So, you want to an episode your playstation 1 or playstations 2 for part retro gaming goodness, however wish come keep few of the modern conveniences us take for granted. Using wireless controllers top top PS1 and PS2 doesn’t have to be a hassle, yet there room a few ways to go around it. We’ve comprehensive the two finest ways we’ve uncovered to bring wireless controllers to the PS1 and also PS2 below.

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Best Wireless Controller for PS1 and also PS2: use PS3 controller ~ above PS1 and PS2


If you want to go a small cheaper for her wireless solution, you can gain third-party wireless controllers that work-related with the PS1 and also PS2. Among the much more popular (and less expensive) controllers on Amazon is the Blue Lake Performance twin Shock because that PS2. The gets good reviews, but I’d be wary.

With the Brook adapter, you obtain the benefit of actually gaining to use initial Sony controllers. Once you go full third-party because that the controller and adapter, though, that the wild west. You’ll find widely differing quality and also reliability among the huge amount the third-party wireless PS2 controllers.

A modern-day third-party controller could be precious checking out, yet you’re best off skip the models the were approximately during the time the PS1 and also PS2 to be released. It’s possible there were part decent wireless controllers roughly in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but I don’t remember any. Those were the days as soon as third-party controllers were pretty lot only fit for the child you didn’t really like to use.

Not only were third-party controllers virtually as a totality a lot much less reliable as soon as the PS1 and also PS2 to be new, however they’ve also nearly certainly degraded sit in every little thing warehouse and also closet they’ve been for the last te or two.

What’s the best Wireless Controller for PS1 and also PS2?

I personally favor the Brook USB adapter paired with a DualShock 3 for playing on PS1 and also PS2. I don’t think any third-party controller win the reliability and feel of one OEM Sony controller.

The combo above might price a bit an ext than a generic wireless controller and dongle, but it has much more utility and also is a lot more likely to serve you without problem for years to come.

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