Three years ago now (Dec. 6, 2010), a high institution student in Washington state uploaded John Jacobson"s choreography video for a song he co-wrote, "Planet Rock." Three days later, Ellen DeGeneres posted a attach on Twitter and also the video quickly went viral.

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In the consequences of the viral video sensation known as "Double Dream Hands," John Jacobchild showed up on "Ellen" and "America"s Got Talent" and was invited to percreate the dance onstage at a Josh Groban concert. He also wrote a book, "Double Dreams: Living a Life of Glee, Harmony and, Oh Yes ... Jazz Hands!"

What does 6.5 million YouTube views obtain you? For John Jacobboy, it transforms out the answer has a guest appearance on the “Ellen” show, a personal invitation to acquire on stage at a Josh Groban concert and also most internet comments.

In truth, the 56-year-old aboriginal, whose father, Donald, was Holguys institution superintendent, said the fame that came via his “Double Dream Hands” video going viral hasn’t changed his life.

Jacobson, who is a freelance writer of children’s songs and also musicals and also founder (in 1988) of a regimen referred to as America Sings!, travels the human being teaching some of life’s the majority of crucial lessons with song and also dance.

He’s the author of 100 children’s musicals, through his greatest client being Milwaukee-based Hal Leonard Publishing Co. Jacobkid frequently shoots numerous brief videos for the more than 3 million children that use Music Express, his magazine aimed at K-6 musicians.

He has them developed in The golden state, wbelow he now lives, and also they’re accessible virtual and also as a resource in teacher’s classrooms throughout the globe.

One of them, which has been called, “Double Dream Hands,” snuck out and also became an internet sensation.

The video, which has nearly 6.5 million views on YouTube, was like any type of other number Jacobboy consistently functions on, and also this is a guy that writes hundreds of songs in any offered year.

The “Double Dream Hands” song is actually titled “Planet Rock,” composed in 2010, and as soon as Jacobson was arising the choreography, and also he moved both his hands about and also over his head, a fourth-grade student sassist they looked prefer “double dream hands.”

A student uploaded the video to YouTube three years back this day (Dec. 6, 2010). Popular talk show organize Ellen DeGeneres posted a attach to Twitter three days later on, and also she came to be so obsessed via it, she aired it on her display every day for a week. When she celebrated her birthday in 2011, Jacobboy was invited onto the present to perdevelop the number via her staff.

He also got a swarm on “America’s Got Talent,” becoming the first act on seachild 6 to be removed after he tried to teach the audience exactly how to execute the “Double Dream Hands” dance.

He wrote a slim book around the “Double Dream Hands” suffer, and there’s an application in the iTunes save that helps human being develop their own videos. Jacobboy also has actually a website wright here world have the right to buy a yellow polo shirt choose the one he wears in the “Double Dream Hands” video.

He has actually no concept why that specific video became so well-known, yet it’s even been supplied in a Sprint commercial.

Once, sitting in a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, Jacobkid sassist a team at a bordering table was passing the video approximately on a smart phone, looking at him, and also ultimately approached him.

Groban, who occurred to be percreating in Columbus that night, invited Jacobchild to attfinish the concert and to come onphase and also dance the famous dance with him.

Not all of the feedago has actually been positive. When comments on the original YouTube video gained to be nasty, Jacobboy tried personally responding to each one. He stopped after 10,000.

“It gained to be also much,” he shelp. “But I would say, ‘Hey, watch your language. There are youngsters watching.’”

Maybe it does look choose a dance regime simple to poke fun of, he shelp, however that’s bereason on YouTube it’s out of context. The song and dance are expected to teach kids core worths such as character development, respect, honest and also knowledge, themes which run with every one of his work.

Teaching is crucial to Jacobkid, whose father was superintendent of the Holmen School District for 15 years. Education runs in the family.

Judy functions for the University of Montana in Missoula. Kerry is superintendent of schools at the Lima Amerideserve to School in Peru. Sherry is a reexhausted elementary school teacher in Neillsville. Steve, who is deceased, taught in Watertown, wbelow Kent is an elementary institution principal. Kevin is a Lutheran missionary in Suriname, Jeff’s a high school major in Platteville, Wis., Joan is an elementary institution teacher in Tulsa, Okla.

That leaves Jacobson’s sister, Karen Rooney, who has actually taught language arts at Holguys High School for 31 years.

She supplies the “Double Dream Hands” video in her Honors Language 11 course, bereason it has actually created byproducts by Justin Beiber, as well Beyonce and Soulja Boy that are good examples of parody and satire.

Even though her brvarious other works in what she calls “the entertainment department,” Rooney said she knows educating children is necessary to him. That’s a family trait they learned from their parental fees and particularly their siblings.

“I think that we just believed that’s what human being do: Teach,” she said. “As the older ones started having the exact same vocations and also talking the talk, the younger ones follow suit. We owe a lot to our older siblings. They were always supportive of us.”

Jacobson, that proceeds to travel to places as far-flung as Singapore, Japan and Taipei functioning in classrooms, sassist it is inspiring and educating children that matters the majority of to him.


WHO: John Jacobson, 54, a indigenous of Blair, Wis., and also boy of the late Donald Jacobchild, who offered 15 years as Holmales school superintendent, has actually been a children"s music and also fitness educator for 30 years, creating many songs and also musicals and filming plenty of videos

CLAIM TO FAME: A video of his choreography instruction for a song he co-created, "Planet Rock," was uploaded Dec. 6, 2010. The video, referred to as "Double Dream Hands" for one of the moves in the choreography, went viral, amassing practically 6.5 million views on YouTube so far.

AMERICA SINGS!: Jacobboy and also a team of friends started America Sings! in 1988, via the idea of hosting noncompetitive outdoor choral festivals and also encouraging area business among young people. A huge 25th anniversary festival is planned April 4-5 in Washington, D.C.

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FITNESS: Jacobson arisen JJump, a childrens exercise system "developed that is designed to aid construct motor skills, boost coordination and also adaptability, develop confidence and also self-esteem, and also lay the structure for a life-long love of health and also fitness."

IN PRINT: Books composed by Jacobchild incorporate "A Place in the Choir: Finding Harmony in a World of Many Voices," "A Tree in Tappen Wood" and "Double Dreams: Living a Life of Glee, Harmony And, Oh Yes ... Jazz Hands!"

WEB SITES: Jacobson"s music and also fitness education enterprises are well represented online, via the complying with websites:,,, and also

RECOGNITION: Amongst many type of honors over the years, Jacobson was named a Presidential Point of Light by President George W. Bush