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Won"t you talk to me , my darlin",Tell me what a fool I amDry your eyes, sweetheart,They"re still a little moistI"m so sorry that I"ve cheated,Please forgive me if you canJust don"t look at meIn that tone of voiceYou refused me as soon as I cravedA woman"s soft carressAnd my structure of mind was atAn all time lowI reached out for someone elseTo fill my emptinessBut, I didn"t find it thereSo I came residence aloneDon"t give me that silent treatment,Lose your temper, call me namesTell me that you can haveMade a far better choiceRun me down, I"ve gained it comming,Say that I must be ashamedJust do not look at meIn that tamong voiceNo, don"t look at meIn that tamong voice...
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