The unspoken regulation of the world dictates that if an task is dangerous, who will shot it. Human nature, right? once someone puts borders on what you have the right to or cannot do, curiosity says, “question that, fool!” from ‘Do not feed the animals’ to igniting hairspray with a lighter, nothing is also frightening (or as well outlandish) come defy.

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Grant Thompson, better known together “The King the Random”, conducts weekly experiment on his YouTube channel that carry out the specific opposite that the warnings top top the back of the box. With a passion for science and also blowing points up, provide manages to create content that is informative, forehead slapping and also absolutely entertaining.

Pool Chlorine + Brake fluid = FIRE

As usual, give picks a arbitrarily request from the comments section of his past YouTube videos and turns it right into a 5-10 minute feature. In this details video, the explores the reaction made by mixing day-to-day pool chlorine with auto brake fluid.


To start, grant buys a 73% concentration of swimming pool chlorine and also some period 3 brake fluid. The fluid has a mix that glycol ethers which, when linked with calcium hypochlorite (or chlorine), deserve to lead to some exciting results.


That’s what I’m talking about. After pour it until it is full the bottom that a glass with fifty percent an customs of chlorine, the mixes it with the brake fluid. While there appears to be nothing walking on for the an initial minute or so, the mixture suddenly combusts v an audible “POP!” and sends a shaft of flame sky high. Great for celebrating the fourth of July, a birthday, a new haircut or your cat acquiring rid of that hairball.


Upon closer inspection, Grant defines the glycol ethers current in the brake fluid are flammable however are be separated by oxygen molecules, making castle harder come ignite and also safe to usage on her brakes.

This changes once the fluid is blended with chlorine. By breaking under the glycol ethers into smaller aldehydes, they start to react through the oxygen and the pool chlorine and also combust due to the heat produced. That takes part time because that the ethers to break down (which defines the absence of an prompt flame), however soon the area is set ablaze and also littered through bits of solidified brake fluid ash.

Whereas some world would it is in fumbling because that a fire extinguisher, approve instead devises two an ext experiments: one mixture the chlorine and brake fluid in open air, and another in a plastic bottle.


After throwing fist to the wind and also mixing the volatile components with his finger, the mixture goes up in fire at a much faster time of 54 seconds. Grant falls short to describe this, however the abundance of oxygen in the air might possibly be the reason of this preemptive combustion.


But this pales in comparison to the mixture in the plastic bottle. Despite it take away the exact same amount that time as the glass experiment, the flame that sprouts the end from the nozzle is far more violent and rockets approximately roof height. Many likely because of the tiny opening, the flame becomes more concentrated and ends up melt its container.

These components may be common, yet the reaction they create is just out of this world! also though grant does this at home, you should definitely take the vital precaution and, yeah, have actually a couple of fire extinguishers nearby. While i don’t condone any act the leads come bodily harm, girlfriend can find Grant Thompson’s task PDFs, as well as much more of his videos, end on his webpage.

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