Discord or home windows customer service pages.

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A advantageous Reminder

Discord’s red dot an alert may be stroked nerves to some, yet it does offer a purpose. It’s a quick and useful reminder the messages have remained unread. Discord has options to rotate this turn off for world that desire to execute so, and we have provided you through the simplest techniques available.

Do you discover the Discord red period useful? would certainly you rather not have actually it on your taskbar? perform you have other methods of disabling the an alert settings that you think are better? Share your thoughts and also experiences v the community in the comments ar below.