We’ve been following the continued delay of DJI’s brand-new Mavic Pro really closely. Us speculated the there was much more going behind the scenes than the firm was letting on, and it looks like we to be right. We’ve to be contacted by countless Mavic agree pre-orderers, and the general consensus has been no anger at the delay itself, however at the means in i beg your pardon DJI has actually handled it. Having actually paid the full price of a Mavic pro upfront, many customers have been puzzled at the delay and the lack of informative interaction from DJI, and also plenty have actually struggled come get any type of shipping details or also arrange a refund for your order.

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Now, practically three weeks ~ the initial shipping date, DJI has decided it’s time to front up. For the very first time, the agency has admitted the there to be a difficulty in production – ” an concern integrating a part into the Mavic Pro” – and has set an approximated timeframe for pilots who have ordered your drone before November 3rd. And also bad news: It can make grim analysis for customers hoping to have actually their drones covering under the tree this Christmas.

Mavic agree shipping update: Pre-orders (finally) have actually a timeframe

In a statement, DJI admitted the it can’t provide out specific delivery approximates for separation, personal, instance orders. However, the statement does say the “For Mavic agree orders received before November 3, 2016, us will perform our ideal to clear them all within the next seven come eight weeks.”

That put a delivery day somewhere between the 22nd and the 29th that December.

The Chinese manufacturer likewise responded to criticism that the pre-order process, in i beg your pardon customers had actually to pay 100% that the cost prior to their Mavic agree had also been transport (or constructed, probably). The statement reads: “Some of you wait for her Mavic Pro additionally expressed concern about our instant billing that pre-orders. We’ve heard you and also are examining potential alternatives with ours payment provider.”


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The complete Mavic pro shipping update can be discovered in the DJI declare below:

Dear DJI Customers,

We owe you one apology for our delays in transferring the brand-new Mavic Pro. We want to give thanks to you for her patience and likewise advise that we are looking into enhancing our order procedure and systems, based greatly on your feedback. 

When us announced Mavic Pro and also began accepting pre-orders, we intended to provide the first units in mid-October. However, ramping up production to full speed at optimal quality took longer than planned. Prior to our scheduled shipping target, we encountered an problem integrating a part into the Mavic Pro. We fixed that in ~ a week. On optimal of that, the excitement because that the Mavic agree beat our expectations. Together a result, we are working diligently come ramp up production to meet the higher-than-anticipated need for the Mavic Pro.

We have actually been shipping for nearly two weeks, yet even v round-the-clock production, we unfortunately can not give specific delivery approximates for many orders moving through various an international sales channels because of this demand. Because that Mavic pro orders received before November 3, 2016, us will execute our finest to clear them every within the following seven to eight weeks.

Some that you wait for your Mavic Pro likewise expressed concern about our instant billing the pre-orders. We’ve heard you and also are examining potential options with our payment provider.

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DJI exist to put amazing modern technology and innovation right into your hands, and we’re i m really sorry it’s taking so long with Mavic Pro. Our inner systems haven’t maintained up v the enormous demand for our products, and your enthusiasm for our newest providing is spurring us to improve. We evaluate your understanding and are doing every little thing we can to get Mavic agree to friend as conveniently as possible.


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