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Double Shoppe on 14000 Wilfred Seymour Rd

Great place for natural supplements, smoking accessories, beer and also other hard to find items. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review by Erika Suit

Double Shoppe ~ above 14000 Wilfred Seymour Rd

They have a woneedful choice of beers and prices are way much better than whereby I normally go my only complaint is I obtained some Cbd oil a 30ML bottle and also I can"t seem to get any effects no pain relief no anxiety. Maybe theres alot much less cbd in it. I"ve do the efforts various various doses both top top full and also empty stomach and also for approximately $17 I"m really disappointed .

Review by BlackHippe
Double Shoppe on 14000 Wilfred Seymour Rd

Great staff and nice beer selection! I certainly recommend this place!!

Review by Leigh Shropshire
Double Shoppe on 14000 Wilfred Seymour Rd

My life totally changed ~ I came to this place. The liquor? Wow. The beer, tobacco and also Kratom?! WoooOW. Patrick and the rest of the staff were for this reason kind and also helpful wow i love this place

Review by master Panuchi
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What is a Headshop?

A head shop, generally known together a "smoke shop" is a retail keep that specializes in products for smoking cigarettes tobacco, cannabis, and other accessories in this counterculture. Numerous head shops likewise carry Kratom, CBD, and also other consumables - depending upon the legality within your state. Smoke Shops have actually been around for decades, and also are popular destinations because that stoners and the smoking enthusiasts to find products to fit their lifestyle.

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