As of October 1, 2016, OnTarget variety & Tactical Training center has gone into into a relationship with excellent Wright total Repair, LLC.

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Done Wright pistol Repair, owned and also operated through Kevin and Candace Wright, has actually moved into our gunsmith unit in ~ 565 Dakota Street Unit E, just one block native the range. With countless machines and also equipment, over there is very tiny that Kevin can not handle.

Or, you may call him straight at 815-526-3397.

OnTarget is proud come refer our client to a competent, experienced gunsmith at the exact same conveniently nearby location. Excellent Wright total Repair will certainly be open up to customers 11:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. Tuesday with Saturday.

Should any type of of you have actually questions, please carry out not hesitate to contact our director of Operations, Tom Dorsch – tom, ours Sales Manager, Jordan Carlson – jordan or ours Floor Manager, Sharon Sineni – sharon All may be reached by calling 815-477-2020. Bo Strom and also Judy Claxton can be got to at 815-477-3123.


Bo StromOwner/Managing Partnerbo

Judy ClaxtonOwner/Business Developmentjudy

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(815) 477-2020

560 Beechcraft LaneCrystal Lake, IL 60012


Northern Illinois’ Premier indoor Gun Range

OnTarget range & Tactical Training facility is a modern shooting range for handguns, shotguns, and also rifles. Ours retail firearms pro shop and also helpful employee will help you uncover the perfect firearm, ammo and gear for your needs. OnTarget variety also offers classes through our trained and experienced instructors for men, women, and children. OnTarget partners v a top-of-the-line Gunsmith shop that provides a broad range of basic gunsmith services too as substantial cleaning, maintenance, and also repair job-related for all types of firearms.

OnTarget variety attracts customers from throughout the united States and also locally indigenous a number of communities including Algonquin, Arlington Heights, Chicago, crystal Lake, Barrington, Elgin, Huntley, Lake Zurich, McHenry, ring Lake Beach, and also Woodstock.

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