To speak to Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire dog world would it is in nothing less than a colossal understatement. Their residence is nearly its own makeshift dog rescue. ~ above visiting the Cuyahoga ar Kennel top top one fateful day, they already had eight dogs. With this many pets running loose around the house, you will do think you will do it be ready for anything…

If there’s one thing Chris and also Mariesa understand, it’s the lot of occupational that goes right into raising and training dogs. At this suggest in your lives, they’d recurring the process eight times! Therefore, this wasn’t a decision they’d be taking lightly. After several deliberation, they concerned a decision.

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The pair would certainly foster an additional dog. Even with every little thing they had on your plate, the couple thought they’d be able to handle one much more mouth come feed. So they hopped in their car and also drove to Cuyahoga county Kennel. However when they acquired there, your plans struggle a bit of a snag.

You might be wondering just how two people can finish up caring for eight dog — and then deciding come take treatment of another. Well, Mariesa and also Chris are passionate around man’s ideal friend, come say the least. The couple has practically specialized their lives to offering caring homes to desperate canines.


They’ve to be starring in a video series called “Life in the Dog House,” ~ above the OnlyGood TV Youtube channel. The show chronicles what life is choose with eight dog — Gremlin, Sammy, Meatball, The Stig, Moses, Quinn, Money, and Tejas — life under one roof. Yet things were around to gain a lot more interesting…

Mariesa and Chris made decision they wanted to embrace a pit bull. It’s crucial to know that while pit bulls have acquired a negative reputation, most of these dogs live happy alongside their person companions without any type of incident. Lot of the an unfavorable behavior that gets blamed ~ above a dog is a have fun of their owner’s failings.

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As lengthy as the owner of a pit bull is fitted to train and raise these dogs through love and care, opportunities of misadventure is slim — other this pair knew very well. Having rescued and fostered several pitties, Chris and also Mariesa are acquainted with the breed and try to carry out what they deserve to to aid these misunderstood dogs.

While many couples bond over long walks top top the coast or a shared affinity for piña coladas, that’s no the situation with Mariesa and Chris. When they met each other, they soon felt a connection based upon their love of man’s best friend.


Mariesa already owned Money and Tejas when she met Chris, and also he carried Gremlin, Sammy, Meatball, The Stig, Moses, and also Quinn into the fold. Fortunately, the dogs seemed to gain along just and the two humans!

So over there they were, in ~ the Cuyahoga county Kennel searching for the newest enhancement to their home, once one animal in details caught Mariesa’s eye — it to be Storie, a (very) pregnant pit bull! kris admits he was apprehensive at first. “I’m trying come think, is this going come work?” that said. “Is over there any way to do this work?”


However, at this suggest Mariesa had currently made up her mind — and also soon Chris would be on plank too. They may have actually a litter on their hands in a couple of days, however surely that couldn’t be anything they couldn’t handle, right? after all, there was a an excellent reason because that them wanting to take it this dog home…

Chris and also Mariesa placed the safety and well-being of their dogs over practically all else. When the couple saw Storie in the shelter, they instantly ended up being worried around her. What had actually she been through up until that point, and also would she be able to handle the tension of offering birth in this environment.

In addition, just how would her pups fare? The pair knew the employee at the shelter was doing your best, yet Mariesa and Chris felt castle were much better equipped to give the young pups the love and care they needed. Evaluate by the dimension of Storie’s belly, the pit bull and also her brand-new family were around to have their hands full!

Lots of doubts crept into the couple’s mind together they weighed even if it is or not they’d have the ability to bring the dog home. They had agreed to adopt one dog — not however many they’d end up through after Storie offered birth. Exactly how would they be able to care for all these new dogs?

Puppies — together Chris and also Mariesa fine knew — require tons of attention. Just how would they have the ability to balance caring because that the eight dog they had at home in addition to several needy puppies and a brand-new momma? however as Mariesa looked into Storie’s eyes, she uncovered herself attracted in — and when she heard exactly how Storie finished up in ~ the shelter, her heart broke…

Part that what sealed the transaction for Chris and Mariesa was Storie’s heartbreaking past. Kept by irresponsible breeders, the negative pit bull had actually been surrendered to the shelter after she owners chose they’d be can not to afford to treatment for her and her puppies. It’s difficult to imagine how difficult this must have been on the pregnant dog.

With tears welling in your eyes, the couple knew what they had to perform — they were acquisition Storie home. “Let’s save the dog, that’s why we’re here,” kris said. Yet even together he claimed the words, he worried around how they’d make it work.

For one, what would certainly the eight dog at home do when another guest come in the currently crowded household. Chris and Mariesa knew they’d need to make Storie comfortable before she gave birth — but how would that be possible amidst the consistent pattering the 32 paws?

The pair quickly put their doubts out of your minds. No matter exactly how crowded their home was it had actually to be better for Storie than providing birth in the shelter. But on the way home, they essential to do a rapid stop. They to be going to the location that terrifies most dogs — the vet’s office.

Based on the dimension of her belly, Storie was a little bit overdue to offer birth. On height of that, the seemed choose she would be having actually a big litter. Chris and also Mariesa were concerned about the wellness of the new addition to their family. The staff at the shelter admitted they were worried about how distended Storie’s belly had actually gotten, yet all these concerns did to be strengthen Chris and Mariesa’s fix to help this bad dog.

In enhancement to she swollen belly, Storie’s behavior just seemed…off somehow. It’s not uncommon for dog to it is in nervous in that environment, specifically when they’re worried around the safety and security of your pups. Mariesa had a feeling there was something else on Storie’s mind. To be she trying come tell them something?

Mariesa and Chris didn’t waste any time — castle went straight to their vet. They required answers — why hadn’t Storie given birth yet? beyond that, Storie needed urgent aid or she could lose her puppies. Through a house complete of dogs, the pair was supplied to making trips to the vet.

The couple didn’t recognize what come expect as soon as they walked through those doors, but at the very least they’d have answers. However, nothing could prepare them for what they’d witness once they looked in ~ the sonogram…

What they would check out on the sonogram would reason their eye to widen in shock — nothing can prepare them because that what castle were around to see. Also the vet to be shocked and also admitted they had actually never seen anything like it — she instantly pulled out her cellphone come snap a picture!

They count the skulls ~ above the display screen — there to be 12 unborn puppies in Storie’s womb! Mariesa and also Chris had actually expected a large litter, but this to be something rather entirely! The couple’s heads started to rotate thinking about bringing 13 much more dogs into their home. Yet how might this be? Even huge dogs favor Storie typically give bear to only eight puppies at the really most.

When the early stage shock wore off, the pair became worried around their new friend and the puppies she was carrying. Would she be able to give birth to so numerous puppies at when — and also would the puppies survive? Mariesa and Chris had actually hoped to gain answers at the vet’s office, however they were left with more questions.

The vet ~ above the various other hand, appeared to think whatever would it is in alright. Together they studied the sonogram, the vet defined that all the puppies appeared to be healthy. The couple was sent home with accuse on just how to proceed.

The vet said the couple to stay calm — Storie should give birth within the next 48 hours. If she didn’t by then, they’d have to come ago in. Chris and also Mariesa had hoped to be calmed through their trip to the vet, however instead they were an ext worried 보다 ever.

Even so, the couple felt they had actually made the appropriate decision once they brought Storie home. She was already having a rough and stressful time — at least they could make her feel at ease. As quickly as they gained home, lock tried to make her as comfortable together possible.

Mariesa knew the in order for Storie to have actually a effective birth, she’d need to be as stress-free together possible. This is not the most basic task in a household with eight various other dogs. Even though the other dogs were friendly, their power levels could make Storie anxious.

Mariesa chose it was finest to isolate Storie in a comfortable area. She made the pregnant pit bull a nook in their bedroom, finish with pillows and also blankets. Storie easily made it s her at home. Yet would it it is in enough? Chris and also Mariesa would need to wait and see.

Though they were stressed and worried about their new house guest and also her unborn pups, Chris and Mariesa make the efforts their ideal to obtain some sleep. At the very least Storie appeared to be comfortable. In ~ the moment, there to be nothing left for them to do.

When they woke up in the morning, they were greeted v a surprise — in fact, they to be greeted through 12! Storie to be nursing a dozen healthy and balanced pups in she comfortable bed they had made the night before. The pair was overjoyed. It had actually only to be 18 hours since they had embraced the pregnant dog. Clearly, Storie just needed to be in the right environment.

Storie do a good mom. After all, caring because that 12 hungry pups isn’t simple — other Mariesa and also Chris could relate to. After two weeks, the tiny puppies opened up their eyes. Soon after, they began playing, barking, and reeking havoc approximately the house.

While the pair was elated to check out the pups healthy and thriving, lock knew they had to find homes because that them. Also for Mariesa and Chris, 21 pups would be as well much. They had actually a decision to make — and also they needed to uncover a solution, fast. Fortunately, the pair had quite a platform to spread out the word!

While they had only intended to foster Storie and her puppies, the assumed of maintaining some that the pups absolutely crossed Mariesa and Chris’s mind. Castle each had a favourite of the dozen and also wrestled v the idea of maintaining one or both.

Ultimately however, they made decision to provide them every away to make room for more dogs they might foster — dogs that needed their help. After they post Storie’s exceptional story on your Youtube channel, the adoption requests started putting in. Now, all they had to do was make sure each that the puppies checked out the appropriate home.

Pibbles and much more Animal Rescue (PMAR) is a brand-new York based no-kill sanctuary that rescues all dogs and finds castle happy homes. Your mission explain reads, “We dream the a day once we are NO much longer needed. Shelters room empty, Puppy Mills NO much longer exist & human beings & animals live together peacefully without abuse, torture & abandonment.”

While lock take every dogs, they have actually a unique affinity for pit bulls, since dogs of this breed room so generally euthanized due to the misconceptions bordering them. With the an unified efforts that both Mariesa, Chris, and also PMAR, they to be confident the puppies would uncover all find an excellent owners. Through a couple of swift facebook posts, the pieces started falling into place.

It wasn’t long prior to Chris and Mariesa uncovered forever residences for all 12 the the puppies. That course, they had actually to wait a few months before they might be weaned and brought come their new families, yet afterward, the puppies all adapted well to their brand-new surroundings.

But what about Storie? ~ all, Mariesa and Chris had only intended to foster a dog — she essential a forever home as well. Fortunately, the pair knew just the place for Storie. Storie would certainly go to Chris’s finest friend, Ryan! Ryan is an experienced pit bull owner, who immediately had Storie spayed therefore she’d never have to go through a traumatic experience prefer that again.

Shortly after ~ the debacle that Storie the dodecadog, chris proposed to Mariesa and the pair to be married. Wow, this saga has it all — suspense, danger, and romance! No, lock didn’t lug all their dogs come the wedding. However, castle couldn’t keep Gremlin and also Stig native attending the ceremony.

“I don’t really care what others think around Gremlin gift at the wedding since I couldn’t imagine exactly how I also lived there is no her before I met her,” Mariesa said. “I wouldn’t be able to do this there is no her.” The dog went in format — Gremlin wore a beloved pearl wedding collar, a veil, and flower headband, when Stig’s bow tie to be encrusted with blue rhinestones.

This news should probably come as no surprise, yet the pair hasn’t slowed down on rescuing and fostering dogs. In fact, your happy household has grown rather a bit because Storie’s saga. Clearly, the couple wouldn’t have it any kind of other way.

Currently, there space 18 rescue dog in your home, of all various breeds and sizes. If you’re curious about how that’s going, there are a bunch of different ways you can keep up v what’s going on in your lives…

Chris and also Mariesa have been to run a non-profit group called the Mr. Mo task (named after their late dog, Moses), which connects an elderly dogs to good homes. Unfortunately, an elderly dogs that finish up in shelters have actually a high rate of being euthanized because they rarely acquire adopted.

Mariesa and Chris want to change that — so they’ve created a regimen that not only connects owners and foster families to an elderly dogs, but additionally provides aid with vet bills and transportation, as well as free and discounted toys, food, and also nutritional consultation.

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If you’re curious, you deserve to see what’s walk on v Chris and Mariesa Hughes (and your ever widening house that dogs) on their Instagram account

There’s something for everyone, indigenous dog-related parodies of well-known songs, to cooking recipes while dog look on in anticipation, to the everyday struggles and adaptations of living through so numerous dogs. Speaking of which

Have you ever before had a dog the you tried to save off your bed and also couch? It’s impossible (or at least really tough to stick to the rule). Apparently, Chris and also Mariesa have actually the same trouble — however it’s a bit much more serious with 18 dogs in the house.

To make room because that all their furry friends, the couple had to get creative. In this case, it meant expanding their bed framework to accommodate two full size mattresses. The bed likewise has a warehouse unit to store all the dog toys, and a miniature staircase for this reason the an elderly dogs don’t feel left out. The bed also has a special definition for the designer, who integrated a paw print of his dog that passed away.