Three years earlier today (Dec. 6, 2010), a high institution student in Washington state uploaded man Jacobson"s choreography video for a song he co-wrote, "Planet Rock." three days later, Ellen DeGeneres posted a link on Twitter and also the video clip soon walk viral.

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In the aftermath of the viral video clip sensation recognized as "Double Dream Hands," john Jacobson appeared on "Ellen" and "America"s acquired Talent" and also was invite to do the dance onstage at a mock Groban concert. He additionally wrote a book, "Double Dreams: living a Life the Glee, Harmony and, five Yes ... Jazz Hands!"

What go 6.5 million YouTube views gain you? For man Jacobson, it turns out the answer has a guest figure on the “Ellen” show, a personal invitation to gain on phase at a mockery Groban concert and also a many of net comments.

In truth, the 56-year-old native, whose father, Donald, to be Holmen college superintendent, claimed the fame that came with his “Double Dream Hands” video going viral hasn’t changed his life.

Jacobson, who is a freelance writer of children songs and musicals and also founder (in 1988) of a program called America Sings!, travel the world teaching several of life’s most crucial lessons v song and also dance.

He’s the author of 100 children’s musicals, through his biggest client being Milwaukee-based Hal Leonard publishing Co. Jacobson frequently shoots hundreds of quick videos for the more than 3 million children who usage Music Express, his magazine aimed in ~ K-6 musicians.

He has actually them created in California, whereby he currently lives, and they’re easily accessible online and as a source in teacher’s classrooms throughout the globe.

One that them, which has been dubbed, “Double Dream Hands,” snuck out and became an web sensation.

The video, which has virtually 6.5 million views on YouTube, was like any kind of other number Jacobson routinely works on, and also this is a male who writes thousands of songs in any kind of given year.

The “Double Dream Hands” track is actually titled “Planet Rock,” created in 2010, and when Jacobson was arising the choreography, and he relocated both his hands around and also over his head, a fourth-grade student said they looked choose “double dream hands.”

A student uploaded the video clip to YouTube 3 years earlier today (Dec. 6, 2010). Popular talk present host Ellen DeGeneres post a link to Twitter 3 days later, and she became so obsessed v it, she aired the on her present every day because that a week. Once she celebrated her date of birth in 2011, Jacobson was invite onto the present to execute the number v her staff.

He also got a shot on “America’s acquired Talent,” coming to be the very first act ~ above season 6 come be removed after the tried to teach the audience how to do the “Double Dream Hands” dance.

He wrote a slim book about the “Double Dream Hands” experience, and also there’s an application in the iTunes keep that helps human being create their own videos. Jacobson also has a website where civilization can purchase a yellow polo shirt prefer the one the wears in the “Double Dream Hands” video.

He has actually no idea why that certain video ended up being so popular, but it’s even been offered in a sprint commercial.

Once, sitting in a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, Jacobson claimed a group at a surrounding table to be passing the video around on a clever phone, looking in ~ him, and also finally approached him.

Groban, who happened to be performing in Columbus the night, invited Jacobson to to visit the concert and also to come onstage and dance the famous dance through him.

Not every one of the feedback has been positive. When comments top top the original YouTube video got to be nasty, Jacobson make the efforts personally responding to each one. He quit after 10,000.

“It gained to be too much,” that said. “But I would certainly say, ‘Hey, watch your language. There are youngsters watching.’”

Maybe that does look favor a dance routine easy come poke funny of, he said, however that’s due to the fact that on YouTube it’s out of context. The song and dance room meant come teach kids core values such together character development, respect, honest and also intelligence, themes which run through every one of his work.

Teaching is important to Jacobson, whose father was superintendent the the Holmen college District for 15 years. Education runs in the family.

Judy functions for the college of Montana in Missoula. Kerry is superintendent of schools at the Lima American institution in Peru. Sherry is a retired elementary institution teacher in Neillsville. Steve, who is deceased, taught in Watertown, where Kent is an elementary school principal. Kevin is a Lutheran missionary in Suriname, Jeff’s a high school major in Platteville, Wis., Joan is an elementary college teacher in Tulsa, Okla.

That leaves Jacobson’s sister, Karen Rooney, who has actually taught language arts in ~ Holmen High institution for 31 years.

She supplies the “Double Dream Hands” video clip in she Honors Language 11 class, since it has created spin-offs by Justin Beiber, also Beyonce and Soulja young that are great examples of parody and also satire.

Even though she brother functions in what she calls “the to chat division,” Rooney stated she to know educating youngsters is essential to him. It is a family members trait castle learned from your parents and especially your siblings.

“I think the we simply thought that’s what world do: Teach,” she said. “As the older persons started having actually the very same vocations and talking the talk, the younger ones monitor suit. We owe a lot to our enlarge siblings. Castle were always supportive of us.”

Jacobson, who proceeds to travel to places as far-flung as Singapore, Japan and Taipei functioning in classrooms, claimed it is inspiring and also educating kids that matters many to him.


WHO: john Jacobson, 54, a aboriginal of Blair, Wis., and son the the so late Donald Jacobson, who offered 15 years together Holmen institution superintendent, has been a children"s music and fitness educator because that 30 years, writing many songs and musicals and filming countless videos

CLAIM to FAME: A video of his choreography instruction for a track he co-wrote, "Planet Rock," was uploaded Dec. 6, 2010. The video, dubbed "Double Dream Hands" for among the move in the choreography, go viral, amassing practically 6.5 million views on YouTube so far.

AMERICA SINGS!: Jacobson and also a team of friends established America Sings! in 1988, through the idea of hosting noncompetitive out choral festivals and also encouraging ar service amongst young people. A large 25th anniversary festival is plan April 4-5 in Washington, D.C.

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FITNESS: Jacobson emerged JJump, a childrens exercise system "created the is designed to assist develop motor skills, enhance coordination and also flexibility, develop confidence and also self-esteem, and also lay the foundation for a life-long love that health and fitness."

IN PRINT: publications written by Jacobson encompass "A place in the Choir: recognize Harmony in a people of countless Voices," "A Tree in Tappen Wood" and "Double Dreams: living a Life that Glee, Harmony And, five Yes ... Jazz Hands!"

WEB SITES: Jacobson"s music and fitness education enterprises space well stood for online, with the adhering to websites:,,, and also

RECOGNITION: amongst many honors end the years, Jacobson was called a Presidential suggest of irradiate by president George W. Bush