He was born in Quincy, Mass., to Dr. Richard M. And also Albina(Dupont) Ash. He served in the military Air Corps during civilization War IIand flew 34 objectives over Europe. He to be awarded the waiting Medal andearned 5 Oak Clusters.

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He worked many years for us Lines Shipping Co. In the far Eastand kept a lifelong attention in the area and learned theJapanese language.

Dick is endured by his wife of 51 years, Connie Ash, ofCorvallis; daughters and also sons-in-law mar Beth and Todd Dorsey ofGresham, Jennifer Ash and also Roger Porter that Portland, and also Connie andCharles Tully of Corvallis; son and daughter-in-law Richard andMaria Ash that Corvallis; sisters Marie Reed of Massachusetts,Patricia Tramontozzi the Connecticut, Joan Morton the Massachusetts,Virginia Kinniburgh of Massachusetts and also Alice Maglio of RhodeIsland; and also grandchildren Justin, Isaac, Loren and also Ian.

A memorial Mass will be in ~ 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, in ~ St.Mary"https://katifund.org/dr-richard-ash-cause-of-death/imager_2_8546_700.jpgs Catholic Church in Corvallis. Private burial with militaryhonors will be in ~ Willamette nationwide Cemetery in Portland.

Memorial contributions can be made come Benton Hospice organization orthe nationwide Down Syndrome culture in care of DeMoss-Durdan FuneralHome, 815 N.W. Buchanan Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330.


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