Why does mine dog poop so much at night? This is a common question among dog owners and sitters.

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Assuming friend have currently consulted a vet and also your dog is well-trained, there are several other reasons various other than medical and lack that training that can cause a dog to poop or have crashes at night.

These might include; over-feeding her dog, feeding that food that is heavy in protein, a high fiber diet, and having bedtime immediately after a meal. In this article, we shall walk further and also explain just how these factors add to dog pooping at night and how to overcome them.

Why does my dog poop so much at night? right here is why.

1. Overfeeding the dog

Overfeeding her dog can be among the factors why he or she poops so much at night.

Most vets introduce at the very least 2 meals a day based on your dog’s weight. Each section should be just sufficient to to fill the dog’s stomach and also no more.

Measuring the lot of food the dog eats is a an excellent idea. However bearing in mind that some dry dog foods increase when wet, the is crucial you soak food in equal quantities of water prior to feeding.

For instance, put one cup of water in one cup of dry food. If the food swells a an excellent deal, minimize it come the normal amount her dog eats. This will aid prevent overfeeding and minimize the lot of water intake. Thus, fewer poops and urine and he or she might not have to go in ~ night.

 2. Bedtime instantly after a meal

Most vets argue that dogs tend to have actually a bowel movement about 15-30 minute after a meal. So once you feed them just before bedtime, over there is a high possibility that they will certainly defecate in the house.


The finest thing to carry out is to take him or she for a go 20 minutes after a meal or play through him in the garden for a while. This will assist in digestion and stimulate a bowel movement.

If the takes a poop when outside, praise him because that it and even reward him through a treat. It will certainly encourage him to always look front to going exterior with friend so that he can poop and also be rewarded.

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3. Food heavy in protein

Dogs love meat, right? therefore why not feed them on food rich in protein?

Well, the answer is fairly simple. Dogs carry out not feeding on meat just like wolves, their close relatives, do.

They have advanced over the year to a allude where their digestion system can comfortably digest plant-based starches, vitamins, and other minerals. For this reason, dogs need a selection of nutrient for proper nutrition.

Feeding castle on overfill protein means that only a details percentage will certainly be absorbed into their body while the remainder will be excreted. This equates to more poop whether at job time or in ~ night. Worse still, the protein the is not absorbed ferments, which provides your dog’s garbage stink even more.

However, you should additionally take treatment not to feed your dog top top too little protein. This is because they need protein for energy, come build strong muscles, and to repair broken tissues. It is, therefore, recommended that dry food for an adult dog need to contain around 22% of crude protein if a puppy have to consume not less than 22.5%.

Always consult her vet on the encourage amount of nutrient that her dog have to take based on its age and level of activity.

4. A low-quality diet the is high in fiber

Another reason could be her dog is taking low-quality diet food with insignificant nutritional density and also high fiber

Most pets owners have tendency to walk for lower price pet foodstuffs oblivious of the fact that they have actually a greater proportion that wheat and corn compared to the greater cost pet foods. Consuming a lot of corn and wheat foods way more fiber in the dog’s stomach, which rises the volume that stool. Hence, the should go often even at night.

The systems is, therefore, to readjust to a greater quality diet so that the dog can feed less often and also poop fewer times.

5. Anxiety and stress

Did friend recently change your dog’s routine? was he used to sleeping beside your bed and now he needs to sleep in his own room?

These are few of the reasons why her dog can be enduring stress and anxiety. Aging, and also fear of according to noises and animals, space also major contributors to dog anxiety.

As a result, part dogs might suffer native stress-related diarrhea. Pooping and urinating in the residence are methods that you can determine even if it is or not your dog is enduring from stress or stress.

If anxiety and also stress room left untreated, they can lead to behavioral changes or other issues that may be difficult to transaction with. The solution is to seek assist from the vet to assist you identify the kind of anxiety your dog is experiencing from and also the feasible triggers. The vet may administer anti-anxiety medicines to help your dog recuperate from the anxiety.

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So why does her dog poop so much at night? I understand it is disappointing once you wake as much as a smelly doo-doo from last night particularly if your dog is well trained. Fairly than taking a cane, friend should shot to dominion out several of the factors we have questioned in this article.

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Are friend overfeeding him, execute you pressure him come sleep immediately after dinner, is his diet high in protein and fiber, or is he enduring from anxiety and stress? recognize the answers to these questions will assist you recognize your dog and also strive to uncover solutions to help him.