“Never host up a sign or a piece of paper” have to be 101-level media training for celebrities and also politicians in 2017, but many have actually been slow-moving to record on to the idea that Photoshop exists. Record can turn any type of bland photo opportunity into a extremely exploitable meme template, and also the latest casualty is Donald Trump‘s an initial executive order.

Trump signed an order this week enabling government organ to role back key parts that the Affordable treatment Act, but the internet’s shitposters have their very own ideas around what should have been top top the paper.

How around an anime ban?

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The meme started from a empty piece of paper, so it can really walk anywhere, yet two basic directions have emerged: making funny of trumped himself, or making funny of usual 4chan targets: furries, trans people, world on the autism spectrum, and feminists.

Also, sites that take much of your meme contents from Reddit without attribution: