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(Do or Die)Yo Kanye Blow the Hook you a boyNow as soon as you hear this song you understand it's on (baby girl)When you hear this song you know it's onWhen you hear this song you know it's onI swear your lovin acquired me so high I'm goneMe and you babygirl prefer ideal friendsLet me hit you when I gain the notionOn I-55 you and also ILet's ride hit the motionSome say she freaky freakyLet me guess your lidro needaI'm hittin through the ago and also curvesInhale, exhale the herbLemme open up up your mind to this conceptThen you take one stepStraight from the feelin of a wordsmithThats the herb shitUp on my 22 spinsIn my baby blue benzGirls say dat boys ben actin upBut thats the means he is
You lookin great once you steppin out a centerfoldTell me once I reach a pen to holdLet me hit you wit this dime in the street gameLet a motherfucker go yeah you understand itSo currently let me sugarcoat itIt's prefer I'm on that tight herbAnd as soon as I pull t the curb it's favor, it's likeYour my latest, and also my geatestMy latest, my greatest(Chorus)(x2)When I'm layin in the ago of my 745With my lips on youSpittin great gameWith the hustler grainGettin brained prefer a hustler shouldHustler wouldAnd you know as soon as I hear the stuffI'm still tryin to hear this love what that doIt's favor that baby as soon as I mix it up baby gurl you jus got me sprungWhat that doOh yes she's among the bestAs I touch this is past tense I'm hurtinLurkin searchin for the virginBut when my babygurl it's workinLet me know whats that you smokinFrom the hands as I stick my tounge inThen from the ago however she desire an autographBut still we sexin'
Open back up last timeAs I spit a tiny dough in my mindShe jus like among a kindNo c's no stand also in her hindShes jus like me rappin a linePerfect let me drop in a dimeI'm on a roll againI'm bshould blow againYour my latest, and my geatestMy latest, my greatestJust save on liftin me up yeah(Choir)Higher(Do or Die and also Kanye)No have to take an additional puff(Choir)Higher(Do or Die and also Kanye)Cause your love has actually obtained me high enoughNo, No, No,No, No, No(overlappig Choir and Do or die)Just store on Lifting me up yeah

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(Choir)Higher(Do or Die and also Kanye)No must take another puff(Choir)Higher(Do or Die and also Kanye)Causage your love has actually gained me high enoughNo, No, No,No, No, NoJust store on Lifting me up yeah